Another mudshark commits suicide; what Hitler did for the miserable working class; BAILOUT JEW EXPLAINS WHY EXACTLY THE RECESSION CONTINUES

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Yes, there was one 12-year-period in all of recorded history when people were happy or at least, in the bad times, all there for each other.


Mike Delaney of was just interviewed on Milwaukee, Wisconsin TV after he saw a white woman in the distance tragically jump into Lake Michigan with her kid. 🙁


At this link you can see and hear Mike talking about what he saw:




White mother, black child…. Prob. some negro got her on illegal drugs and knocked her up with a kid. I saw that so much in the run-down town of Natrona, Pennsylvania where I lived in 2011-12.


More and more white suicides…

Just before Hitler came to power there was a wave of suicides, in 1932.. I can think of I guess six — WNs — I have known to some extent who have killed themselves. WNs can be even more depressed than other Whites:

— NOT HIRED,  OR FIRED,  because of their views,

–despairing at all the race-mixing

–seeing whites dying out or

–being slaughtered worldwide

–wilful ignorance, apathy and cowardice among conservatives and moderates

–hatred from leftists



There must be a new Aryan religion so we can cope with tragedy as well as fighting back.


….. The Friend of the White Worker

I did this video there about what Hitler did for the working class.

My 2010 video, shot near Brackenridge, Pa. shows why Hitler was loved by the Germans: He brought 1) JOBS, 2) made the streets safe again, 3) stopped drugs and alcoholism, 3) promoted strong families without divorce, abuse, homo marriage or molesting, 4) he demanded good books, music and movies, and 4) he promoted genuine national pride based on success and hard work.

“The National Socialist Party protects the folk community”

(a key Hitlerian concept – the nation as one big family)


I explain economic and social justice under Hitler, a son of generations of peasants and workers, and how the Fed deliberately prolongs the current Great Recession, whereas Hitler restored the German economy by freedom from Jewish banks.

Shocking testimony before Congress is given by the surprisingly honest Jewish director of the 2007-08 bank bailout.


(This video — repeatedly hacked by Jews — deals with the worries real working-class people have about economic and psychological survival TODAY.)


……Contact and support

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