Aryan artist corrupted by his Jewess; Glory to Mary Phagan and the White men who avenged her Honor

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Homeland Security breaks promise, detains, interrogates, and sends young German back; moochers and nobility, brain-dead US Army off to fight Russkies


I submit to you I am the one they fear. 😉

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Most people literally are reincarnated cattle, sheep, rabbits and other mammals, and I mean this with absolute seriousness. Look at them, how gullible they are, and what stupid, selfish cowards. This is part of their fundamental nature, to be easily deceived, to follow, and WANT to believe whatever comforting and procrastinating delusions their jew masters shovel into their brain. Only a new Aryan religion can turn things around. and a new humility in the masses! They must learn to FOLLOW those who actually care about them, for follow they will in any case, either to the slaughterhouse or to life.


…..Horrible effect of Jews on art

A close friend of mine  had a boyfriend for years who was a very skilled, gifted white artistic painter named Terry Rodgers, whio is now fairly well-knonw. Then around 1994 he got involved with a Jewess, she got him into lucrative Jew-owned galleries, told him “what would sell,” and his art turned into race-mixing and forlorn, lost-looking, naked white women. This is satanism through art….

Coronation of Concupiscence, by Terry Rodgers



…..Why is Mary Phagan important?

It all comes down to this:


I wage war on the lie and the slander Jews tell to this day against heroic men, against good, chivalrous, white Christian American males, claiming Leo Frank, was convicted and executed, not because of the facts, evidence, testimony and exhibits presented at the trial against Frank, but solely because of of some supposed anti-Jewish “prejudice.” That is a disgusting, racist, anti-Gentile blood libel spewed by pathological haters and bigots whose canard of “anti-Semitism” hides their own ANTI-GENTILISM!

And does anyone care about little Mary Phagan in all this power struggle and how she died? The last seconds of her innocent life?

And that Jews are knowingly sticking up for a rapist and child murderer just because he is a Jew?

And that the Talmud say is is okay to rape Gentile females?

Prosecutor Dorsey was wrong on one thing: Leo Frank was not being a bad Jew by raping and killing Mary. He was –believe it or not, read it in the Talmud itself  — being thereby a GOOD Jew and obeying the commands of his religion when he raped and killed her! “How dare a mere goy, a shiksa (“piece of meat”=) refuse the sex demands of her Jewish lord and master? Gentiles were created by God to serve the Jews!” That is why he struck out in rage! Sex on demand and the right to humiliate is  what the Talmud told Leo was his right!




“If a Jew murders a ‘goy’ there will be no death penalty.” (Sanhedrin 57a)

“Jews may use subterfuges to circumvent a ‘goy.’” (Baba Kamma 113a)


“The ‘goyim’ are not humans. They are beasts.” (Baba Mezia 114b)

“All children of the ‘goyim’ (Gentiles) are animals.” (Yebamoth 98a)


“Girls born of the ‘goyim’ are in a state of ‘niddah’ (menstrual uncleanness!) from birth.” (Abodah Zarah 36b)

“If you eat with a ‘goy’ it is the same as eating with a dog.” (Tosapoth, Jebamoth 94b)

“Sexual intercourse between the ‘goyim’ is like intercourse between animals.” (Sanhedrin 74b)

“Even the best of the ‘goyim’ should all be killed.” (Soferim 15)



Judaism is a hate-filled, rape, torture and death cult. It must be banned under federal, state and local law and ALL its practitioners arrested for conspiracy to libel, steal, rape and murder.

It is not a religion; it is a worldwide psychopathology!


 Thus say I, father of two daughters and grandfather of two granddaughters! Save the children!




……Reviews of new video on Leo Frank: “VIP Pedophiles: KILL THEM ALL!”


Some reviews:

–Australian IT expert

“Hysterically funny!”


British lady (WP)


“Hi John! That is a good video! Mindblowing stuff and I like your delivery with a touch of wit. The archive footage pieces at the end are awesome.”

…From my native Rhode Island (Nico)


I truly look up to you. You are the smartest man we got for our race, a smart kind of leader. I admire you, sir. You are one of my heroes. You speak sense. I love hearing you speak.

Former US Army (20-year vet)

“The new vid on trutube is, as usual, excellently done. You tell these facts in an entertaining and colorful manner, like ‘was he putting his Frank in the wrong bun?’ ‘Hebrew homeys.’ etc. I thoroughly enjoyed the way you laid out the facts.”

And now the video itself:

(The AH clip in the second half is from a videographer I admire named “Rassisten”; the video was done by a videographer using the name FührerFunBus)

This video is also found on LiveLeak: and on YouTube:



This was my first video (2013) on the Murder of Mary Phagan and the righteous Leo Frank lynching 

A comrade wrote me excitedly:


“John, Check this out! Prominent neo-Zionists at The Jewish Daily Forward in New York City are taking notice of your ground-breaking research efforts to expose that little known 1913 pedophile sex murder committed by Atlanta B’nai B’rith president, Leo Frank!” It looks like no matter how hard the racist Jewish community organizes its members for attempts to manipulate certain incriminating details revealed at Leo Frank’s trial or suppress the evidence through lying-by-omission, their machinations have turned the scandal into nothing more than a racist Antisemitic hoax. There efforts have failed so miserably, because the tsunami of truth is finally starting to roar across their ocean of lies and as usual, the racist Jewish Supremacists are hiding behind the words Anti-Semitism and Nazi. These pejoratives are code words for people with the intellectual capacity to see pattern in Jewish behavior and expose Jewish lies. Jews really are deep down a bunch of lily-livered rascals and yellow-bellied scoundrels. You were right when you said they are chicken shit spineless cowards when it comes to history. Give em the third degree John!”


Neo Nazis Use the Leo Frank Case for Anti-Semitic Propagana

And admitting, sort of, UNDER OUR PRESSURE; that maybe Frank WAS guilty!


LOL! Jew Supremacist Peter Berger writes: “It is impossible to say who is behind most of the neo-Nazi websites.” I can tell them! ;-)




I was talking with a black nationalist radio talkshow host named Chad Josiah yesterday and his cell phone went crazy on him — once again — as we were talking… I was telling him we two should do a show on how Leo Frank tried and failed to send two innocent Blax — employed by him — to the gallows for his own crime… Chad said “The ONLY time my cell phone malfunctions is when I call YOU, John. ;-)”

“Kevin Strom the Supposed Mastermind Behind 4 Leo Frank Websites According to ADL”

But look at the above Frank case article from The Jewish Daily Forward — the Jews love to obsess about Kevin Strom who actually had no part in producing any websites they claim he is supposedly behind. Looks like the neo-Zionist researchers at the Jewish Supremacist ADL and SPLC are getting sloppy.

Jews Love to Blame Black People for their Coreligionist’s Crimes

Another Jewish extremist obsession that crosses over many generations is claiming the Negro nightwatchman Newt Lee knew more than he was telling authorities about the Murder of Mary Phagan and directly blaming James “Jim” Conley (1886 – 1952) as the sole perpetrator for the murder of Mary Phagan (1899 – 1913) in an effort to deflect attention from the Jewish serial pedophile Leo Max Frank (1884 – 1915). Jim Conley served Leo Frank at the National Pencil Company (from 1911 to 1913) as his roustabout during normal business hours, and secretly as his watchman-lookout when Frank would entertain prostitutes at the factory on the Sabbath. After Jewish Supremacist Leo Frank tried to frame his Negro nightwatchman, Newt Lee, for the rape-murder of Mary Phagan and it failed miserably to take hold (find out why below), he turned his attention to framing Jim Conley his accomplice-after-the-fact. Had Leo Frank’s racist intrigues succeeded, possibly one or two Negroes would have hanged or been shot in cold blood during the aftermath of this affair, for a crime Leo committed by himself.

Leo Frank the Fiendish Pedophile Messiah of Professional Jewish Victimhood and Fear-mongering

Just as they have since 1913 turned the Leo Frank case into a Jewish carnival of racist anti-Gentilism (see the mountains of evidence), today Jewish Supremacists perpetuate with renewed ferocity the Antisemitic hatecrime hoax that Leo Frank was framed because of anti-Jewish prejudice. The Black community should rise up over 100 years of Jewish Supremacists efforts to frame Conley on scat evidence. Without Conley’s eventual help after he broke down in mid May at the stationhouse, Atlanta police detectives would only have been able to solve the Phagan murder mystery, with Monteen Stover testimony and forensic evidence found in the metal room. Jim Conley played an important role in helping the police learn how Phagan was moved from the machine room (Metal room) to the basement.



……The truth that worries the Jews about Leo Frank!

Summary: 1913 is the start of the Jewish Genetic Racewar Against European-Americans


I hope everyone reading the below article will hereby understand just how truly important this “100-year-old murder in a pencil factory” really was — and how relevant it remains to our world today. Let it be known that Mary Phagan is the Martyr of our struggle for White Liberation and Self-Determination from the Jewish Supremacist Occupied U.S. Government. Mary Phagan’s face is our revolutionary call for liberty from Jewish control over the mainstream media. Leo Frank’s posthumous pardon in 1986 is our wake up call that we must run the neo-Zionist occupiers of our government out of America, sending them back to Israel and restoring the U.S. constitution by electing patriotic White men and women to political offices at every level of our government.

The Murder of Mary Phagan on Saturday, April 26, 1913 was the beginning of the undeclared Jewish genetic racewar against European-Americans, because it was then that they began their foul machinations to help Leo Frank get off scott free for a crime he surely committed and later admitted, as sustained by the evidence (all of which will be exposed in a series of articles forthcoming). American Jewry spared no expense in waging a media-war of defamation, deracination and demoralization against White Americans that still continues today. We will present the evidence, testimony, exhibits, and facts of this case to sustain every assertion  made. If you find any claims made about the Frank case lacking in evidence, please let me know and I will provide more evidence from the 3,000 pages of Frank legal records.

Mary Phagan was a beautiful little 4-foot-11 girl, a fine daughter, and a perfect employee in the days of child labor, who at just age 13 worked 55 hours a week for factory superintendent Leo Frank, but this little miss fought like a tiger to her very death against the fiendish Jew pervert Leo Frank when the hideous Hebrew demanded sexual submission from her in the machine room (known colloquially as the “metal room”). Little Mary Phagan was in 1913 and continues to this day, defamed relentlessly by Jewry. Today the attacks are launched against her family’s decedents. If you visit you can see first hand how the troglodyte faced Jews defame Mary Phagan-Kean’s book about the Murder of Little Mary Phagan (1989). Go to if you need proof.

Hollywood’s Genetic Racewar Against American Gentiles and More Broadly Western Civilization

The Jews have created many propaganda motion picture films about the Leo Frank case: a 1915 silent-film “thou shalt not kill” (unfortunately it did not survive), a 1937 movie with Lana Turner about it (“They Won’t Forget”), a 1964 television movie “Profiles in Courage,” glorifying the crooked Georgia governor John Slaton who commuted his lawfirm’s client Leo Frank’s capital punishment sentence to life in prison. Later Jewish racial activist dominated Hollywood went on to crank out a two-part made-for-tv miniseries in 1988, with Jack Lemon, “The Murder of Mary Phagan,”, in 2000 a low budget, low circulation film about the case was put out called Southern Knights, Afred Uhry put out his own 5 minute video about the trial and alleged anti-Semitism the-murder-of-mary-phagan-mini-series-jack-lemmonand in 2009, “The People Vs. Leo Frank” by Ben Loeterman and Steve Oney), all part of the drumbeat on “White prejudice” to guilt-trip all White people — and especially Southerners — for framing the “poor, innocent victim of anti-Judaism, Leo Frank.”

Please read some of the negative reviews about some of these items listed on Amazon. These Jewish films misrepresent all the facts and events of the case, to uproot and racistly attack White Southerners. I am asking you, dear reader, to study the Leo Frank case at its primary source level and write reviews on Amazon about the items Jews have created to poison our society, write reviews that appeal to peoples reason and expose Jewish lies using polite language.

Jewry was humiliated with the total defeat of their efforts to get Leo Frank exonerated from 1913 to 1986, so today they continue to disfigure the minds of the public through the art of lying by omission about the details of the Frank-Phagan case. This guilt-trip hatecrime fraud and blood-libel hoax surrounding Leo Frank can be explained by studying Kevin MacDonald’s investigations into Jewish Evolutionary Strategy. Moreover, just as the Leo Frank case has been turned in a tool for advancing Jewish Evolutionary Strategy and uprooting White hegemony, next comes another monumental fraud needing new examination, the Jewish Holocaust hoax commencing after White Fratricidal War 2 (WWII).

After Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith connived a posthumous pardon for Leo Frank in 1986 based on the Alonzo Mann Hoax (read our expose about it), they quietly removed B’nai B’rith from their ADL name to distance themselves from the fact Leo Frank was Atlanta president of B’nai B’rith. Two months before the Phagan murder, Leo Frank had contacted B’nai B’rith leadership in Chicago about defamatory characterizations and caricatures of Jews in theater asking that a committee be formed to address this issue.  In September 1913, even though Frank was convicted of murder, his 500 member lodge voted unanimously to make him their president again (Atlanta Constitution, September 24, 1913). Frank ran Atlanta’s B’nai B’rith affairs while in jail. The ADL was founded in the immediate aftermath of Leo Frank’s conviction in his honor. In 2014, the closet bisexual who has headed the ADL since 1987, Abraham Foxman, announced he is retiring at the centennial of Leo Frank’s prison shanking, July, 2015. abraham-foxman-adl-bnai-brith

The “creme de la creme” White vigilantes who burst with guns drawn into a Georgia state prison (Milledgeville Penitentiary) and strung up the nationally famous child-molesting sex killer — hanging him high as he faced poor little Mary’s former home that was about 2 miles away — all these brave Whites were righteous heroes in the highest traditions of the Aryan race! Our struggle is to regain the White collective consciousness over the Internet so that all of our people are united internationally. We are creating the non-violent and progressive Internet Knights of Mary Phagan, and our mission is to reach our people by appeals to reason and to expose the Jewish pathological lies corrupting Western Civilization. Join the 21st century progressive Knights of Mary Phagan, and help us to reach our people by appealing to their conscience about the state of affairs.

The leader of the resolute White men who brought the convicted Phagan strangler to justice –after two long years of Jewish legal shenanigans, restored Mary’s honor. When the child-killer’s every appeal had been rejected, including by the US Supreme Court, the corrupt Governor John Marshall Slaton commuted Frank’s death sentence to life in prison. Seldom do Jews mention that Governor Slaton had a 25% stake in the law firm that defended Leo Frank at his 1913 summer trial.  It was the duly elected Sheriff of Cobb County, Georgia, Mr. George Swanson who helped bring Frank to justice in the end. No real White man, loving our women and girls as the treasures they are, could do otherwise.




From The Silent and the Damned (by Seltz)


Modern colorization of a 1913 black-and-white photo. Mary had sand-colored auburn hair and bright blue eyes, and was chosen to play “Sleeping Beauty” in a church play. The 13-year-old giggled when the “Handsome Prince” kissed her. ;-)


Beaten unconscious, raped, and when she came back to consciousness and started resisting again, she was strangled to death by her vile superintendent, who then urinated on her body. At the time, Frank was serving his first term as the president of B’nai B’rith in Atlanta, Georgia, the “Gate City Lodge #144,”the largest Jewish fraternal organizations in the South, with over 500 active members.


Crusading Georgia publisher, lawyer and former Congressman Tom Watson (see more on him below) told it like it was in his Watson’s Magazine (January, March, August, September and October, 1915) and in his The Jeffersonian weekly newspaper. The autopsy indicated Mary had been raped vaginally (the ominous phrase was “violence to the vagina”) and probably sodomize, and this was an evil that was unspeakably monstrous to the citizens of Georgia and the jury.


Powerful New York Jews rallied behind Leo Frank, forming “The Leo Frank Protest League” with its newspaper ads nationwide and letter writing campaigns that flooded Governor Slaton’s office with petitions to free Leo Frank, but it all failed to sway justice in the end.


October 20th, 1913, ADL of B’nai B’rith (the ludicrously misnamed “Anti-Defamation League”) was formed to thwart justice and freedom of speech. ADL worked behind the scenes to get Leo Frank vindicated. However, a Georgia “mob” (actually composed of notable and distinguished citizens, including the County Sheriff, the Speaker of the Georgia House of Representatives and a former GOVERNOR!) dragged the pedophile Jew out of prison and strung him up – an amazing story of White persistence and courage!


The Leo Frank case shows why the infamous ADL ever was set up – in shocked reaction to the failure of Jewish bribes, blackmail, planted evidence, guilt trips about “prejudiced Southerners” and media lies about “antisemitism” to prevent this jury from finding Leo Frank guilty as hell of MURDER!

leo-frank-jury-august-1913 adl-logo

ADL’s long-time leader since 1987, the bisexual Jewish Extremist Abraham Foxman, whom foolish Poles had hidden from the National Socialist Germans long ago, continues to use his organization to uproot European-Americans and tell other ethnic groups that their own historical Holocausts are not important as the Jewish Holohoax (see: documentary Defamation by an Israeli film director). Foxman’s nanny lied to the Reich that he was just a Polish Catholic boy. Now he harasses the Poles as well as the Americans with relentless blood libel canards and social-political machinations to divide and conquer.

AbrahamFoxman ADL logo

Abe Foxman Bloated Grifter Peddling Antisemitic Fear

The Jewish moneybags in New York realized their heavy-handed tactics had backfired, failing to prevent the rescue of Leo Frank. Top New York Jews grasped that they needed henceforth a much more sophisticated legal and PR operation so that AT LEAST FUTURE GUILTY JEWS MIGHT ESCAPE JUSTICE and White hegemony worn away. And this was the real meaning of ADL of B’nai B’rith, galvanized in DIRECT RESULT OF THE MARY PHAGAN-LEO FRANK CASE that had lead to a conviction of on independent order of bnai brith chapter presidents! The “ADL” was formed in Chicago by the Jewish Freemason lodge Independent Order of B’nai B’rith (“Sons of the Covenant”) founded in 1843.


Paragraphs two and three states that “prejudice and discrimination” against Jews had “manifest[ed] itself recently in an attempt to influence courts of law.” This was a clear reference to the Leo Frank trial a few weeks earlier. Subsequent paragraphs insolently advocate that Jews use the ADL themselves to”influence” the theater, newspapers and magazines, whenever they criticize “(in ADL-speak, “defame”) the Jews. Trailer to Hollywood’s narrative to the 1988 Leo Frank pity-party movie, where poor little Leo is murdered by irrational hate-filled White Southern bigots. Hollywood reboots this anti-White, anti-Christian, anti-Southern, and anti-Gentile theme in many of their films. This is exactly why we must always have our own Kosher free independent media. If we are going to survive as a race, we must make it our prime directive to have our own mainstream media, because with out it, we will continue to be vilified by the Jewish Supremacists, our traditional enemies since the death of Jesus Christ and fall of the roman empire. Since the end of White Fratricidal War 2 ( WWII) the Jews have clawed their way feverishly to the top and used their power to undermine White ethnic-racial solidarity, destroy White hegemony and flood America with non-White groups from every country in the world.

Here is an accurate depiction of the mission of the ADL on the WN-oriented Metapedia:’nai_B’rith Wikipedia’s article on the ADL ( expresses baldly:

Sigmund Livingston


[The founder, German Jew immigrant Sigmund] Livingston established the ADL in direct response to the 1913 trial of Leo Frank, a Jewish factory manager and B’nai B’rith chapter president in Georgia. Frank was convicted of raping and strangling Mary Phagan, his 13 year old female employee.

The Jewish New York City newspaper The Forward wrote in 2003 ( :

According to Foxman, the ADLs annual budget is between $50 million and $60 million, depending on how grants are computed. Half of the funds raised come from non-Jewish corporate sponsors and a huge portion comes from U.S. tax payers. The organization boasts a staff of 350 people in 30 regional offices around the country. It also staffs offices in Jerusalem and Moscow and has representatives in Vienna and Rome.

The Jewish-born Brother Nathanael did a good video on the ADL and its agenda against White America:

This case needs to come fully alive! Why? Because our enemy made a disastrous decision in backing a child raping sex killer of a pure, proud, pretty young Southern Baptist White girl and a would-be framer of two innocent Black men, as well!
The Jews really should have walked away from this case. No Italian-American would whine that Al Capone was an innocent victim of anti-Italian prejudice! NO Italian would say John Gotti was targeted by anti-Italianism! If a member of your ethnic group does something wrong, you rightfully distance yourself from him or her and denounce their behavior!
The Leo-Frank-Mary Phagan case is also a perfect case to strategically aggravate the already perennial antisemitism existing in the Black community, which has many causes, among them the key Jewish role in financing, starting and running the slave trade:
–building the slave ships
–captaining and crewing the ships,
–throwing sick Black slaves overboard, and
–actually auctioning the slaves off upon arrival in the colonies.
The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews
This major book of historiography about Black and Jewish relations during the modern epoch of the African slave trade provides exceptionally well documented research to back up the claims and conclusions it asserts, thus naturally it has inflamed genuine resentment against organized Jewry by African-American truth tellers. Jewish Supremacists have responded to the historical evidence by saying the records contained within the book are not true because it hurts the fragile and delicate ego of Jewish history.
Polls for decades have show that the most anti-Jewish segment of the US population derives primarily from Black-American communities. Most African-Americans are full aware of the divide and conquer strategy of Jewish Supremacists. Turn on any music video channel owned by Jewish elite, and African-American men are often displayed as clownish caricatures of street thugs and African-American women are portrayed as trashy queen diva hoes, sleazy sex symbols and booty bouncing strippers. Moreover, since 1913 the Jewish community has been united behind falsely accusing Leo Frank’s black janitor for the murder of the White girl Mary Phagan, followed up by falsely claiming that without Jim Conley’s testimony Leo Frank could never have been convicted.
What the early 20th century Frank trial proves beyond any doubt is that the Jew Leo Frank (and Jewish-owned newspapers, especially the New York Times) were determined to frame (and thus send to their deaths by hanging) one of Frank’s own Black staff members, first the Negro night watchman Newt Lee, and when that effort fizzled out early on, Frank’s defense team then changed course to go after Negro janitor, Jim Conley. The Jewish media has perpetuated the hype against Jim Conley ever since.
One of DOZENS of New York Times articles blaming Gentiles for the trial
Ah yes, how the Jews “care” about the Blacks! The entire thrust of the Frank defense team was an outrageous playing of the race card to get a White southern jury to “automatically” blame a Black for the rape and murder of a White girl. But the White jury not only did not buy the racist framing, they felt insulted by the blatant appeals by the Jew’s legal team to treat them like Black-hating robots!

The ultimate in hypocrisy is that at the same time as Jewish money was setting up the NAACP to “help the Blacks fight racial injustice,” Conley was the object of a frame-up attempt by the Frank legal defense team. Luther Zeigler Rosser in his closing arguments loudly called the janitor “a plain, beastly, drunken, filthy, lying [n*gg*r] …fired with lust….”Even The New York Times would eventually describe him as a ”drunken, low-life, utterly worthless… Black human animal.” playing upon the worst of racial stereotypes.

So much for Jewish support for Black civil rights! Out the window when the life of a JEW was at stake!

Another New York Times front-page article:


Frank’s elite lawyer,  Luther Zeigler Rosser who was paid a $15,000 retainer to represent Leo Frank, told jurors in vain: Conley is a plain, beastly, drunken, filthy, lying nigger with a spreading nose through which probably tons of cocaine have probably been sniffed. And yet the all-White, Southern jury, in the heyday of racial segregation and the KKK, an organization vigilant about deterring the rape of White women by Blacks, refused to believe that Conley did it, even though Conley had done jail time for public intoxication, as had many Blacks served time, for various other offenses.

New York Times publisher Adolph Ochs the Jewish media mogul who took on the Frank case as a personal crusade even hired investigators to seek “proof” of Frank’s innocence and went so far as to employ a White actor “in blackface” to portray Conley as the strangler — all for a “report” that Ochs toyed with publishing in his newspaper until he had second thoughts.




The White jury was unwilling to let either Black man be framed by Leo Frank’s lawyers, no matter how often they tossed around the n- word. They were impressed by the three month-long investigation — late April to late July 1913 — done by the Atlanta police, the “discovery” (gathering of affidavits) and thep rosecution’s massive and convincing evidence. Even Steve Oney admits the prosecution put together a very convincing case.



Leo Frank: Crusading publisher Tom E. Watson (see below) said of him:
He has “an animal jaw and fearfully sensual lips” and “averted eyes” (Leo Frank’s left eye was out of orbit laterally to the 2 o’clock position). Familiarize yourself dear reader with Watson’s Magazine, January, March, August, September and October of 1915.


And while Conley, was indeed a stumbling alcoholic of low reputation (see below), he had nothing to do with the rape and strangulation of Phagan, but he did admit to helping Frank remove the body and Leo Frank refused to be confronted by Conley in the presence of his lawyers and police, over the murder. We might ask the question What White man in the racial separatist post-Antebellum South would refuse to confront or be confronted by his Negro employee accusing him of assaulting and strangling a White girl? In the old South the word of a Negro would never be taken over the word of a White man, and yet Frank refused to confront Conley over the events occurring at the National Pencil Company after twelve-noon on Confederate Memorial Day.
The Black night watchman, Newt Lee, was pure as the driven snow with regard to Mary Ann Phagan and had lived his entire life with any record of criminal offenses.
The triple blunder by Frank now began:
1) Allegedly the Leo Frank dictated with typical Jew arrogance to Conley a note –supposedly written by Mary Phagan while in her death throws– depicting Mary as an illiterate peasant, or rather a moron, who could not write a grammatically correct sentence. It is possible the notes were written by Conley alone with out Leo Frank’s help, but that does not mean Frank had no part in the crime.
2) The notes also both mistakenly talked about how a “negro” wanted sex with her, the “negro” who was “the night witch” (night watchman). Leo Frank’s racist plot according to Jim Conley was to frame Newt Lee, who nobody really knew and was a new staff member only employeed three weeks before.  But “negro” was a word for Blacks used by northerners, whereas all Southerners called Blacks “colored” (or, if angry, used the n- word).
The note itself thus pointed to a northerner as the author. The only northerner on the scene, and with the motive to escape the noose by framing someone else, was Leo Frank.
3) Frank was trying to get one Black employee, Jim Conley, to help him ghost write a forged Mary Phagan death note in order to frame another Black, Newt Lee, for murder. If the police realized Newt Lee wasn’t the murderer then they would be looking for another Negro and as long as Jim Conley kept his mouth shut, he wouldn’t hang. Leo Frank’s racist gambit depended on Jim Conley’s silence and it took the police three weeks to crack him wide open using the third degree method.
newt-lee-night-watchWe must realize how serious this framing attempt was. Any attempt to get an innocent man convicted of murder is extremely wicked. But back then, in the Deep South, given a supposed Black perpetrator and a White female victim, that would have meant a certain and swift death penalty for the totally innocent Newt Lee (photo left). It would also be easier to convict a black man for a rape murder given the taboo on interracial relations. In September 1906 four White women were raped by Black assailants and it caused a race riot to explode across Atlanta with the official death toll of 10 Negroes and 2 White men, though some estimates put the death count as high as 25 Negroes. After the riot Black on White crime plummeted precipitously.
Scene with Newt Lee from the 2009 Hollywood sob-story movie bashing White Southerners: “The People vs. Leo Frank” by Ben Loeterman and Steve Oney
Unlike today, Newt Lee would never have spent 20 years on Death Row making appeal after appeal if Leo Frank’s racist framing had succeeded, but due to modern forensic science it would have been easy to solve the murder of Phagan as her blood and hair were found in the metal room! Someone had also dragged Phagan face down across the floor in the basement and then urinated on her corpse in the rear of the basement in an attempt to make it seem like she had been assaulted and defiled there. On August 26, 1913, Frank himself was sentenced to hang on October 10th 1913, about six weeks separation time from conviction to capital punishment, but the execution was stayed while his appeals were pending.
The first note that Frank dictated to Conley as if Mary Phagan had written it said:
he said he wood love me land down like the night witch did it but that long tall Black negro did buy his slef.
The second said:
mam that negro here down here did this i went to make water and he pushed me down that hole a long tall negro Black that hoo it wase long sleam tall negro i wright while play with me.
And the whole gimmick of the notes was that Mary was supposedly “writing” her notes while in the midst of being raped, just before she was killed ….. “i wright while he play with me” …..What kind of deranged mind would think of such a ludicrous scenario? “ The idea that “I think I’ll write some notes while I’m being raped.” ;-) was absolutely a truly ingenious ploy, because who in their right mind would ever believe Leo Frank dictated the notes in such a fashion. The police would think the notes were negro notes through-and-through, and never suspect a well educated White Jewish man had formulated this delicious sub plot. And it was a delicious intrigue indeed, because if Conley had kept his mouth shut the whole thing might have worked, except for the time-line contradiction caused by Monteen Stover and the forensic evidence found in the metal room.
In point of fact, Mary Phagan was not some toothless hayseed but instead a smart girl, and pretty good at both spelling and grammar for her age and education. She was not in school since the age of 9 years old because her family were working class wage earners and everyone had to work to help make ends meet. There was also a shortage of desks in the public-school system of the rapidly growing city of Atlanta going through growing pains. Mary was working in the pencil factory not only to help her family financially, but it also gave her a sense of pride, as it did for many child laborers
Here is the text of an actual postcard from Mary to her mother Fannie in 1911, showing her good grammar and spelling for a then 11-year-old and her closeness to her mother.
Backstory: Mary had taken the trolley from the family home in East Point, Atlanta up to see her aunt Mattie and cousins in Marietta, 14 miles north:
A rare photo of 11-year-old Mary and her aunt Mattie in Marietta, colorized by me (JdN)…. with an almost ominous seriousness in both their eyes … As a little girl, Mary loved playing house and playing with dolls with her female cousins, according to her great-niece Mary Phagan -Kean, as found in her excellent book The Murder of Little Mary Phagan (found online at

Marietta, Georgia, June 16, 1911, 6:00 p.m.

Hello Mama [Fannie Coleman], How are you? I got here all O.K. I would have wrote [sic] sooner but I hadn’t thought about it. Willie is up here. Aunt Lizzie has got my gingham dress made. I am going to have my picture made soon. Your baby, Mary

Part of that postcard




Mary’s older sister Ollie Mae on the left and little Mary as a toddler, Circa 1904.
As for the night watchman, Newt Lee, though he was strongly suspected at first, he was manifestly innocent and had no reason to lie, he had had good relations with Frank and no motive to hurt him since he just got this new job. But Frank had every criminal motive to frame his own Black employees so as to avoid the rope of justice for raping his child laborer.
The juicy details of how Leo Frank tried to frame his newly hired graveyard shift security guard.
The scheme by Frank to send his Black employee Newt Lee to his death was altering Lee’s punch clock slip. The punch clock was located at Leo Frank’s office and Newt Lee was required to punch the clock every 30 minutes during his rounds about the factory. Lee’s job was to walk up and down the stairs all night long with his smoky lantern in tow, walking across all the floors to check that nothing had been stolen or that there were no fires in the basement. Lee was also required to check the back service ramp at the back of the basement.  If Lee needed to go to the bathroom, he was required to use the segregated toilet in the basement.
Newt Lee, the night watchman
Friday, April 25, 1913 at 6:30 p.m.
Newt-Lee-sketchLeo Frank had told Newt Lee on Friday, April 25, 1913, to please come to work tomorrow one hour earlier than usual at 4:00 o’clock p.m. instead of the usual time of 5:00 o’clock p.m. on the Saturdays.
Saturday, April 26, 1913 at 3:56 p.m.
Frank was extremely nervous when Newt Lee arrived at 3:56 p.m. (the killing of Mary Phagan having occurred less than four hours before, and her body was still in the building in the rear of the basement). Frank probably had a butterfly storm in his stomach hoping Conley would come back as he promised to stuff the body of Phagan into the furnace’s oven and cremate Mary Phagan. He needed more time, but eventually time would run out. Lee was naturally exhausted, because his usual 12 hour gave him just enough time to get home and rest and then get back to work. Lee lived less than a 30 minute commute away from the factory. Frank requiring Lee to come to work an hour early, meant Lee would lose that last hour of nourishing sleep he needed to feel fully refreshed.
Frank insisted that Lee leave the factory and come back in two hours. When Lee then suggested to Frank that he could just sleep for a couple of hours on the premises in the packing room, Frank refused to let him which was odd. The packing room was conveniently located adjacent to Leo Franks office and was a good place to take a power nap, but Frank kept on assertively insisting that Lee had to leave and have a good time instead. The exhausted Lee finally acquiesced. What made this whole situation suspicious is that there was factory corporate policy that the no night time security guard was allowed to leave the building unless he handed off the reigns of security the day watchman. Poverty was rife in the south and therefore theft was a serious risk for industrial businesses. The factory equipment was worth a small fortune and there were no shortage of industrial enterprises around Atlanta’s industrial sector that would have loved the opportunity to buy  cheap stolen equipment acquired illegally.
When Lee returned at six, Frank appeared even more nervous and agitated than he had two hours earlier according to Lee, because he was struggling with Lee’s time card and the punch clock. Frank was so nervous, he could not operate the time clock properly, something he had done hundreds of times before over the five years of his tenure as general superintendent. Why Leo Frank was acting so oddly with the office time clock would come out at the trial when Defendant’s exhibit A was analyzed, and revealed Lee’s time-card was suspiciously altered with 4 hours of missing time. It turned out to be a major blunder on the part of who ever forged the incriminating time-card.
(Leo Frank had officially started to work at the National Pencil Company on Monday morning, August 10, 1908, five years earlier. Three weeks later, on September 1, 1908, he was elevated to the position of superintendent of the company, and served in this capacity until he was arrested on Tuesday morning, April 29, 1913.)

…..while the suspected rapist-murderer was in jail, pro-Frank forces actually planted a bloody shirt at Newt Lee’s property, outside his shack,  so as to send this perfectly innocent man to his death. Early in the investigation, while both Leo Frank and Newt Lee were being held and some suspicion was still directed at Lee, a bloody shirt was discovered in a ash barrel at Lees home. There was no garbage collection services in the Negro sector of Atlanta, its residence had to burn their trash in ash barrels.

Investigators became suspicious when it was proved that the blood marks on the shirt had been made by wiping it, unworn, in the liquid of who knows what animal, a slaughtered hog perhaps? Maybe a chicken or rabbit? We can only speculate. The shirt had no trace of body odor and the blood had fully soaked even the armpit area, on both sides, even though only a lesser quantity of blood was found at the crime scene.

Both ploys presumed by Frank having failed…..

This was the first sign that moneyed efforts were being used to procure illegal acts and interfere in the case in such a way as to direct suspicion away from Leo M. Frank. This became a virtual certainty when Lee was definitely cleared. The forged blood soaked shirt had been carefully placed in Lee’s ash barrel with garbage strewn around it to make it appear as if Lee had not gotten around to burning the evidence. The time-card debacle appeared to be designed in such as manners to give the impression that Lee had enough time to go home to dispose of the evidence and then come back to the factory to complete his rounds.
The police interrogated Newt Lee, even allegedly shooting off a gun at point blank range next to his head so his ears would be ringing for quite sometime. But Newt Lee had acted like an innocent man, his behavior seemed proper when he exclaimed that he climbed 2 floors from the basement to Leo Frank’s office to call his superintendent and after no answer calling the police. It caused the naturally suspicious police to ask the question: Why would an innocent man have a shirt at his property with Mary Phagan’s blood on it unless someone else had put it there? But who? The police explored all the possible permutations of who might be motivated to Frame Newt Lee, especially in light of the time-card, blood shirt and death notes accusing the Night witch (Nightwatch was the colloquial term for nightwatchman at the factory).
(Subsequently, the Jew tactic has been to blame the other Black, Jim Conley — anybody but Saint Leo the Innocent, against whom 19 of his female employees testified as a lecher, and whose own wife refused to visit him for two weeks after his arrest!…..)

My view is “frankly” that I am very happy the Jews are still backing their pedophilic, murdering, sex-fiend, whore-mongering racial kinsman Leo Frank. As Napoleon said: “Never disturb your enemy when he is making mistakes.” ;-)

A typical ADL webpage on Leo Frank, glorifying itself. Leo looks very victim-like. ;-) Witness with your own 2 eyes, the Abraham Foxman and ADL hatecrime hoax “Hang the Jew, Hang the Jew” debunked by Steve Oney and Mary Phagan Kean. Now it’s up to you to see for yourself that there isn’t a single Atlanta newspaper reporting on the trial confirming this anti-Semitic incident, nor is it reported in Leo Frank’s appeals. The Jewish community is a disgusting group of monsters who put their bare hands down the back of their pants and shitting Glatt Kosher human feces into their cupped hands and then smear it on Gentiles. This feces flinging by Jews must be confronted.  Would competing journalists who were looking to advance their careers fail to mention crowds of angry mobs screaming anti-Semitic death threats through the open windows at the trial during its proceedings? Would Leo Frank’s defense team fail to request a mistrial if such an incident occurred? Would Frank’s legal dream team fail to mention such an incident if it had occurred during their appeals for a new trial? Looks like we caught the ADL redhanded fabricating a hate crime hoax. Shame on you Abraham Foxman, shame on ADL for doing something so obviously fake. Jewish Supremacists got caught red handed.
Far from being motivated by blind hatred, the lynchers, men with a Southern sense of honor, chivalrously delivered Leo Frank’s wedding ring to a person who then got the ring back to Frank’s wife Lucille.
As even the pro-Jewish book Silence of the Damned admits:
But where was the chivalry of Leo Frank, who not only raped and murdered his own employee, but then lacked the honor to come clean and instead watch immovably as his lawyers “played the race card” (in vain) to an all-White jury in an effort to send innocent men to the gallows in his place???
The crusade to Whitewash the crimes of Leo Frank is a deep quicksand the Jews refuse to crawl out of. One example of this strategic foolishness is the book The Leo Frank Case by the academic mountebank and neanderthalic-looking Leonard Dinnerstein, Ph.D.

Dinnerstein’s books about the Frank case are so full of inaccuracies, outright lies and omissions of essential facts, he should be ashamed of himself for being so obvious. This review on Amazon says it all:

Leonard Dinnerstein book review


Given how many decades Leonard Dinnerstein spent studying this case (nearly half a century), it seems almost incomprehensible the sheer number of conspicuous errors, misquotes, mistakes, fabrications, misrepresentations, frauds, deception, falsifications & shameless omissions made in every edition of his book on the Leo Frank Case from 1968 all the way through to 2008. Going even further back, & closely examining Dinnerstein’s 1966 PhD dissertation, reveals early-on his central thesis is based upon paranoid pathological obsessions of accusing non-existent widespread anti-Semitism, as the primary reason Leo Frank was indicted & convicted.

Simply put, Dinnerstein believes the Leo Frank conviction was an anti-Semitic outburst & episode, that erupted from “anti-Jewsh Southern culture”, despite the consensus among Jewish & Gentile historians that anti-Semitism was virtually non-existent in the South. Moreover, given the fact Jews were considered an integral part of European-American culture in the South, meant that Leo Frank being a German-Jew more likely helped him than hurt him (see: The Jew Accused: Three Anti-Semitic Affairs 1894-1915, Lindemann, 1992).



JdN: The evidence against Leo Frank, including most of all his own infuriating and suspicious behavior before and during the trial, which was so overwhelming that a Deep South jury — in a city which had had a huge race riot just seven years earlier — see below — over the issue of Blacks raping White women– nevertheless took the word of the two Black men who provided incriminating evidence over that of the “White” Jew Leo Frank, but even that is an oversimplification, the testimony of Monteen Stover set off a chain reaction that caused Leo Frank to suggest a possible solution for who ultimately killed Phagan.

Jim Conley was a disreputable person and incompetent employee who could not even run the freight elevator correctly in the pencil factory and was thus switched to janitorial work. There was also a bizarre allegation that Conley was sprinkling (urinating) on the pencils. The all-White jury nevertheless believed him over Leo, despite knowing via the newspapers and Leo Frank’s lawyers about his many arrests and his four weeks on a chain gang for various crimes such as drunkenness. There was certainly NO sympathy on the part of the Atlanta jury for the ne’er-do-well Black criminal Conley. Conley went on after the Leo Frank trial to be arrested, convicted, sentenced to 20 years and then serve 15 years for attempting to burglarize a pharmacy for a bottle of liquor, surviving, btw, a shotgun blast from the store owner. ;-)

Atlanta City Hall in 1913


Notice in the picture above the Bijou theater at the bottom right, Mary’s step father J.W. Coleman had gone there looking for Mary, his step daughter and instead found National Pencil Company foreman N.V. Darley with a young factory child laborer Opie Dickerson. Why was a married man squiring around one of his factory employees? It tended to suggest there may have been a culture of permissiveness existing at the factory.

The Leo Frank case was the first instance EVER in the then 300-year history of the American South of a “White” man being convicted of murder on the word of a Black man, admitting to being an accomplice after the fact.

A newspaper sketch of Frank, emphasizing how “calm and collected” he acted.



That shows just shows how strong the evidence against Leo Frank really was. It was a case of the EVIDENCE, which was furnished by

1) Jim Conley,

2) the Atlanta police,

3) 19 female employees at the National Pencil Factory, and

4) Leo Frank himself, that earned him his guilty verdict and death sentence.

After that conviction for murder, every level of the judicial system up to and including the United States Supreme Court (see below) rejected Leo Frank’s frivolous appeals.


Newspaper photo collage of Mary and her aunt Mattie. Mary had striking eyes and a unique beauty, but it is clear from the photos also that she was still girlish and far too young to have had an affair — and of course not an affair with a married man with lecherous bulging creepy eyes.


An example of five witnesses testify specifically that Frank constantly sexually harassed Mary Phagan in particular (from page 239, American State Trials, volume X (1918) by John Lawson)




The McKnight Affidavits

minola-mcknight-imageThe Black cook, Magnolia “Minola” McKnight (photo left), who worked at the Frank-Selig home and her common-law husband, Albert McKnight were both interrogated as to what they might have seen, heard or overheard. Minola McKnight’s June 3rd 1913 affidavit was as devastating as a hydrogen bomb to Frank, but Leonard Dinnerstein claims she was forced by the police to say it, noting that she repudiated her affidavit shortly afterward, but of course she did. She had to! She had to keep working for the Selig family to feed herself in order to survive! There were no food stamps back then! If you were poor and got fired, you starved! And who would hire a Black woman as a domestic servant after she had been FIRED for testifying about private matters she witnessed in the home of her employers?? No one would!


Lucille and Leo Frank


In the affidavit (see below) Minola had just accused 1) one member of confessing he had committed a rape and murder and 2) her other employers she accused thereby of covering up that murder confession, and 3) they were all covering up how bad and strained the Frank marriage was, which the police and any jury would see as a “motive” to seek sex elsewhere! When marriages are very bad, that is when people with opportunity stray! Dinnerstein sort of ignores the glaring fact thather sole income as an uneducated Black woman 100years agoin the segregated Old South came from the Franks!

Minola had indeed told the truth when pressured by the police. And of coursetheyhadto pressure her, knowingshe was facing the counter-pressure at work of being fired by the Franks if she revealed the truth. So Minola, “between a rock [the cops] and a hard place [the Franks] both told the truth and then recanted it. It was the only thing she could do. All Minola (also called Magnolia) had to do was return from the police station and walk through that Frank door to try to get back into the kitchen and, undoubtedly, she got it it with both barrels from the Selig-Franks:“What did you say to the police, Minola?”She doubtless got it from Leo (who was facing a slight problem calledthe gallows), from Lucille (facing disgrace, widowhood and the end of her husband’s middle-class income) and from Lucille’s two parents, very prominent members of the synagogue.

Beyond that B’nai B’rith, of which Frank was the local chapter president, feared a huge scandal if their local president was tried and found guilty or rape and murder of a Christian girl, and the big New York Jews of course saw the PR disaster that was brewing for their whole national organization and for all American Jewry.

(Leo Frank was not a lone nutjob like the Jewish serial killer, “the Son of Sam,” in NYC in the 1970s. Sam Berkowitz, the self-described “Son of Sam,” terrorized New York City in the 1970s, killing 6 and wounding 7. He has steadily maintained he did not act alone but as part of a satanic cult. Berkowitz has had the decency to admit his guilt (unlike Leo Frank), to refuse to apply for parole, to say he should stay in prison for the rest of his life for his crimes, and he also has converted to Christianity. son-of-sam-six-victims.

Frank by contrast was an Ivy League engineer, a prominent businessman, a key Jewish official in the capital of a major state, and a rising star in American Jewry! So the Jews as a whole and the Selig-Franks in particular HAD to get Minola and/or Albert to recant the truths they had just spoken. What stands out in the following affidavits by both McKnights are several devastating assertions:

1. Leo Frank got himself drunk on the evening of the murder.

2. Leo Frank confessed the murder to his wife.

3. Leo Frank quarreled with his wife before the murder, he told his wifehe was saving his kisses for another, and thus he would not kiss her.

4. Why did Leo Frank so thoughtfully buy his wife a box of chocolates at Jacobs Pharmacy at 6:30 pm?

5. Leo Frank was suicidal on the night of the murder, asking for his pistol to kill himself. 6. Leo Frank may have shown remorse to his wife about the murder.

Affidavit of Albert McKnight, husband of the Black cook in the Leo Frank home (first a photo facsimile of the crumpled-up paper, then a transcription):

albert-mcknight-affidavit-1913 The key is at the end: end-of-albert-mcknight-affidavit


“I can tell Mr. Frank has done something as they act strange. Mrs. Frank tells Magnolia [ = Minola] every day not to forget what to say if they come for her to go to court again. Mrs. Frank had a quarrel with Mr. Frank on the morning of the murder. She asked Mr. Frank to kiss her but then he said he was saving his kisses for ____ and would not kiss her. Magnolia said she heard Mrs. Frank say she would never live with him again, for she knew he had killed that girl, and they had the right man and ought to break his neck.” Signed :Albert McKnight & witnessed by R.L. Craven & A. Morrison


STATES EXHIBIT J, Leo Frank Trial Brief of Evidence, 1913.

Affidavit executed byMinola McKnightfor Solicitor [ = District Attorney, the Prosecutor, Hugh] Dorsey, as follows: State of Georgia, County of Fulton.

Personally appeared before me, a notary public in and for the aboveState and county, Minola McKnight, who lives in the rear of 351 Pulliam St.,Atlanta, Ga., who being duly sworn deposes and says:

On Saturday morning, April 26, 1913, Mr. [Leo] Frank left home abouteight oclock, and Albert [McKnight], my husband, was there Saturday, too.Albert [McKnight] got there I guess about a quarter after one [1:15 PM] andhe [Albert McKnight] was there when Mr. [Leo] Frank come for dinner (Dinneris what they called Lunch back then), which was about half-past one [1:30 PM],but Mr. Frank did not eat any dinner (Lunch), and he left in about ten minutes[1:40 PM] after he [Mr. Leo Frank] got there.

Mr. [Leo] Frank come back to the house at seven oclock that night, and Albert[McKnight] was there when he [Leo Frank] got there. Albert [McKnight] had gonehome that [early] evening but he come back. I dont know what time he [Albert McKnight]got there, but he come sometime before Mr. [Leo] Frank did, and Mr. [Leo] Frank eat supperabout seven oclock, and when I left there that night about eight oclock, I left Mr. [Leo]Frank there. Sunday morning I got there about eight oclock, and there was anautomobile standing in front of the house and I didnt pay any attentionto it.

I saw a man in the automobile get a bucket of water and pour intoit. Mr. [Leo] Franks wife [Lucille Selig Frank] was downstairs and Mr. [Emil Selig]and Mrs. [Josephine] Selig were upstairs. Albert [McKnight] was there Sunday morning,but I dont remember what time he got there. I called them down to breakfast about half past eight [8:30 AM] and I found out that Mr. [Leo] Frank was gone. Mr. [Emil] Selig and Mrs. [Josephine] Selig eat breakfast, but Mrs. [Lucille] Frank didnt eatuntil Mr. Frank come back and then they eat breakfast together. I didnt hear them say anythingat the breakfast table.

After dinner I understood them to say that a girl and Mr. [Leo] Frankwere caught at the office Saturday. I dont know who said it, Miss Lucile (Mrs. Frank) andMr. [Emil Selig] and Mrs. [Josephine] Selig and Mr. [Leo] Frank were standing there talking, after dinner when they said it; I understood them to say it was a Jew girl. OnTuesday, Mr. [Leo] Frank says to me, It is mighty bad, Minola, I mighthave to go to jail about this girl, and I dont know anything about it.

Sunday, Miss Lucile said to Mrs. Selig that Mr. Frank didnt rest so goodSaturdaynight; she said he was drunk and wouldnt let her sleep with him,and she said she slept on the floor on the rug by the bed because Mr. [Leo] Frank was drinking. Miss Lucile [Selig Frank] said Sunday that Mr. [Leo] Frank told her Saturday night that he was in trouble, and that he didnt know the reason why he would murder, and he told his wife to get his pistol and let him kill himself.

I heard Miss Lucile [Selig Frank] say that toMrs. [Josephine] Selig [her mother], and it got away with Mrs. [Josephine] Selig mighty bad; she didnt knowwhat to think. I havent heard Miss Lucile say whether she believed it or not.

I dont know whyMrs. Frank didnt come to see her husband, but it was a pretty good while before she would cometo see him, maybe two weeks. She would tell me, Wasnt it mighty bad that he was locked up, shewould say, Minola, I dont know what I am going to do. When I left home to go to the solicitor generals office, they told me to mind how I talked.

They pay me$3.50 a week [= $150 in 2013 dollars], but last week they paid me $4.00 [ = $200 today] , and one week she paid me $6.50 [ = $350 today]. Up to the time of themurder I was getting $3.50 a week and the week right after the murder I dont remember how much she paidme, and the next week they paid me $3.50, and the next week they paid me $6.50, and the next week theypaid me $4.00 and the next week they paid me $4.00. One week, I dont remember which one, Mrs. Selig gaveme $5, but it wasnt for my work, and they didnt tell me what it was for, she just said, Here is $5, Minola.

I understood that it was a tip for me to keep quiet. They would tell me to mind how I talked and Miss Lucilegave me a hat.

Question:Is that the reason you didnt tell the solicitor yesterday all about this, that Miss Lucile and the others had told you not to say anything about what happened at home there?


Answer:Yes, sir.


Question:Is that true?


Answer:Yes, sir.


Question:. And thats the reason you would rather have been locked up last night than tell?


Answer:Yes, sir.


Question:Has Mr. Pickett or Mr. Cravens or Mr. Campbell or myself influenced you in any way or threatened you in any way to make this statement?


Answer:No, sir.


Question:You make it of your own free will and accord in their presence and in the presence of Mr. Gordon, your attorney?


Answer:Yes, sir.



Sworn to and subscribed before me, this 3d day of June, 1913.

(Signed) G. C. FEBRUARY, Notary public, Fulton County, Ga.


From Dinnerstein’s The Leo Frank Case, pp26-27:

dinnerstein-leo-frank-case-p26-minola-mcknight dinnerstein-leo-frank-case-p27-minola-mcknight

Interesting how the negress Minola backpedaled when she realized she was going to lose her job for telling the truth to the cops, as in “Who cares about the little White girl?”


Dinnerstein goes to unbelievable lengths in his book to obfuscate the 1,800 pages of legal files that survived into the 21st century from the Georgia Supreme Court, records that showed to what criminal extent Leo Frank’s friends & legal defense team (including, incredibly, Governor John Marshall Slaton) were willing to go.

Governor Slaton and his wife; the governor, scandalously and inconceivably, formed a law partnership with Leo Frank’s defense lawyer Luther Rosser just before the trial began, and later the governor-law partner commuted Frank’s death sentence to life in prison, with just five days left in his term as governor. This was the final outrage that triggered the lynching of Leo Frank.


This includedtricking witnesses into: –perjuring themselves, –signing false affidavits, & –retracting their trial testimony. After omitting all the incriminating evidence against Leo Frank from his book, Dinnerstein then claims Leo Frank was innocent, despite the fact that every level of the United States legal system from 1913 to 1986, did not disturb the guilty verdict of the trial jury. Moreover, if the presiding judge Leonard Strickland Roan had any doubts about Leo Frank’s guilt….

Judge Leonard Strickland Roan


… Judge Roan could have given Frank a new trial when the defense petitioned him on more than 100 grounds. In fact, nothing in the defense team’s petitions for a new trial or appeals ever mentions one single incident of anti-Semitism, making most of Dinnerstein’s manufactured claims about anti-Semitic conspiracies into nothing more than a maudlin, tawdry hate-crime hoax.

As the courtroom diagram from an Atlanta newspaper indicates,there was exhaustive newspaper coverage of every detail ofthe investigation, arrests, the grand jury hearing, the trial, the appeals, the commutation of the death sentence, and finally the abduction from state prison of Leo Frank and then his lynching.


Much of the public became certain that Leo Frank was guilty and highly resolved that Frank must be punished by death and not escape justice via his wealthy friends. Crimes against White women were not viewed passively in the Deep South; they resulted in hundreds of lynchings in Georgia between 1890 and 1910. “Honor” was the basis of Southern manhood and of female sexuality.

Atlanta’s huge problem with prostitution was seen as a great scandal, and the married Leo Frank, it emerged during the trial, was a regular customer of prostitutes. For all these reasons, Frank became by the summer of 1913 the most loathed criminal in Georgia history.Anti-Semitism?

The question that arises concerning the May 24, 1913 indictment rendered against Leo Frank: What compelled 21 grand jurors (with several Jewish members amongst them) to vote unanimously against Leo Frank (when only 12 votes were needed to indict), was it the compelling facts, testimony & evidence presented to them, or some kind of anti-Semitic blood-libel conspiracies?


The prosecution led by Hugh Dorsey, the Fulton County district attorney (Solicitor General)


…provided a huge drawing (below) of the National Pencil Factory to the jury, showing the three floors thereof which were relevant to the crime, plus each of the 15 stages of the atrocity, from Leo Frank leaving his office to the metal room where he killed Mary Phagan and finally where the body ended up in the back of the basement. There, at 3 am on Sunday morning, 15 hours after the foul deed (by which time Mary’s parents and grandfather were beside themselves with worry), the innocent Black night watchman Newt Lee discovered the body of little Mary Phagan and he immediately contacted the Atlanta police.

Leo Frank had already begun his efforts to frame Newt Lee, who was (quite unfairly) kept in jail until Leo Frank himself was convicted of the murder four months later. . states-exhibit-A-diagram-3D-nation-pencil-company-factory-1913 *** We can’t answer this question from Dinnerstein’s overly simplistic book, because he intentionally obfuscates & omits nearly the entire Leo Frank Trial Brief of Evidence (1913) & Coroner’s Inquest Testimony.


Dinnerstein also doesn’t tell his readers who testified during the Grand Jury hearings, so people have no choice but to do their own research, to find out for themselves & then look back in the records, to see what these particular witnesses testified about at the Coroner’s Inquest before the Grand Jury & then later after the Grand Jury, what these same witnesses testified during the Leo Frank Trial. Let me explain in detail why this book is quackery at its finest:

Leonard Dinnerstein in the 2009 agitprop movie “the People vs Leo Frank”


Dinnerstein uses his agitprop hate-propaganda book to invoke the age-old racist blood-libel canards against Whites, this time against European-American Southerners, indicting them all as part of a vast anti-Semitic conspiracy to indict and convict Leo Frank “without evidence”, but with rumors and hearsay.

Moreover, Dinnerstein accuses (in his words) the “unscrupulous” and “ambitious” prosecutor, the solicitor general Hugh Dorsey (1871 – 1948)….


….of knowingly playing to public prejudice in order to “frame” and thus commit an anti-Semitic murder of an “innocent” Jew. Dinnerstain claims Dorsey railroaded the poor Jew to advance his own political career in Atlanta. Dinnerstein is thus suggesting that one of Georgia’s most progressive statesmen, a man who openly advocated against vigilante lynching (when it was dangerous and politically unpopular to do so), knowingly murdered an innocent Jew as a stepping stone to become Governor.

What Dinnerstein failed to mention is Hugh Dorsey became close friends & roommates with the famous Jewish-American lawyer Henry Alexander during law school while they were students, and that after graduation Dorsey had numerous Jewish law partners and associates he worked with throughout the course of his life.


The charges of “antisemitism” and “antisemite” have become the favorite racial epithets of cowards to smear critics and stifle open discussion about the political, legal, media or cultural influence of the Jews. Dinnerstein has spent his entire academic career writing about the evils of anti-Jewish racism, but has spewed his own disgusting blood-libel racism against European-Americans for over 40 years in his edition after edition of the Leo Frank Case (1968 to 2008).

There seems to an infinite supply of people who denounce anti-Jewish racism, but usually when you scratch the surface of these people, underneath you find these denouncers themselves are prejudiced, racist and bigoted against others. Dinnerstein is no exception, hiding his own racism behind his tribal obsession with blame.


Here is the end of the B’nai B’rith proclamation of October 1913, with a long list of Jewish bigwigs. Before the names begin the author states piously:

“No effort will be made by this organization to shield any malefactor.”

But that was exactly the purpose — to shield the malefactor Leo Frank! And EVERY effort was made to shield him, wasting the time of many courts, all the way up to the US Supreme Court in Washington!


The behavior of Leo Frank and then of his Jewish supporters illustrates perfectly the real teachings of the vile Talmud, whichovertly condones 1) raping goy kids, and 2) lying under oath, as per the Kol Nidre ceremony! Talmud (


“A Jew is permitted torape,cheat andperjurehimself [give false testimony under oath in court]; but he musttake care that he is not found out, so that Israel [the Jewish people] may not suffer.” – Schulchan Aruch, Jore Dia.

Two of the many female employees who testified against Leo Frank said they saw Frank enter the women’s dressing room at the factory to consort with a female co-worker, one Rebecca Carson, who then testified for Frank.


Mary worked for hours at the eraser tip machine, which was near the lavatory. Leo Frank, who did all payroll, lied to the police and at his trial that he did not even know who she was. He also drank a pot of coffee every day, and, as nature called, frequently passed by her work station on his way to the lavatory. He could not have failed to notice an attractive girl he passed by several times every day for a year — and who was showing some curves even at 14. Yet he repeatedly lied to police and at his trial four months later that he had no idea who Mary Phagan was.

“To communicate anything to a goy about our religious relations would be equal to the killing of all Jews, forif they knew what we teach about them they would kill us openly.”- Libbre David 37.

“The Jews are human beings, but the nations of the world are not human beings but beasts.”-Baba Mecia 114, 6 [i.e.: 114b].


“Yahweh created the non-Jew in human form so that the Jew would not have to be served by beasts.The non-Jew is consequently an animal in human form, and commanded to serve the Jew day and night.”- Midrasch Talpioth, p225-L.

“A Gentile girl who is three years old can be violated.”– Aboda Sarah 37a.

“A Jew may do to a non-Jewess whatever he can.He may treat her as he treats a piece of meat.“- Hadarine, 20, B; Schulchan Aruch, Choszen Hamiszpat 348.

Autopsy photo of Mary Ann Phagan.


During the Leo Frank murder trial, 19 female employees at the 170-employee plant stepped forward and testified under oath that Leo Frank had made lascivious and harassing remarks to them, and even sauntered repeatedly into the women’s dressing room.




“When a Jew murders a Gentile (“Cuthean”), there will be no death penalty.” – Sanhedrin 57a .


Non-Jewish Children are subhumans. – Yebamoth 98a.


Gentile girls are in a state ofniddah(filth) from birth. – Abodah Zarah 36b


A 1999 pro-Frank musical, “Parade,” blames “Southern bigotry” for the death of Saint Leo the Innocent ;-). The play’s name, “Parade,” comes from the fact that Leo Frank raped and killed Mary Phagan on Confederate Memorial Day, when for decades a major parade in honor of the Confederate dead was held throughout the South.



Leo Frank’s own wife, Lucille Selig-Cohen, hardly an antisemite (her grandfather founded the synagogue), refused to visit him for two weeks after his arrest, and in her willrefused to be buried to next her husband, the supposedly “innocent victim of antisemitism.” His gravestone is in Queens, NYC, and says “Beloved Husband” — but hey, where is the “Beloved Wife” headstone? Although Lucille never remarried, I guess she did not “belove” Leo very much. Lucille is buried instead between her parents in Atlanta, Georgia. Sometimes details like this say a lot.


Lucille asked in her 1954 will to be cremated and her ashes spread in an Atlanta park, but when she died in 1957 the Atlanta authorities said that was unsanitary. Finally, her ashes were buried in a shoebox between the tombstones of her two parents, Josephine Cohen-Selig and Emil Selig.


There was a burial plot for Lucille next to Leo in Queens, New York City, but she chose otherwise…. As they say, “A woman knows.”



–April 17, 1884: Leo Max Frank is born in Cuero, Texas.


–June 1, 1899: Mary Ann Phagan is born in Florence, Alabama (not Marietta, Georgia to William and Fannie Phagan. (Mary got her petite size from her mother)


–April 26, 1913 (a Saturday): Frank, manager of the National Pencil Factory in Atlanta, and an infamous sexual harasser of his female pencil-factory employees, knocks his13-year-old, 4-foot-11 factory worker Mary Ann Phagan unconscious with a punch to the right temple and a head-slam into a lathe, and then rapesher (vaginally and possibly anally). When Mary Phagan comes to during the rape, Frank strangles her to death with a 7-foot cord. The girl had come in to pick up her meager pay before heading for the Confederate Memorial Day parade.

From the book The Silent and the Damned (Seltz)


–April 27, 1913 7 am (a Sunday) The Atlanta police come to Frank’s house. (He and his wife actually lived with her parents.) The police is already suspicious because they — and the night watchman, Newt Lee, had both called, Lee at 3 am and the police at 4 am, after the body had been discovered by Lee and yet no one at the Frank residence answered the phone. They take a very nervous-acting Frank to the factory to see the body.

Just as Grand-mother Fannie Phagan Coleman was preparing to move her fatherless children fromAlabamaback toAtlanta/Mariettaaround 1908 or 1909, about a third ofAtlanta’s population had no water mains or sewers. Two years before little Mary Phagan was slain, between fifty and seventy-five percent of the schoolchildren ofAtlantasuffered from anemia, malnutrition, and heart disease. In 1906, 22,000 out of a population of 115,000 were held by the police for disorderly conduct or drunkenness. That year, one of the worst race riots in memory broke out inAtlanta, and the newspapers seized upon storiestrue or notof Negro assaults on white women.

PolicemenW.W. (“Boots”)Rogers and John R. Black (photo from the 2009 move “the People Vs. Leo Frank”) come for Frank at his home. The earlier calls made by Lee and the police around 3 am had not been answered, though Lee had rung the phone for eight whole minutes.Boots Rogers and John Black said they found Frank extremely nervous and that he asked to eat his breakfast before leavinga request the police denied him. Frank also denied knowledge of a little girl named Mary Phagan.


From Mary Phagan Kean’s book:

In a 1948 study of the Mary Phagan-Leo Frank case, lawyer Henry L. Bowden [later president of the Georgia Bar Association, in 1956] reported a discussion with Hugh Dorsey that seems to shed light on the prosecutor’s feelings about Leo Frank. Bowden had, in conversation with Dorsey, asked him just what it was that had made him suspicious of Frank, and Dorsey reportedly replied that someone had planted a bloody shirt in a well on the property where Newt Lee lived, and that as he and several of the force, including Boots Rogers, the local detective who according to Dorsey was the best detective around, were riding out to the property to check on the shirt, Rogers described to Dorsey Leo Frank’s “extreme” uneasiness and nervousness when confronted with the murder at the factory. This, Dorsey related, had led him to be suspicious of Frank.

–April 29, 1913 (a Tuesday) morning: Mary Phagan is buried; her mother was overcome with grief several times during the ceremonies. Because of Black crime in the city, public suspicion fell mainly on the Black watchman, Newt Lee, who turned out to be completely innocent.


Atlanta Constitution’s

April 30, 1913 funeral report










next stop for Leo Frank (he hoped): a new trial, a new judge, new

witnesses, AND then a new verdict: “Not Guilty”





–April 29, 1913 about a half-hour after the funeral had ended, at 11:35 am, freedom ended forfactory superintendentLeo Frank. The New York Jew had been questioned by Atlanta police already on Sunday, the day after the murder, but just after the Phagan funeral had ended, he was picked up at his office in the factory and taken to the “The Tower” (often called “the Fulton Tower, ” the Atlanta jail).


Fulton County Jail, “the Tower”


When his further answers and behavior aroused even more grave suspicion, Leo Frank was placed under arrest and incarcerated. The day of Mary Phagan’s funeral was also the last day of Leo Frank’s freedom, and would end 28 months later with him swinging below a tree branch that faced her farmhouse.

The death sentence of the Fulton County Court is finally carried out after two years.


Funeral account, from the same work, with final words by Mrs. Coleman, Mary’s mother


–April 30, 1913 (a Wednesday) George Epps, a 15-year-old friend of Mary Phagan, testified that Phagan was afraid of Frank because he had winked at her, flirted with her and had made inappropriate sexual advances toward her. (More on what he said below.) Watchman Newt Lee told police that Frank was nervous the day of the murder (Saturday) and had telephoned to see if everything was OK at the factory not his usual practice. –May 24, 1913: Frank is indicted unanimously by a grand jury and all three Jewish members also sign the indictment, which was not necessary, but they do it to emphasize their desire that he be tried for murder.


“On May 24, 1913, a murder indictment was returned against Frank by a grand jury. The grand jury included five Jews [but two were excused] and historian Albert Lindemann [renowned Jewish professor at the University of California at Santa Barbara] suggests “They were persuaded by the concrete evidence that [prosecutor] Dorsey presented.”

albert-s-lindemann-prof-u history-ucsb-leo-frank