Back from the Hebrew Hack! Evalion on escaping doxxers and on the Alt-Right

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…..Back from the attack!

It began September 11 (yes), got worse on November 22nd (again yes, Kennedy Murder Day, and the day the sheriff called me that the FBI ”wanted to talk”), and after the election it went crazy.

Thanks to my two paid webmasters and lots of work, it is now back. 🙂

This week the site has been totally ”down” for five out of the last seven days.


…..Evalion with Brian Ruhe on doxxers and on the alt-right


Great content and very interesting — as usual. 😉 such as the detail from the lovely Evalion about escaping the doxxers by changing the eyebrow shape and the name.

As for infighting, I will say this after 38 years of experience: it is VITAL to understand two things:

1) that some trolls are simply psychopaths and literally incorrigible, incurable and untreatable (by medical definition). They ENJOY slandering and they HATE you for being braver, better known or more effective than they are. It is called ”envy,’ and interestingly for the Catholic Church it is a mortal sin — one that will send you to hell — to hate someone without cause because they are happy/good looking/famous/popular/respected, etc. If you confront one of these envy trolls, they will give some other reason why they hate you but never believe them. The underlying reason is base, low-down ENVY.

2) The second point is that whistleblower Edward Snowden has leaked the actual manual used by the American NSA (and the GCHQ in Britain) on how to sit there at a keyboard and defame online any potential opposition leader and effective activist. (

You can never appeal successfully to the ”conscience” of such a human rat — who is simply a ruthless government employee dweeb who is paid, and paid extremely well, and lives as a result in a big house with a fancy car and their gay boyfriend (I lived for 18 years in Washington DC and was in Marine Corps intelligence: I know about these turds); their entire mission is to troll you and besmirch you (as they do me since 2009!) as a homosexual, nut, swindler, parasite, mooch, etc. You can only hit back — and very hard — and I do not merely do that, but also always provide the real FACTS about my life.

The fools will believe the trolls — but the other half, once disabused by hard proof from trusting the troll any longer, will actually respect you even more than before for being the target of vicious, intensive Jewish-ordered defamation.

As the old military expression goes: ”If you’re taking flak, you’re over the target.” 🙂

…..I am grateful for all who have donated recently. With more I can do MUCH more.

So these kids have a future….


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