Antisemitic facial science

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…..Letter from a lass deep in Enemy Territory (Massachusetts) 

Hi John! I got your card in the mail today!

Thank you so much! Love the baby animals [of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan]!

Loon and chick

American Marten

Moose mama & calf

I get up pretty early in the morning for work ( I leave at 4:30) when I step outside I can hear the foxes bark/howl, and occasionally see one run across the road!

(They apparently don’t like my high beams too much because they always stop to give me a “look.”)

Also I found some rather interesting images [from Vaught’s Practical Character Reader].

[JdN: Note the nose and everted lower lip. Oy! Antisemitic prosopology…. ] 


…..So disillusioned 😉




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Neanderthals & Semites



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–5 June 2017 cash in foil, letter and nice card from S in Germany

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