Atheist bemoans rising belief in aliens and Atlantis

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  1. A comrade emailed me:


    Just finished this — LOLOLOL

    The guy even blames it on Trump. This Jason Colavito is a classic know-it-all d-bag.

    It always amazes me how these people push so strongly to convince the world, and therefore convince themselves, that they are right, instead of simply looking for the truth.

    If they were confident of their beliefs, they wouldn’t feel the need to try so hard.

  2. It is amazing how young souls can lie to themselves about reality.

    Interesting comment by Howard Levy (Anton Lavay), the evil jew who founded the Church of Satan:

    “Man is the only animal who can lie to himself, and believe it.”

    How can feminists be for Hillary, of all people, who defames female rape victims and got a male rapist of a 12-year-old girl off?

    And how can Democrats be for more people coming in who believe in Islam?

    How can Republicans be for more Mexicans, when they all vote Democrat?

    My hat goes off (this is rare) to the satanic kike Levy:

    (Lower) man is the only animal who can lie to himself, yes, knowingly lie to himself — and knowing it is a lie, believe it. 🙂

    On some young souls:

  3. On the whole Atlantis subject, I think I may have found some indirect support. The normal continental drift theory says Africa and south america have fitting coastlines, but I found an image of south america tilted at a 90 degree angle fitting into africa’s lower side that looks much better of a fit(and may be logical with Atlantis not being ‘too big to exist’ due to the south america/africa merge meaning there wasn’t enough space for it to be around, when south america is not tilted downwards and taking up less space of where Atlantis would be.)

    I got something pretty much the same as this by using TheTrueSize(allows you to move around and rotate continents on a map, shows the comparative size) and here’s a picture:

  4. One additional note:The truesize website is for individual countries not continents and what I did there was show how the big countries of south america like brazil and the nearby ones that would supposedly hit Africa would mostly fit into the southern portion of Africa when rotated 90 degrees.

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