Antitisemitic — and PROUD of our courage and mental health in an utterly insane world

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I took this blog today from the site of the Rebel in Australia: 



He has started a kind of online prayer service that is quite interesting  in order to unite all antisemites (of all races, and there are many, many non-white antisemites, billions of them) on a spiritual level, praying for a world of justice, peace and prosperity for all — which is entirely possible if we have, as he says at the end: A WORLD WITHOUT JEWS.


Cowardice is not an option


[Editor’s note: If this video is not available in your country or has been banned, please view it on SONNENRAD.TV.]

If you listen to the professional thought policemen from the likes of the ADL or the SPLC, anti-Semitism was some mental disorder. What they are saying is that if people do, say or think what – in the eyes of the likes of Abe Foxman – qualifies them as anti-Semites, they must suffer from some pathological condition that is causing them to act that way.

This kind of diagnosis reminds me of the situation in the former Jew-run Soviet Union, where political dissidents were routinely locked up in a mental institution by Jewish psychiatrists. The same, by the way, can also happen to anti-Jewish activists in the United States or other Western countries. Eustace Mullins’ mentor, American poet Ezra Pound, is a good example for that fact.

Anti-Semites think and behave differently from the rest of mankind. From the Jews’ point of view, an anti-Semite is like a slave or domestic animal that is hostile towards his master. Their routine response to such perceived insubordination, if not blasphemy, is that it deserves the most severe punishment possible, that is, depending on the degree of Jewish power in society, anything from social and economic destruction to outright death. The Jews are worried that if they put up with hostility, the attacks will get worse and spread to other “Goyim”, how they call us animals in human shape which their genocidal, psychopathic war god Yahweh only created to enrich and amuse his pet Jews.

From the so-called anti-Semite’s perspective, though, anti-Semitism is nothing but a natural and entirely justified hostile reaction to Jewish exploitation, deception, theft, robbery, enslavement, prostitution, perversion, torture, murder and every other form of abuse. What makes anti-Semites different from other non-Jews is that they are not afraid of pointing their fingers at the wrong-doings of the Jews and the pathological condition that makes them act that way, that is Jewishness. The anti-Semites’ sense of justice takes priority over their fear.

In this context, the mainstream narrative of the so-called Jewish Holocaust– directly or indirectly – has an enormous influence. It has a similar effect to an opiate. Depending on the extent to which non-Jews are affected by it, non-Jews will react more or less aggressive towards Jewish abuse.

What is more, many of those people, who correctly feel that whatever the Germans allegedly did to the Jews during World War II doesn’t justify their treatment of the Palestinians and others, are prevented by hard-core Holocaust believers from expressing their ill feelings towards Jews.

These double standards for Jews and non-Jews frequently lead to severe cognitive dissonance. The rampant alcohol abuse amongst middle-class non-Jews is a direct result of the painful discomfort caused by the daily conflict between personal values and perceived necessities of Jewish dominated ‘real life’. On the one hand, their personal views of right and wrong are causing non-Jews to have strong negative feelings towards Jews. On the other hand, their fear is – far too often – stopping them from allowing themselves any form of supposedly ‘anti-Semitic’ response.

My advice to anyone suffering from that kind of cognitive response is, join the brave anti-Jewish resistance and be proudly anti-Semitic. Anti-Semitism is an unmistakable sign of solid mental health and excellent character. If your situation doesn’t allow you to do so openly, join us under a pseudonym or, at least, support us financially so that we can do this fight more effectively. After all, we are also fighting for you, your family, your people, your race, you could say the whole of mankind, not only your generation now but for all future generations to come.

* * * * *

This video is the basis for the World Karmic Prayer scheduled to be prayed on 19/03/2016, 1200 GMT. The venue for the prayer, as always, it the “Prayer Room” on Meet me there a couple of minutes before the start to receive any new instructions, if required, and watch and pray with me starting exactly at 1200GMT.

The sermon recordings can be viewed on Youtube, Vimeo and Sonnenrad TV.


Please note that this prayer does not suggest or encourage any specific measures. It promotes a vision to be visualised and prayed for, not a method how to get there. In that context, I would like to reiterate that I don’t consider Jewishness an ethnicity, culture or nationality, but the most harmful mental disorder known to man. For a Jew to become a good person he needs to rid himself of all Jewishness and recant.


Responses (4)
  • Bob

    Saturday, March 19 2016, 01:02 PM – #Permalink
    I never prayed in my life before, but I pray now with all my heart for a world without jews. I hate lies and jews are the worlds greatest liars. Thanks everyone who risks their lives now and in the past and future to free mankind from slavery.
  • Rebel of Oz

    Rebel of Oz
    Saturday, March 19 2016, 12:55 PM – #Permalink
    It’s actually Horst Mahler, from whom I heard this statement for the first time. He’s spot on.
    Sylvia Stolz and Horst Mahler confront the arch-Jew Michel Friedman at the Munich airport. 
  • John Kaminski

    John Kaminski
    Saturday, March 19 2016, 12:43 PM – #Permalink

    True statement:Anti-Semitism is an unmistakable sign of solid mental health and excellent character.

  • Rebel of Oz

    Rebel of Oz
    Saturday, March 19 2016, 12:38 PM – #Permalink
    A very much valued comrade of mine told me that he doubts that praying will help. The German, before the forced Abrahamic/Jewish Christianisation, did fight, not pray.

    I agree with the spirit of his statement, however, I know from personal experience how powerful prayers are. My world without Jews prayers are by no means about praying instead of fighting. They are about enrolling as many people as possible on the vision of a world without Jews.


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