Another FBI surreptitious entry; happy birthday, Rudolf Hess! 102 years ago today, Mary Phagan fought for her virtue

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UPDATE: It has become very urgent that I get donations in as a result of the FBI break-in (see below). This indicates, as a friend predicted, that the reaction to my video (7500 views so far) “VIP pedophiles KILL THEM ALL” has begun and will increase. I will not go into detail. But think also why the young German was detained and expelled who wanted to come help me. They want to set up a killing with no witnesses. They can say “we were searching for drugs” or “we were searching for child porn.” and now they have been in my house to plant it.

…..Reaction to yesterday’s blog on Facebook


Ninety-five percent of Whites live here:



……Happy Birthday, Rudolf Hess

April 26, 1894, Alexandria, Egypt — August 17, 1987, murdered by British thugs at Spandau prison on the orders of Margaret Thatcher. Gorbachev wanted to free Hess out of compassion… but Thatcher’s Jew masters said Hess would reveal the endless, gigantic attempts for peace that Hitler had made to the British Empire.



Hess was 100% murdered:


….another surreptious entry to attempt to intimidate

Strange occurrence at my house when I was out yesterday. (I have had two overt surreptitious entries of my domicile before.) I cam back from a walk on Lake Superior… big surf actually, as in this pic….



and these two silly plastic children’s teacups suddenly were sitting there on the cutting board.  The bottle is mustard. I never saw those cups before, and they had no function on the cutting board.

a silly symbolic rape — we got into your house… maybe we poisoned some of your food with polonium…. and you’ll die of cancer in three months. The bottle is mustard. I never saw those cups before, and they had no function on the cutting board. 

  • Jens Ulrich Stahlschmidt Obviously one of those intimidation attempts: Look, you are not safe even in your own house… Pathetic.
  • John D. Nugent Poisoning is a perfect scenario for the FBI at this stage, since I am 60. Heart attack, stroke, fast-spreading cancer…. JdN keels over and anyone who ask questions is labelled a “conspiracy loon.” 😉

…..102 years ago today, Mary Ann Phagan refused to submit to lecherous Jew Leo Max Frank



The public domain audiobook version of this unique book, ‘The Frank Case’ (1913) has been produced by Margaret Huffstickler [photo left] in 2015 for the centennial year of Leo Frank’s Lynching long ago on August 17, 1915:

Margaret has a marvelous, clear voice; she is an opera singer and has performed at the Washington Opera Society and the Kennedy Center.

The [Leo] Frank Case (1913) is the first book ever published about the Phagan sex-strangulation murder and because of the incendiary controversy surrounding the sensational trial of Leo Frank, the producer chose to not include the authors real name or even use a nom de plume.

The anonymously published ‘The [Leo] Frank Case’ is one of the rare neutral and impartial treatments of this infamous affair and offers insights found in no other works written about the Mary Phagan murder mystery investigation, Coroner’s Inquest, Grand Jury Indictment and infamous trial of Leo Max Frank.
99% of the books, articles, dramas and films about the Frank case falsify the official legal records (trial and appeals), exhibits, testimony, evidence and events of the case in favor of tricking people into believing Leo was innocent.

‘The Leo Frank Case, Inside Story of Georgia’s Greatest Murder Mystery’, highlights the pivotal events and turning points leading up to the capital murder trial of Leo Frank, beginning with the April 26th, 1913, noontime murder of 13-year old Mary Phagan at the National Pencil Company in downtown Atlanta. This rare book includes the history of the sensational crime, with portraits of many key principals.



…..My hit video (now 6,400 hits on LiveLeak, Trutube and YouTube)

 VIP Pedophiles: KILL THEM ALL


Some reviews:

–Australian IT expert

“Hysterically funny!”


British lady (WP)


“Hi John! That is a good video! Mindblowing stuff and I like your delivery with a touch of wit. The archive footage pieces at the end are awesome.”

…From my native Rhode Island (Nico)


I truly look up to you. You are the smartest man we got for our race, a smart kind of leader. I admire you, sir. You are one of my heroes. You speak sense. I love hearing you speak.

Former US Army (20-year vet)

“The new vid on trutube is, as usual, excellently done. You tell these facts in an entertaining and colorful manner, like ‘was he putting his Frank in the wrong bun?’ ‘Hebrew homeys.’ etc. I thoroughly enjoyed the way you laid out the facts.”

[More reviews below]

And now the video itself:

(The AH clip in the second half is from a videographer I admire named “Rassisten”; the video was done by a videographer using the name FührerFunBus)

This video is also found on LiveLeak: and on YouTube:



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