ANZAC Day marks Gallipoli massacre; HuffPost’s unfunny “comedy” video gloats Whites will suffer when they become a minority; Whites were in America 10,000 years before Indians!

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Ninety-five percent of Whites live here:


…..My forthcoming book

My book will have a sensational effect…. It’s partly my personal journey, more unique than you can imagine…. including MK-ULTRA….meeting US presidents….

But it is also  like all our journeys, going through the shock of “cognitive dissonance” — where we discover that EVERYTHING we believed was true is a lie…. and realize that the liars unfortunately control our government from top to bottom and are very dangerous and powerful.

In fact, I call it in this recent hit video, part-humorous and part-stirring and upbeat, a literal pedophilocracy. If they rape, torture, sacrifice and kill kids, what do they plan for the adults?

My goal is to circumvent this cognitive-dissonance problem where people freak out at “too much truth too fast.” Wt do not have three years to hand-hold and babysit each individual White person, getting them to read this book and watch that video,  and gradually discard the 100 or so lies that are the foundations of their world view.

The deprogramming and reprogramming have to go much faster, in a kind of instant enlightenment.

The new religion this book founds must also teach the masses humility. We are not equal in caring, idealism and action. The masses tend towards being stupid, selfish cowards, they have ever been thus, and now that I no longer am a politician, I am going to telll the human race the home truth about itself!

But not out of hate…. not out of loathing or disgust… but the way one frankly tells a friend he or she is becoming an alcoholic, or better stop eating fried chicken because he’s heading for a heart attack.

As I wrote in my recent blog on the Marines, there comes a stage in the lives of many people when they actually are ready to hear the truth about themselves!

And the masses need to hear WHY the Founding Fathers did NOT set America up as a democracy, because the “demos” (the morally average joe, whatever his education or income level)  whom we loathe today was just as much a loathsome parasite back then too!

This is the motto of both the American armchair patriotard and 80% of WNs:

“I’m special; I have a lot to lose/

I hope someone ELSE will stop the Jews.

Don’t look at me; I ain’t no hero; 

You go and fight; I’m an ethical zero!”

As a politician I had to kiss ass; now I am going to kick it. 😉 The masses must be ruled for their own benefit. Democracy is lunacy!



I spoke today with an Australian supporter (L).

L: I freak my workmates out, believe me, John, and they scatter. 😉

Australians have a lot of bravado for meaningless things…. barroom brawls at the drop of a hat, or apparently frisbee with crocodiles.


Hahaha, today was our ANZAC Day.



JdN: This commemorates the Winston Churchill-caused massacre of Australian and New Zealand ( = ANZAC) troops at Gallipoli, Turkey in 1915. Churchill had to resign after this idiotic bloodbath. Over 250,000 white men were wounded or killed for nothing. Rowboats slowly landed men on beaches filled with Turkish machine guns! In one landing, of 200 men, 21 survived!

This was the arrogant and psychopathic asshole behind the whole thing, Sir Winston.


Mel Gibson did a great early movie about this, “Gallipoli” .


anyway, John, literally I had one guy say we would be talking German today if the ANZACs hadn’t fought for us,  associating this to World War Two.

Gallipoli had nothing to do with WWII, but that’s the stupid bunch we are! Let’s not be too intelligent for them. 🙂 They will be offended easy.

We have to understand charisma. Fact is, the Germans agreed with Adolf Hitler: THAT made him very charismatic. 😉  Tell the people how right they are. 😉

JdN: Weeeeellll… My book has to, and will, put the masses lovingly and firmly in their place. They really have no right judging history because they are not fundamentally rational — never mind knowledgeable — but totally emotional and fear-ridden.

Any truth that disturbs their peace of mind or would require heroic risks and actions, they reject — for that one reason alone. “Your truth would get ME in hot water!”

Hitler was rejected, L, despite his charisma, from 1920-28. All he had was a tiny political cult following.




He got 2.6% of the vote in March 1928.

The masses do NOT recognize genius, sincerity or truth.

They only recognize they’re hungry. 😉

It’s time for the demos, the masses, to eat some humble pie. And humility and knowing thyself are the cornerstone of any true spirituality. And that is what Solutreanism is, true Aryan spirituality. Facing the truth — or facing slavery and death.




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…..HuffPost gloats about whites becoming a minority with barely concealed THREATS:

The HuffPost Show is an irreverent look at the week’s top news stories. Watch live every Friday night at 9PM ET Subscribe to The HuffPo…

“The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it’s profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater.”

–rock star Frank Zappa


…..Brainwashing in college

Virginia Abernethy, Professor Emerita, Vanderbilt U., sent out this email, reflecting the experience of a college professor and closet WN.

* * *

A Moment of Honesty
Posted: 30 Sep 2012 07:29 PM PDT
A Moment of Honesty
As a college instructor operating behind enemy lines, I am constantly forced to reserve my radical opinions to myself and debate politics with “objective” criticism. The arguments I make are rarely successful at persuading liberals to open their eyes, but I have provoked fascinating moments of honesty when liberals are pushed to defend their beliefs. One such conversation was with a twenty-year-old white female who stopped by my office. A white liberal professor also happened to be present. The student wanted to discuss immigration and our conversation went something like this:
STUDENT: Arghhh! I’m so frustrated. I don’t understand what Republicans are doing or
what they want. Can you help me understand?
FORREST: I will certainly try. What is bothering you?
STUDENT: Why does the Right want to keep Brown people out of this country? Are they all just a bunch of racists?
FORREST: I’m not so sure about that. From what I’ve read, many people on the Right want a moratorium on all immigration, no matter what your ancestry is or where you come from. They think we need a timeout –a twenty to thirty year freeze –that will allow this country to assimilate the immigrants who have already come here. Actually, this would be quite similar to the moratoriums that occurred in earlier periods of American history when the majority of immigrants were white.
STUDENT: But what does assimilation even mean? Am I assimilated if I wear Nike and listen to American music?
FORREST: Hmmm. Good question. Assimilation probably has a lot to do with patriotism. It means loyalty to this country before all others. The Right tends to think it’s a pretty good idea for citizens to prioritize national interests over the interests of foreign countries. Next, it probably means adopting certain values and ideas about life. You know, like who gets what and why, or what role government and religion should play in our lives. If you don�t share these American values, then conservatives probably don’t want you here.
STUDENT: Well, by what right do Americans have to keep anybody out? They came here and stole this land from the Indians and the Mexicans.
FORREST: I understand your point, but don’t you think that the Indians and Mexicans conquered people too? Just about every society in this world has been established with some form of conquest or violence.


This reminds me again exactly WHY I named my movement “the Eternal SOLUTREANS.” The Solutreans whites were here FIRST, TEN THOUSAND YEARS BEFORE THE INDIANS! There have now been two major Discovery Channel documentaries on this, the 1998 “Homicide in Kennewick” ( and also the 2003 “Ice Age Columbus” (
HOMICIDE IN KENNEWICK. White Solutreans were here first; “Homicide in Kennewick” was a 1999 documentary by British Channel 4 on the 1996 discovery of the skeleton of a white murder victim from 7000 BC in Kennewick, Washington State, Pacific Northwest of the now United States, and how the Indians tried desperately to get and destroy the white man’s skeleton to hide that Whites were here long before Columbus and Indians wiped them out.

ICE AGE COLUMBUS: Fascinating docudrama mixing scientific reports and interviews with the fictional story of a clan of Ice Age Solutreans who are starving in Europe; at first a few set out across the Atlantic ice fields toward America.


…. AND the major new 2012 book Across Atlantic Ice by Dr. Dennis Stanford of the Smithsonian.(
Yet none of this has SUNK IN with the public! The Whites are the Native Americans, and it is the early Indians who MASSACRED US, the original inhabitants!!
But unless this is hammered home over and over and over, even this WN professor, in the Year of Our Lord 2012, “concedes the point” that this land “belongs” to the Indians….. Hogwash! Since when does land belong to invaders who mass-murder the original inhabitants?
(I guess since the Jews stole Palestine, and massacred or drove out the innocent Palestinians who had lived there for 1400 years….and now it is called “Israel.”)

See more below, after the professor’s account, on Solutrean truth…..

…… going back to the professor

At this point, the white liberal professor (WLP) entered the discussion.

WLP: Well, even if the Indians did conquer and kill each other, they didn’t massacre entire peoples like the Europeans did.

FORREST: That may be true

* * *

JdN: Again, I want to vomit. 90% of the Indians who died after whites arrived in 1492 died of diseases for which they had no immunity. The same thing happened with most Hawaiians. It was NOT intentional genocide! Furthermore, there were almost no general genocides of Indian tribes in pioneer or early US history, despite their appalling cruelty toward captured white men, women and children, until the US federal government ordered the US Cavalry in 1860-1890 to massacre Indian tribes and steal their land for the benefit of the railroad barons on Wall Street!

* * *

….but now we are talking about power, not morality. Or do you really think the Indians would not have done the same things to Europeans, and each other, if they had the power advantage that Europeans did?

WLP: Well, what about the moral crime of slavery? Explain that.

FORREST: Hmmm. This too seems to be an issue of power rather than morality. Or do you really think the Africans, who were already enslaving one another long before the slave traders arrived, would not have enslaved Europeans too, if they had the power to do so?

WLP: Well, I still think White Europeans were just evil.

FORREST: Ah. So we have finally arrived at the bottom line.

I turned to the student.

FORREST: If you learn anything from this discussion, understand that the core principle guiding everything liberalism stands for is based on one very simple idea: The White man is inherently evil and is somehow responsible for all that is terrible in this world.

At this point, both the student and white liberal professor appeared flustered and agitated. For reasons of self-preservation, I decided not to press the matter further. Had the conversation continued, I might have said:

FORREST: If you are going to morally evaluate people in history, then you have to appraise them by the relative morality of that time period. Or, alternatively, if you want to judge them by the moral standards of today, then you have to judge all peoples of that timeframe, not just Whites, by the same set of standards. Indeed, by either of these measurements, Whites actually look much better than Africans because at least they weren�t enslaving other Whites. Africans were enslaving each other, and if they were doing this, then there is little reason to believe they would not have enslaved anyone else they could force to submit to their power.

…..”Forrest’s” reasoning is sincerely motivated but way off


We must honor an ancient race, a race of men like you, women like you, and children like you. These were the intrepid Solutreans of the Ice Age. And their blood flows in your veins.



I am celebrating a new book, Across Atlantic Ice, which just came out, the story of how our white ancestors crossed the storm-tossed Atlantic in the Ice Age. I and others have waited for four long years for this often-delayed book to be published.

The Solutrean culture is named for this location in west-central France, in Burgundy (yes, as in the famous wine),. an amazing outcropping of stone outside the village of Solutr� wher our ancestors ambush-hunted wild horses…

Solutr� in winter, where you can almost imagine reindeer and woolly mammoths passing by as they once did when our ancestors hunted them.

In fact, I delayed starting my own pro-white movement partly for this reason, that I was waiting for this book to finally come out. After all, the name of the movement I intend to establish, worldwide, is THE ETERNAL SOLUTREANS.



In a nutshell, whites from Ice Age France, the Solutreans, named after Solutr� in France, came here first, to North America, around 20,000 BC, not way later in the �ADs� with, as the saying went, �.�Columbus sailing the ocean blue in 14 hundred and 92.�


Solutr� is 30,000 years old, a perfect hunting spot for our Cro-Magnon ancestors, now found in Burgundy in France. Most of Europe was then under glaciers.



In North America, the Solutreans faced both rich herds of mammoths to provide meat for their diets, but also ferocious new kinds of bears, 2,000 pounds heavy and six feet high on all fours…..

….and the saber tooth tiger….

But the greatest danger came from hordes of American Indians. They arrived much later, ten thousand years later, around 10,000 BC, crossing over from Siberia into Alaska and then down through Canada to what is now the USA. It was those American Indians from Asia, a merciless, slant-eyed people related to the Mongols, a race given to horrific tortures and genocides, who killed them off, just as the Asiatic Indians did horrific tortures to American pioneers in the 1600s, 1700s and 1800s, and Asians committed indescribable atrocities to white soldiers, sailors and marines during WWII in the Pacific, during the Korean War and the Vietnam War.


This book, published by a small family press in Apollo, Pennsylvania, dares state what the Indians were like both to each other and to pitiful white captives � cannibals and torturers for days on end, with women and children joining in. The purpose of tribal war to to capture� and torture for sheer pleasure.� One can only shudder after forcing oneself to read it, but afterward one understands the enraged white expression: �the only good Indian is a dead Indian.�No major ( =� jew-owned) publishing house would touch this book by a distinguished former trial lawyer, who had accumulated massive evidence from British, French and American sources of how the Indians acted.



My father, a Marine sergeant against the Japanese in WWII and then a captain in the Marines in the Korean War, was so traumatized by what he saw in two wars against Asians that he had to consult a Navy psychiatrist for six months after Korea to try to alleviate his nightmares.


My father and I around 1990 outside his villa on Vero Beach, Florida.



The Amerindians from Asia unfortunately prevailed over our kinfolk, the Solutreans in North America, who had immensely superior technology, but only by sheer weight of numbers. Man for man, then, as now�..our people were immensely more advanced in technology, and our women incomparably more beautiful.


Spearpoints of flint from Solutr�, around 20,000 BC. Flint is sharper than a modern scalpel after a 20-minute �knapping� process which our Solutrean ancestors invented. This new razor sharpness made our blades able to bring down woolly mammoths and wild horses during the Ice Age. (The neanderthals had basically found sharp rocks and attached them to spears with a split at the end to hold the rock.)



The Clovis-culture� weapons of 10,000 BC (first found in Clovis. New Mexico, with the largest site being the Gault site near Austin, Texas) showed how the Solutrean weapons technology had evolved over ten millennia in North America while looking similar.� (Amerindian weapons consisted of horn or antler with micro-blades of flint jammed in the sides, like �teeth� on a saw.) The Solutreans also invented the sewing needle and cave painting.�



Today, the IQ of Amerindians is the same as that of American blacks, about 75. The average white IQ is 100, and our race has produced many geniuses far beyond that, with IQs in the 140s or 160s. In ten thousand years after the Amerindians genocided almost all of the original white Solutreans in North America, after wiping out the spark of civilization and invention that we represented, they never invented a written language, never even invented the WHEEL, or learned to hoist a sail to help their canoes plow through ten thousand years of windy waters, and they never found any use for the metals in which North America abounds, such as copper and iron. They just stared at them as a buffalo stares at a star. The red man talks slow not because he is wise, but because he is dull. And he won by brutality and sheer quantity.


�Two Amerindian �braves� paddle off with two� miserable white female captives. They never invented the sail, nor did the black Africans.



The enemy of truth has a big problem with the issue of the Solutrean whites being here first and then the red man genociding him, for the whole story is didactic and instructive for white people today. It is the story of the first whites to build a great culture, and how they were crushed and died in slavery and agony after they became a minority in their own country.


In 1998 the Discovery Channel, working with the prestigious Channel Four in Britain, broadcast the shocking documentary �Homicide in Kennewick,� (now no longer sold, even as a DVD, but I have a copy�..) about how a white skeleton from 7000 BC was discovered in the town of Kennewick in Washington State, on the shores of the beautiful Columbia River, our Columbia River on our white continent that we whites first settled.

Here is a seven-minute summary of that Discovery Channel/Channel Four video:

What is irritating, however, is the narrator constantly referring to Indians as “Native Americans” — as if he did not even understand the message of the video he was narrating. n Kennewick Man proves they are not native to this land at all, but violent invaders from Asia who genocided the original white inhabitants in the same way the Mongols, the cousins of the Indians, also massacred the native whites of Europe when they invaded their native continent of Europe in the Middle Ages!!

Kennewick Man himself was clearly murdered by Indians, dying of infection three weeks after he was shot in the back hip with a primitive Indian arrow.

A reconstruction of the face by anthropologist James Chatters, who wrote this book�.


..shows he resembled the Royal Shakespeare actor Patrick Stewart, famous for playing Captain Lean-Luc Picard on the 1990s science-fiction series �Star Trek: the Next Generation.�

President Bill Clinton had the US Army Corps of Engineers dump tons of gravel all over the site and planted saplings so the roots would, by growing, destroy the rest. A federal judge ordered the remains of Kennewick Man turned over to Indians for secret burial and destruction. A heroic scientist, James Chatters, ironically then married to an Indian, fought tooth and nail so that today the bones of our white brother are kept in a museum near Seattle, but they cannot be examined further. And his Indian wife divorced him.

In 2003 a further Discovery Channel documentary, again in collaboration with Channel Four in England, was broadcast, �Ice Age Columbus.�

It fully fleshed out the story of Solutrean hunting weapons being found in North America and offered not just interviews with scientists but also a docudrama of a clan of Solutreans who, driven by desperation and starvation during the worst period of the Ice Age, set out to sea and crossed the Atlantic to the America, spear hunting along an ice shelf that stretched from France to New England.

In 2010 the Discovery Channel did a third documentary, but this time reversed course dramatically, It was a hit piece called �Hitler�s Mummies,� saying that only Nazis and white supremacists believed in such unproven things as whites being the first Native Americans.

The documentary also interviewed me, and of the four hours of interview, all hostile, with four non-whites surrounding me, and frankly I am proud and glad I was armed and showed it in the documentary, they used a microscopic four MINUTES�..

and then cut even that down in the online version to a mere two minutes��� (Scroll down halfway to �Armed white activist�) by CUTTING OUT SCENES WITH A CHRISTMAS TREE, CUTE DOGS, ET CETERA, I.E. DELETING ANYTHING REMOTELY POSITIVE)

Yes, 120 seconds [were used] out of 240 minutes that I kindly let them into my house. I resolved after that to only do live TV shows where they cannot edit my words.

You must see, on YouTube, �Ice Age Columbus,� and you must buy and read �Across Atlantic Ice.� it is by the former chairman of the department of anthropology at the revered Smithsonian in Washington, DC, and by the number-one expert on Stone Age European weapons in the world.

Dennis Stanford of the Smithsonian ( and Bruce Bradley, of the University of Exeter in England ( Under evident jew pressure, Stanford issued a kind of denial that he supported my views ( � and note the many photos in this blog hacked out) but he has certainly redeemed his honor fully and regained his high level of courage � going back for two decades of fiery controversy �� by writing and publishing this heroic book defending the truth he and Bradley discovered: WHITES WERE HERE FIRST.

James Adovasio, the longtime chairman of the Department of Anthropology at the University of Pittsburgh, got crucified way back in the 1970s for discovering non-Indian relics underneath layers of Indian debris at Meadowcroft Rockshelter southwest of Pittsburgh. He was called the worst thing possible in science, a fraud and inventor of false evidence. by the lackeys of the jew academic system. He is now the head of anthropology and provost at Marymount College in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Adovasio, a fiery Italian-American from Youngstown, Ohio, home of rebel congressman James Traficant, fired back in this tome with both barrels at his vicious and defamatory critics. His reputation had been spotless and superb before he became politically incorrect.

I did a short video, with the director eying me suspiciously ;-) , in the summer of 2010 at the same location as Adovasio, the Meadowcroft Rockshelter.

What happened to the rest of the Solutreans, those who did not cross over to North America in the Ice Age, build a civilization and then get wiped out by the Indians?

The rest of them became the white race of today. We are the Solutreans. We survived the great die-off of the Glacial Maximum. We descend from the tough men and women who survived a climate holocaust.

�Zia, the chieftain�s daughter in �Ice Age Columbus,� rows through the stormy Atlantic.

She and her brother and boyfriend encounter �exiles,� that is, psychopaths among the Solutreans who had been expelled from their or other clans. Unfortunately, by banding together out in the woods, and even becoming highwaymen, lone criminals were able to survive //� and even breed by abducting women. This is part of the genetic origin of the apiru, who became the Hebrews and today�s jews.

An exile demands to take their boat.

And we must honor and remember our kin who died a horrible death when the non-white invaders to America overwhelmed a kind, wise, intelligent and noble people. In fact, many Amerindians remembered them fondly � and their age as a golden age.

Today, the IQ of Amerindians is the same as that of American blacks, about 75. The average white IQ is 100, and our race has produced many geniuses far beyond that, with IQs in the 140s or 160s. In ten thousand years after the Amerindians genocided almost all of the original white Solutreans in North America, after wiping out the spark of civilization and invention that we represented, they never invented a written language, never even invented the WHEEL, or learned to hoist a sail to help their canoes plow through ten thousand years of windy waters, and they never found any use for the metals in which North America abounds, such as copper and iron. They just stared at them as a buffalo stares at a star. The red man talks slow not because he is wise, but because he is dull. And he won by brutality and sheer quantity.

The Incas told Pizarro categorically they had NOT built Macchu Picchu, but an earlier race did,� the Viracocha people, �blonder than you.�


The Anasazi built an advanced civilization a thousand years ago throughout the American West. Then their Indian subjects rose up, overthrew and massacred them with mind-bending tortures and cannibalism. I called two chief scientists on the Anasazi project, who dared only mumble that the Anasazi were �definitely of a different ethnic group� from the Amerindians who butchered them.� my addendum to this story after the transcript of this radio segment is completed, which reproduces the Anasazi blog I did last year.)

A greathouse by the Anasazi, white Solutreans living in America just 1000 years ago � so advanced the jealous Indians (Navajo types) horrifically slaughtered them, whereupon they relapsed back into barbarism.

I am really proud of my own investigative work on the phone on this issue back in December 2010. I called those scientists involved as soon as I read that the Anasazi were “of a different ethnic group.”


I did a radio show with Clay Douglas on this explosive topic of white genocide by Indians on December 17th:


Here is what the initial report from October 2010 online said:

* * *

Crushed leg bones, battered skulls and other mutilated human remains are likely all that’s left of a Native American population [sic] destroyed by genocide that took place circa 800 A.D., suggests a new study.

The paper, accepted for publication in the Journal of Anthropological Archaeology, describes the single largest deposit to date of mutilated and processed human remains in the American Southwest.

* * *

JdN: Here is that report!!

The entire assemblage comprises 14,882 human skeletal fragments, as well as the mutilated remains of dogs and other animals killed at the massacre site �� Sacred Ridge, southwest of Durango, Colo.

Based on the archaeological findings, which include two-headed axes that tested positive for human blood, co-authors Jason Chuipka and James Potter believe the genocide occurred as a result of conflict between different Anasazi Ancestral Puebloan ethnic groups.

“It was entirely an inside job,” Chuipka, an archaeologist with Woods Canyon Archaeological Consultants, told Discovery News.

“The type of event at Sacred Ridge is on the far end of the conflict spectrum where social relations completely melt down,” he added, mentioning that the Sacred Ridge “occupants were targeted to take the blame.”

Chuipka and Potter analyzed objects excavated at Sacred Ridge, which was a multiple habitation site of 22 pit structures, some of which may have operated as communal ritual facilities for a population that extended beyond the immediate site inhabitants. This suggests the residents at one point exerted some social control in the area.

The unearthed bones and artifacts indicate that when the violence took place, men, women and children were tortured, disemboweled, killed and often hacked to bits. In some cases, heads, hands and feet appear to have been removed as trophies for the killers. The attackers then removed belongings out of the structures and set the roofs on fire.

“I think that the major event was preceded by social stress within the community that may have been exacerbated by a period of drought,” Chuipka said. “The scale of the mutilations suggests that it was planned and organized in the preceding days or weeks, and that the violence took place in a relatively short period of time �� a few days.”

“All evidence points to a rapid event, which is only possible with coordination and complicity within the community,” he added.

The researchers ruled out other possible explanations, such as starvation cannibalism, traditional preparation of the deceased, and even individuals targeted for practicing witchcraft. Cannibalism, for example, usually involves bone marrow processing. Witch roundups tend to affect a relatively small number of victims.

In this case, a large group of people was dispatched at one time.

For a separate study, John McClelland, lab manager of osteology at Arizona State Museum, analyzed teeth from human remains within the Ridges Basin region, including Sacred Ridge.

He found that the population at Sacred Ridge in the early 800s was distinct from others in the area.

“The individuals at Sacred Ridge whose remains were disarticulated and processed were not a random selection from among the overall population of Ridges Basin,” McClelland determined.

“In addition to the biological differences,

[JdN: biological = racial]

they appear to have had a somewhat different diet and may have experienced a higher level of juvenile growth disruption.”

At least two other separate studies have come to similar conclusions, suggesting the genocide victims at Sacred Ridge belonged to an ethnic group that was different from that of other nearby populations.

Given basic established patterns from more recent ethnic cleansing in Yugoslavia, Iraq and Rwanda, the researchers think political structures that had been keeping ethnic conflict at bay probably broke down at Sacred Ridge.

“What we can learn from Sacred Ridge is that archaeological sites are not simply piles of rock and refuse, but that they were occupied by people that were involved in complex webs of social relations,” Chuipka said. “Sacred Ridge is a case where social relations melted down and thesolution chosen was absolute and shocking.”

I spoke by telephone to a key anthropologist, THE key man, the lead scientist who investigated the Anasazi holocaust in AD 800, which, as John Tiffany’s sidebar in the latest TBR shows, consisted of the advanced Anasazi people being tortured, genocided, butchered like animals and then eaten by the Asiatic Navajo.

Introducing myself by phone to him as an anthropology writer named “John Nugent” (no “de” — “John de Nugent” can be search-engined), I started a tactful, careful conversation with this individual, circling around to the question of WHO racially the victims of the massacre were…..

He was very careful in how he expressed himself……

He had read Thor Heyerdahl’s American Indians in the Pacific…..

….knew all about Jim Chatters and Kennewick Man….

….but had NEVER HEARD, he said, of the skeletons of the 178 white people from 5,000 BC in Florida, called the Windover Bog people ! (See this GREAT article in The Barnes Review!Windover and my blog here, scrolling down two-thirds

Look from the time from 6:20 to the end of this video!

At 6 minutes and 30 seconds into the above video clip, a scientists talks about pre-historic DNA found in North America.

It is false to say that the Solutreans were not ethnically European. On the Science Channel, Dr. Joseph Lorenz of the Coriell Institute for Medical Research conducted DNA tests on the 5,000 year old bodies that were found in the Windover Bog excavation site in Florida. As was said in this program:

Dr. Lorenz: When I sequenced larger fragments and I was looking for the sites that I know are characteristic of Native American haplogroups, I was surprised because I did not find them.

Narrator: In contrast to all previous findings, Lorenz could not confirm the Windover people were Americans. Further investigation reveals something even more remarkable.
Dr. Lorenz: I went back to the screen and I looked at the sequences again, and the first person’s DNA looked European. When I looked at the second one, it looked European.When I looked at the third, fourth, and fifth, they were slightly different from the first two, but they looked European.

….and he was unaware of the magnificent new book by Gordon Kennedy, about the Canary Island blonds (scroll down one-third here)


Recently I discovered that this marvelous little glossy, full-color book by Gordon Kennedy can be ordered here:

It is about the Guanches, a nobe, courageous, handsome, virtuous, innovative, blond, blue-eyed people who survived until the 1400s intact and still living in the Stone Age. (Why? There was literally ONLY stone on the islands, made entirely of volcano magma that had cooled. There was literally NO metal AT ALL on those islands, so it was quite impossible to enter the Bronze or Iron Ages, or create metal weapons, shields and body armor so as to defeat the invading Spanish. Also, they were isolated out in the ocean with no external enemies. This is the only reason they did not advance in the art of warfare.)

Here is a picture of one of the incredibly beautiful Canary Islands. (When I lived in Germany and Austria I found out that one of the number-one favorite tourist vacations they take is to the Canary Islands.)

Tenerife and Mount Teide. A powerful ocean current, the Canary Current, sweeps boats straight over to the Caribbean. In the 1700s, somehow, a sailing ship got blown out of the harbor, minus its embarrassed crew, and ended up safe and sound in Venezuela. �Nivaria� is Latin for �snowy land,� due to Mount Teide. �Nevada� in the United States is Spanish for �snowy land,� due to its snow-capped high mountains.


…but what he DID say was this……

The identity of the Anasazi murdered at Sacred Ridge, Colorado was

“ethnically and politically sensitive”…..

“Their teeth and other features showed they were ethnically a different people.”

[Nota bene: in current parlance, where “race” is deemed a “fraudulent construct,” to express the concept of race in academia, the euphemism “ethnic” is used. The word “racial” is out for these timid and bullied, intellectual, professor types. And remember that their funding comes, directly or indirectly, from the feds or federally funded local or state institutions or universities.]

“It took lots of negotiations with the Navajo before they gave us permission to dig….Any DNA testing is viewed as destruction of their ancestors.”

[“is viewed” is incorrect. The Navajo know that examining the DNA from one of the 14,000 bone fragments they caused by massacring the Anasazi is no “destruction” of the souls of any ancestors, and that the Anasazi were NOT their ancestors. The scientist told me, however, that the Navajo were less able to block DNA analysis of “coprolites” (latrine waste) and “human hair.” Well, that would be nice, if the Navajo would not designate even the feces of their tortured, disembowled and eaten murder victims — who on top of it are ETHNICALLY DIFFERENT — as holy and sacred too. :-)]

I gave this scholar, by my way of indirectly asking my questions, the clear understanding that I understood his situation, and that I sympathized with him, and also with Jim Chatters, and Stanford and Bradley…..and on that basis he clearly hinted that ….the Anasazi were not exactly Indios or at least not pure Indios.

I said that (anthropologist Jim) Chatters saw right away that Kennewick Man was white just by the skull, before any DNA testing, and the Anasazi investigator said:

“This gets into very sensitive areas.”

Then HE brought up the Hispanic political movement.

My conclusion:

Mongolids at Sacred Ridge, Colorado destroyed a magnificent Aryan civilization in AD 800, and ate its creators.

The very morning of my radio show with Clay Douglas the osteologist (bone scientist) with the project, Dr James McClelland — whose email signature says he is the “NAGPRA coordinator”, hmmmm, the very guy in charge of giving white Solutrean skeletons to the Amerindians for quick burial and thus the destruction of the evidence — — sent me an email claiming the Anasazi were Indians. He sent this DURING my radio show with Clay Douglas. (But this contradicted what the lead archeologist kept implying to me by saying the whole thing was “ethnically and politically sensitive” and there were “biological differences” between the murders and the murder-ees.)

(This also could mean there was a part-white upper caste ruling over a resentful all-indio lower caste….just as the Indo-Aryan whites in ancient India, by the time of the Buddha, around 500 BC, had black hair, although the Buddha, Prince Gautama, himself had striking deep-blue eyes. The chronics noted that “although 50 he still had black hair”…. The Anasazi may also have been somewhat mixed at that time, around AD 800, yet still visibly distinct from the Indio lower caste that rose up, tortured, murdered and ate them. The October 2010 articles online refer to how their destruction was an inside job….)

Then I got an email response from the chief accountant at the Ariziona State Museum, saying that 40% of the museum’s $5 mio annual budget came from federal funds…Hmmmmmm.)

Then I got several emails from a comrade, one of us, who heard about me after my Discovery Channel appearance in February 24, 2010 (that broadcast date being the exact 90th anniversary of the day Hitler started the NSDAP in Munich, by the sheerest of coincidences…..and the episode was entitled “Hitler’s Mummies”….)

Here is the whole unbelievably lying piece, which starts with Heinrich Himmler having a chair made out of a human pelvis…..(one of the most forgotten and discredited defamations ever that was belched forth at the 1946 Nuremberg War Crimes [show] Trials

The segment that was carefully edited to defame ME (and yet among the non-brain-dead it caused views of my website to double and then stay up, and I still get Pennsylvanians recognizing me on the street and in bars and restaurants, even by my voice alone, over this show):

Mike is now living in eastern Pennsylvania but earlier in Arizona, and said there are Easter-Island-type rock face carvings of human faces and every one looks like a long-faced Viking. (Think how Indians usually look, with short, round skulls.) He wrote me that he had numerous important pictures on his laptop but that they all were destroyed on his trip back east…..Hmmm.

Mike said that “every butte out West has such faces on it.” However, “they show the effects of a thousand years or more of weathering.”….

He also says that the Indians sheered off some human faces…..clean, smooth slice-offs of rock where he thinks white faces had been carved….

Why do I think the Anasazi were white or their ancestors were pure white?

Because Asians never invent on their own any civilization like this, and let me show this again:

The “great house” which I showed above, built by the Anasazi, (word used by the hostile Navajos that means “ancient enemies”)


Everything grand in the Americas, as Thor Heyerdahl’s epochal American Indians in the Pacificshowed, was originally built by whites, then Indios, after prospering under white rule and multiplying, overthrew them and everything became primitive again.

Indian tribes never invented the wheel, written language, the sail, soap, or the use of metals(even in a continent brimming with iron, copper, gold, aluminum and lead).

The Caral culture of Peru (the culture is called in English “Norte Chico” and in Spanish “Caral” (after a main city of that culture inland). It flourished between 3,000 and 1,800 BC and has revealed no evidence of warfare whatsoever — no weapons, defensive walls or bashed-in skulls. (

Diagram of the Layout of Caral



Caral, Peru, lit by torch at night

The blond mummies below, to be seen in the National Museum of Anthropology and Archeology in Lima, Peru, were of the Viracocha, who, the Incas told Pizarro, had founded their civilization. The Incas themselves had white skin, unlike their subjects. The pathetic Jew Olly Steeds had the infantile and ideological cheek to protest to me: “Their hair is not blond; it’s brown!” — as if all whites were blond! And besides, the hair is clearly blondish or very light-brown.

Olly Steeds, the bisexual Jew and politically correct archeology commissar with the protrudinghomo neanderthalensis bucccality.

Blond man being human-sacrificed at the Temple of the Warrior (“Chichen Itza”) a Mayan temple in the Yucatan of Mexico, built around 700 AD.

The Chichen Itza temple where the mural shown above was found

Click on the following photos to enlarge them….

Blond man seeks to swim away from his captors. One might theorize that the Mayans came in a dawn raid on his village along the coast, and he ran out into the surf to escape.

Very white-skinned slaves (lower third) are led off to captivity and eventual human sacrifice…

Closeup of the plate above…These white-skinnned men (in a region of the world where everyone except white immigrants and their descendants has brown skin) appear to be brunets, not blonds. Their mouths are open, apparently in horror.

The Moche temple near the Peruvian coast, the Temple of the Sun and Moon. This architecture was made at the time of the pyramids then being built in Egypt, and reflects arid, sunny, Mediterranean-type weather, stone building materials and other things far from green, cold, rainy northern Europe. Also, conquering peoples often use the trappings of power to establish that they are the new bosses of the already existing state, just as the Jews after the 1933 takeover have continued to display the bald eagle, the American flag and the words “US government’ even though there was a total change of regime in that year. The crypto-Jew Lyndon Johnson also “acted” Texan constantly. The new lords always embrace the local customs to some extent so as to not overly rile the subject population.

the grave of Sipan

How does the Moche ruler (whose golden mask, called now “The Joy of Sipan,” was found in this grave) end up with eyes this color if this culture was Amerindian?


The story of the Chachapoyas of Peru, who resisted the Incas to the end….According to Wikipedia, this was yet another blond, white-skinned, and very brave people who had to flee to the mountains after the Indios wiped out their villages. Reed the insipid remarks in this article here:

The chronicler Pedro Cieza de Le�n offers some picturesque notes about the Chachapoyas:

They are the whitest and most handsome of all the people that I have seen in Indies, and their wives were so beautiful that because of their gentleness, many of them deserved to be the Incas’ wives and to also be taken to the Sun Temple.

Origin of the Chachapoyas

Accounts such as that of Cieza de Le�n indicate that the Chachapoyas had lighter skin than other South American peoples andblond hair. This poses an enduring mystery for scholars of the region as to their ultimate origin.

[JdN: Try an origin in EUROPE, scholarly idiots! 😉

And the Spanish began destroying them, as

NON-CATHOLICS, just as they did with the Canary Island

blond people…]

By 1547, a large faction of Spanish soldiers arrived in the city of Chachapoyas, effectively ending the Chachapoyas’ independence. Residents were relocated to Spanish-style towns, often with members of several different ayllu occupying the same settlement. Disease, poverty, and attrition led to severe decreases in population; by some accounts the population of the Chachapoyas region decreased by 90% over the course of 200 years after the arrival of the Spanish.

Ruins of one of the cities of these Chachapoyan “cloud warriors,” who retreated to the high Andean mountains to continue the fight for their survival and freedom from Inca rule…

From National Geographic in 2007 (

Vast “Cloud Warrior” Ruin Found in Amazon

Kelly Hearn in Lima, Peru
for National Geographic News
January 19, 2007

Discovered in a surprising Peruvian location, a vast ruin is shedding light on an ancient civilization known for taking on the Inca Empire.

The newfound ceremonial stone structure, made public this week, was likely built by the Chachapoya Indians, a stone- and metalworking culture that thrived in Amazonian cloud forests from the 9th to the 15th century A.D.

(Related: “Tombs of Pre-Inca Elite Discovered Under Peru Pyramid” [November 27, 2006].)

The Chachapoya are known for building mountaintop citadels and leaving behind well-preserved mummies. Examples include cliff tombs near Peru’s Lake of the Condors and Huayabamba Lake (photo of a Chachapoya mummy).

Called the Warriors of the Clouds, the battle-hardened Chachapoya were famed for their stiff resistance to Inca attacks. Nevertheless, the Inca eventually overtook the Chachapoya shortly before the arrival of Spanish explorers to Peru in the 16th century.

Found by Farmers

Originally stumbled upon by a family of farmers, the structure is exceptionally large. The stepped, three-tiered, rectangular construction is about 200 feet (70 meters) long, 100 feet (35 meters) wide, and 24 feet (7 meters) high.

The ruin’s vast, impenetrable appearance prompted the farmers to call the find Huaca La Penitenciar�a, or Penitentiary Ruin.

But while Penitentiary Ruin seems to have been topped by a plaza and other buildings, including a lookout tower, it was surprisingly unfortified, said Keith Muscutt, an explorer and assistant dean at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Muscutt announced the find Wednesday at an Institute for Andean Studies conference in Berkeley, California.

(See a diagram of what the structure may have looked like in its heyday.)

Perhaps more intriguing is the ruin’s location.

The vast, unprotected structure was built on what has been thought to be the vulnerable eastern edge of the civlization’s range�a sort of demilitarized zone between the mountain-dwelling Chachapoya and tribes of the Amazon Basin.

“It is odd that a building of this extraordinarily large size would be located on their territorial frontier and that it would not be fortified,” Muscutt said.

“It does not appear to be a military installation. And you would think that on the frontier they would be more interested in defensibility.” So, Muscutt added, Chachapoya extended farther east than experts have suspected.

“What it is showing is that we don’t really know what their territory was,” he told the Reuters news service.

“Amazing Find”

Muscutt said another oddity is that the structure doesn’t seem to be the “nucleus of a larger site.”

“You basically find a big building sitting there with nothing else in the immediate vicinity,” he said. “Ordinarily when you find a significant monument it’s usually central to a residential or administration complex. The fact it sits on its own is baffling.”

Muscutt said the penitentiary resembles only one other Chachapoya building, a structure known as Pirca Pirca.

But he added that one feature has never before been seen in a Chachapoya find: an elevated masonry plaza about the size of a football field that projects horizontally from the main building.

Muscutt added that almost no other Chachapoya structure is as large as La Penitenciaría.

Adriana von Hagen is co-director of Peru’s Leymebamba Museum in the city of Chachapoyas. She said, “It’s an amazing find that is hard to relate to anything we’ve known about the Chachapoya.”

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From Heyerdahl’s description of the two races on the Pacific islands, in his American Indians in the Pacific, page 201

Santayana famously said “Those who forget the lessons of history are condemned to repeat them.” A wag replied:”‘The only thing we learn from history is that no one ever learns from history.” ;-)

The Eternal Solutrean movement to come must learn from the soaring glories and the abysmal grief of our long history as a race.


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