Average Russian feeling intense hatred for America; Kai Murros and not naming the Jew

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…..Sign outside officers club at Vandenberg Air Force Base

…in California, where many of the US ICBM missiles are located…


…..Russians Rage Against America

Enduring Sanctions, Anger Turns to Hate; Racist Names for Obama and Putin Disses Coca-Cola

ST. PETERSBURG—Relations between Russia and the US have sunk to new lows. President Putin, shown here hosting President Obama last September, has even expressed his disdain for Coca-Cola. (Photo by Ramil Sitdikov/Host Photo Agency via Getty Images)

If you talk to a Russian about the international political situation, sooner or later you will be informed that there is a country in North America that you’ve never heard of. Its name is ‘Pindosia,’ ‘Pindostan’ or, more officially, ‘United States of Pindostan,’ and you will be told that one part of it, called Alaska, used to belong to Russia. Part of the word—‘stan’—stands for underdeveloped state, as in ‘ Pakistan,’ ‘Kazakhstan,’ or ‘Uzbekistan.’ The citizens of this country in plural form are called ‘pindoses,’ in singular—‘pindos.’

There are more than 316 million ‘pindoses’ in ‘Pindostan.’

Today, this country has a black President, and the Russians have a nickname for him too. He is called Maximka—after a character from a popular Soviet movie, made in 1952, which told the story of a black boy saved by the Russian sailors from the cruelty of the vicious American slave-traders who were terribly abusing him and calling him just that—“Boy.” In the film, the saved boy was fed well by the Russian crew, given the name Maximka, and became one of their own in the end.

But by the modern-day Russian legend, Maximka, unfortunately, has grown up into an ungrateful Russophobe.

One can assume that the reader by now has a clue what this country is.

The word ‘pindos’ in Russian is highly offensive, and defines a helpless creature that is a product of a very bad educational system, one who can survive in this world only with the help of various gadgets. The origin of the word is unknown, and the philologists are fighting to establish it. The most popular explanation states that this word was invented by Russian peacekeepers in Serbia with the purpose of describing a NATO soldier, who was seen by them as a strange, clumsy figure with his 90 lbs. of bulletproof vest, weapons, radios, flashlights and so on.

Russians have taken to calling President Obama "Maximka" after a character from a popular 1952 Soviet movie, which depicted a black boy saved by Russian sailors. From afar, he looked very strange to the Russian eye—like a penguin.

The Russians have had their favorite, most-hated pindoses. One of them, the constant laughingstock in the media, used to be the US Ambassador to Moscow, Michael McFaul. He was a huge fan of Twitter and if judged by the number of his tweets, spent more time on his gadget than actually doing his job. After more than two years of service there, upon his departure, he received only two words in Russian—via Twitter—from the Russian Ministry for Foreign Affairs: “Goodbye Mikhail.”

Today his place has been taken by the spokesperson for the US Department of State, Jen Psaki. She has an anti-fan club of haters who consider her not to be very bright—they even invented their own anti-IQ unit called 1 Psaki. One who has 3 Psakis has a brain of a clam. The term ‘psaking’ in Russian political newspeak means to know nothing about the subject while saying something banal and politically correct. She is so popular that when she injured her foot and came in front of the cameras with the cast on, all major Russian TV channels and newspapers reported the event.

Another hated ‘pindos’ is Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.), famous in Russia for his periodic tweets to ‘Dear Vlad.’ In 2011, for example, Mr. McCain tweeted Putin, “Dear Vlad, The #ArabSpring is coming to a neighborhood near you.” Usually reserved and purposefully polite while talking about his ‘partners from over the Big Pool’ (Big Pool being the Atlantic Ocean ), this time Mr. Putin shot back, saying that Mr. McCain “has a lot of blood of peaceful civilians on his hands. He must relish and can’t live without the disgusting, repulsive scenes of the killing of Gadhafi.” “Mr. McCain was captured in Vietnam and they kept him not just in prison, but in a pit for several years,” Mr. Putin added. “Anyone [in his place] would have had his roof moved over.” The last three words in Russian slang mean “suddenly to become insane.”

Today, according to the respected Moscow ‘Levada Center,’ which measures political sentiment in Russian society, 74% of Russians have negative feelings towards the USA. It hasn’t always been like this; in the 1990s, 80% had positive attitude toward America.

Currently, 76% of Russians hate Obama personally and only a meager 2% like him. In 2009 only 12% of Russians had extremely negative feelings towards Obama.

*** JdN: I know several Russians, and they are personality-wise just like this bear 😉


These are the maximum peaks of anti-American feelings in Russia in years but the sociologists believe they could go even higher in the near future.

State Department Spokesperson Jen Psaki, pictured here on May 6, 2014 in Washington, DC.,  has seen her surname turned into a synonym for idiocy. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)Anti-American sentiment has been growing slowly in Russia since the war in former Yugoslavia. But the sharp recent increase happened as a result of the US-led sanctions that were imposed on Russia after the ‘Russian annexation of Crimea.’ For example, just last week Visa and MasterCard completely stopped their operations in Crimea, leaving more than 2 million people there without access to their money. 75% of Russians do not believe that their country is responsible for the events in Ukraine. On the contrary, they blame the US.

When the sanctions began, many Russian businesses responded by putting up ‘Obama Is Sanctioned Here’ signs on their doors and windows.

However today they went much farther.

The owners of the Moscow supermarket “Electronics on Presnya” are using American flag doormats so the customers could wipe their dirty feet off, according to the British tabloid Daily Mail. “Customers have been filmed wiping their feet on the fabled stars and stripes as they enter and exit stores across Moscow, as struggling retailers take a hopeless swipe at their Cold War adversaries,” reports the newspaper. According to the Moskovky Komsomolets Moscow newspaper, the nation’s business owners decided to put the US flag under the Russians’ feet because of the strained relations between the two countries. “New doormats with the American flag were put at every exit so that America would not think that she is allowed to everything,” they say.  “From one perspective, of course it is a flag, but from the other, because of this entire situation in the world, regular folks are suffering. All the electronics we import, mostly from China and buy for dollars. We have to work directly so the US would have no chance to manipulate the prices.” (The Russian ruble lost about 50% of its value because of the economic sanctions by the western countries and a fall in the oil price.)

By the words of the shopping center’s attorney Konstantin Trapaidze, the doormats with the American flag do not break any Russian law. “It is very probable that the doormats have a decorative character. Yes, people are walking on them but nobody prohibited this. They produce not only doormats with the flag on them but also furniture upholstery. The breaking of the law would be when someone would start burning such a doormat or real flag demonstratively, or tear it up.”

Major Russian TV channel Vesti eagerly reported that fact. They also added that some Moscow stores were selling the toilet paper with American flag imprinted on it. The pricetag was $1 per roll.

Former US ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul was considered a lightweight who spent more time on Twitter than on actual diplomacy. (YURI KADOBNOV/AFP/Getty Images)A number of Russian politicians have been working very hard to keep the flames of rage burning. Last week, the Speaker of the Russian Parliament, Sergei Naryshkin, raised the issue of starting an international investigation of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings by the US in 1945, as a ‘crime against humanity’ has no time limit. He wanted nothing less than a new Nuremberg trial with the US at the criminal’s bench.

Vladimir Putin, from his side, during his most recent press conference, used the occasion to show his negative attitude toward one of America ’s most popular products. Answering a question about Russian drink Kvass, he said, “I don’t know how harmful Coca-Cola is, but a lot of specialists say that it is, especially for children. I don’t want to offend Coca-Cola, but we have our own national non-alcoholic beverages, and we shall help them to win our stores’ shelves.”

He could have chosen another brand as an example of an unhealthy soda, since there is no shortage of different drinks in Russia’s stores. But to no one’s surprise, the Russian President chose for his attack the very symbol of Pindostan.

Russian newspapers are giddily depicting the new trend of "American flag floormats" seen at Russian businesses. (screencap: politobzor.net/)

…….But Americans do not run America, the Jews do!

An excellent new video came out, done by the gifted, but snotty, disrespectful, and wise-ass 14-year-old high-school boy “Oscar Turner,” featuring the words of Kai Murros, a Finn who has been predicting eloquently a white uprising for 21 years!

The problem is that Murros starting saying this stuff 21 years ago — and yet, after MILLIONS of gang rapes of white women, staggering mass pedophilia scandals across Europe (our own politicans raping our kids!),  and now we are on the verge of WWIII wiht Russian and China, still there has been NO uprising!

Further, all the anger is being channeled by the Jews into parties that are ONLY anti-Islam, and NOT against the real enemy, the Jews!


jew-toreador-waves-islam-banner-white-bullFor example, there is a new movement in Germany, PEGIDA, and its rallies are attracting huge media and Internet attention. Here they are rallying with 20,00 people in Dresden.

Pegida Kundgebung in Dresden

But as with all the other groups the Jews tolerate or secretly FUND, they are only against Islam.… and they want the Turks and Arabs and Somalis to integrate better!

I do not not want the swarthy Muslims to integrate!


I want them to go home!

Because I want our genes to be preserved!


We need a leader and message that focuses squarely on THE JEW — THE JEW — THE JEW!

And this man, via his “white” mother, is a JEW!


His Jewish maternal grandfather

Obama's Grandfather at War

And the leader now can only come from America, not Germany, Britain or France, because unlike the EU countries (or Canada, Australia and New Zealand) only America has 1) constitutionally guaranteed free speech and 2) six hundred MILLION guns!

Obama hates the Constitution because it says whites have free speech (First Amendment)

and gun rights (Second Amendment)!



So a WN movement must now start in America! Murros, in the EU country of Finland,  cannot even say the word JEW! (The video may have constant Jew images, but notice that the words of Murros himself are absolutely silent on the Jew issue.)

I am the leader this nation needs!  And the whites need a fanatical religion, as the Jews and Muslims have, because as Hitler said in Mein Kampf,  logic and facts, even right and wrong, do not move the masses! And they never did! 90% of the American people refused to support the American Revolution! They just wantd to sit on the sidelines and then reap the benefits of the sacrifice by others!

……My essay on the TRUTH behind the American Revolution! 90% slackers, 10% fighters –  plus massive FRENCH cash, troops and ships, and a German-Prussian “drill sergeant”!


…..Giant UFO sightings


Giant UFO – Cigar and other anomalies near the Sun in the survey for December 28, 2014



Cigar-Shaped UFO Flying In The Aurora Borealis, Merry Christmas 2014



…..Reader asks why I am dumping racially on East Asians

An antizionist who does not understand my racial views wrote:

I wrote this with much respect for the work and research that you have done to try to preserve our ancestral heritage.  I just discovered your site recently and I am working my way through it nodding my head in ascent to many of your thoughts/ideas that resonate in me.  My complements for your intelligence and thoughtfulness on many subjects for which much drek, much to my disappointment., has been written elsewhere.   This is as much of an introduction as I am willing to give at this point until I know if you are even able to receive this mail (I understand your “hardships” with the empire). 

So here is my question.  In the midst of much intelligent, informative and rational statements/analyses of yours you provide commentary such as the following:

And it was the American Indians who came way later, ten thousand years later, around 10,000 BC, crossing over from Siberia into Alaska and then down through Canada to what is now the USA. It was those American Indians from Asia, a merciless, slant-eyed people related to the Mongols, a race given to horrific tortures and genocides, who killed them off, just as the Asiatic Indians did horrific tortures to American pioneers in the 1600s, 1700s and 1800s, and Asians committed indescribable atrocities to white soldiers, sailors and marines during WWII in the Pacific, during the Korean War and the Vietnam War.

Leaving aside the recent research that indicates the possibility that “whites” could have crossed Siberia into NA long before the Asiatics, how can you justify statements that include “merciless, slant-eyed . . .given to horrific tortures  .   etc…”   in the face of the horrors inflicted on other races by whites.  Now I understand full well the influence of Jewish finance in the utilization of the goyim to do their dirty deeds, but if “whites” are so righteous, why did they so readily acquiesce  in carpet bombing, mass murdering, torture and napalming Vietnam back to the stone age (just to name one of many atrocities whites have collaborated with the jews on) .  Is Manifest Destiny or the Monroe Doctrine with their concomitant horrors something that is acceptable in our quest for freedom from the banksters ?  Is murder, pillage, rape and genocide justified because Solutreans are superior to other races?  I understand and agree with the Jewish angle on this but it does not seem possible nor is it acceptable to me that whites are blameless and that all other races are degenerate gooks….as you seem to imply with not just that one quote of yours I cite above (there are others).

So when I read such statements of yours I begin to question all your other statements that I found reasonable, thoughtful or possible.
Please believe me that I have enough respect for much of your other analyses that I respectfully request your response to these questions.  Being 64 years old I have had some time to think and read about these issues (including the French historians of the Vietnamese situation back in the #60s when I was trying to understand why, as a high school student, I was about to go half way around the world to “defend” the US when as Muhammad Ali said “No Vietnamese ever called me nigger”).  Interestingly I learned about the banksters from the French in my teens . . .’ 60s style.
Please help enlighten me as I look for solutions to our current dilemma, because I do respect much of what you say  . . and do want to hear more .
Yours in the bonds  . . . . DF

Dear D,

My essay here should answer your thoughtful and reasonable questions:


There most certainly ARE white pschychopaths and not one knows that more than I do personally, who was sexually abused as a child.

But the white percentage ofd psychopaths seems to be far lower than among East Asians, Blacks, Jews and others.

It is also one thing to rape a woman personally while looking her in the eye, and another to drop a bomb on a city 1) from 10,000 feet, 2)  when ordered to do so and 3) facing a court-martial for disobeying a direct order, and 4) with a whole country backing your compliance, brainwashed by a media they do not know is Jewish to believe that “well, the Germans started this war.”


…..My totally new message


First reactions:

1) Truly professional job, this video, with great background music — and as entertaining as a Hollywood movie!

2) Dear John, I just saw your video, and I am deeply touched by your words. THANK YOU for it. Very moving; I have tears in my eyes …. all the best, R.

I replied: “Dear comrade, thank you for this delightful review! John “

-Glad you liked it, John. My words come from my heart. Never before have I heard a more touching speech.

3) It has begun! In the great battle against the warriors of El (angels) Shaddai (Shadow)! Gather up, seek allies and crash this evil system! Heil Hitler! SPREAD THIS VIDEO, SHARING IT ALL OVER, AND HELP US! NATIONAL SOCIALISM NOW FOR ALL PEOPLES OF THIS WORLD!

I wrote back:

You know, people thought and still think Hitler was an egomaniac, but he understood, as well as all military commanders, that the people give up hope in times of crisis if they have no leader they trust, love and revere! It is only out of duty that a man emerges from the ranks to proclaim: Follow me to victory!



And you still don’t see it. 😉


Standard postage stamp during the Third Reich

AH stamp2



Conspicuous dark circles of fatigue from 18-hour workdays

adolf hitler-3-4-s-1939


How can a man reincarnate again and look exactly the same — when in each life he has genes from different parents?


He would look similar but not the same! And each life is supposed to be a fresh start, not a repeat of the past!

We must now have our own militant religion and prophet! No mere politics inside a RIGGED SYSTEM, or political parties and economic talk, can save a craven people with a dead SOUL who are resigned to their own misery, slavery, genocide, and death!


…..To see how others are sacrificing to support my mission


…..What is Eternal Solutreanism?





  1. John,
    What do you think those cigar shaped ufo’s are? Or better , who’m they belong to?

    I saw those twice allready near my home town in broad day light.
    Some poeple say they are solar balloons , others say reptilian space ships , and others claim they are nwo spy ships…

  2. A fellow former Marine who knows me wrote: “The Russians SHOULD hate America. I hate what America has become. Any decent person should hate what passes for “America,” which is a nightmare. You got a black thug president, rap music is the sound track of the country, sodomites and other filthy perverts are lauded as heroes, filth and degeneracy are promoted as wonderful and normal, civility is ridiculed, and negroes attack any white person that moves. Watching blacks who impregnate white cheerleaders play a ball game while whites sit on their lard-asses and swill beer is the national pastime, and the list goes on and on. The America of today not only sucks but encompasses all that is evil and wrong in the world today.’

    I answered:

    How true, BUT our race was never like this until the Jew took over our minds….

    My personal mission is to not be consumed by utter hatred, but to cherry-pick out the good ones that are left and who, like both you and me when the time came, do not fight our message tooth-and-nail, but are ready for it, give it a respectful hearing from the get-go, and who have hearts open to truth.

    And these must become fighters, fighters as fanatic for our survival — even if only 1 in 10 make it — as these ISIS semites are. Did you see the Kai Murros video on my blog? The man is good…. a Finn, and I remember 15 years ago that one of the first serious things I read online was a Marine Corps article on how the Finns annihilated the bolsheviks in the Winter War…. Lotta Finns up here….Who knows, maybe you can get custody of your child and move up here to ride out WWIII… 99% white here, and lots of blond, slim women. I went out for a beer at midnight at the Shamrock bar, and there were two hot babes in there…. I am all set, but you may still be in the market. 😉

  3. A Spanish comrade wished me all the best for the new year, and said that 2014 is a year best left forgotten. I replied:

    Well, this year of 2014 was an excellent year because it is leading us to the catastrophe of 2015, and this world catastrophe will be our chance. Adolf Hitler would have been a nobody without the German defeat in WWI and the Treaty of Versailles. Only a terrible crisis PLUS the right leader and new message can awaken us!

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