Another fag-voiced Richard Spencer interview; Spencer an MK-Ultra?

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Richard Spencer, his Georgian wife (as in Stalin and Beria-Georgians) and George W. Bush’s wife, Laura Bush
Despite my personal differences over certain things in 2015 with Sinead McCarthy and her husband, Kyle Hunt of Renegade Tribune, I recognize their talent and courage, and wrote Sinead the following:


Two thumbs up, Sinead McCarthy, for confronting the homophile new media darling, Richard Betrand Spencer! 

I commented below: 
“Not only did Spencer, whose own voice is overtly lilty and metrosexual (and it is so sad how many young men of this generation cannot even HEAR it), invite Donovan to speak last year, 2015, at NPI, but this year he had another open homosexual as a speaker, “Millennial Woes.” 
And no, going to an elite private school (such as Spencer’s St. Mark’s in Dallas)
….does not give you a gay voice. I attended elite private schools such as St. Dunstan’s School and Moses Brown School in Providence, Rhode Island,
….and I do not talk that way. In fact, a voice like Spencer’s would have gotten any boy beaten up as a fag. 
I am convinced that Spencer is an MK-ULTRA, sent against his knowledge and totally unaware of the mind control, to homosexualize white nationalism. 
I know about MK because I was in MK myself — until I ran away from my elite family in 1964.
My father, Marine Lt. Colonel James Nugent, on the right, with the mayor of Providence, Vincent Cianci, center, and on the left, Henry Kissinger, photographing a little blonde girl. Kissinger has been for seven decades one of the worst figures of all the German Zionists involved in creating and running the MK-ULTRA program,. and then blaming it on Operation Paperclip “Nazis”! 
With the closet half-Jew and bisexual Obongo
With President Richard Nixon, whom my father knew well.
Regarding MK-ULTRA, this is one of the most horrible experiences I have had in years, reading through this:
The difference is that unlike this sweet little Pennsylvania girl, Kathleen Sullivan, I ran away at ten and the torture ended for me.

My personal triumph of the will over the secret, federal MK-ULTRA and Manchurian Candidate programs for the kids of the “elite”

A vile Jewess named Greenberg paints crying blond children; there was a furor with people asking how exactly she got these kids to cry so convincingly.
Torture and kill those Aryan kids
Kathleen Sullivan as an adult today
But I had horrific nightmares until age 49, and the day I called the United Way of Rhode Island Sexual Abuse hotline.
The worst part of this Sullivan book is relating how she was forced to kill the only thing that made her life brighter, her own little baby, named Rose. 🙁
The male fiends give the MK victim mother only these choices:
1) “Either you kill your own baby with this knife,”
2) “I will torture it first, while you watch, and then I will kill it.”
So to spare her suffering, she cut her own child’s carotid artery — swiftly and “mercifully.”
(The purpose of all this murder, rape and torture of females by men is to make her hate men, and be able to kill men as an assassin. The CIA uses women, often posing as call girls or just street prostitutes, as hitwomen in cases where a big, burly, male assassin with a crew haircut would be too obvious to bodyguards.)
I was talking to J[], a very interesting activist on the MK issue, and the trauma of circumcision, and related to her my walk on the beach in Winthrop, Mass., when I began sobbing totally out of the blue.
Winthrop on Massachusetts Bay, with the skyline of Boston in the background
THAT is beyond MK, that is Manchurian Candidate, where you CANNOT remember ANYTHING except a vague feeling of horror. My first therapist, a UC Berkeley PhD, told me after I began screaming during a regression, that I was “the worst case” she had “ever seen.”
It was absolutely impossible to get me to revisit, in any manner, detached or otherwise, not even under expert psychotherapeutic guidance, what they did to try in vain to break me.
All I can say is: Judaea delenda est.
MY 2011 discovery that the longitude and latitude of Jerusalem add up to exactly 666. 



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1 Comment

  1. A comrade wrote:

    WRT the Spencer video, Sinead did a good job. And that picture she found of Spencer and the Mrs. with Laura Bush is downright creepy. The look on his face is the look of a man I don’t want anywhere near my kids. BLECH!

    Another wrote:

    The Richard Spencer video you did points out something that seems like a key evasion with homosexuality in the media, avoiding what homosexuality actually looks like in real terms.
    The LGBT movement would probably be way less successful if their logo was not a rainbow but two guys, with one butt-fucking the other.
    (People would object by saying the opposite would be inappropiate as well, hetero sex, but, for example, in movie situations where people are under the covers and all the important stuff is invisible, people would generally not be immediately disgusted by the physical situation that is implicitly behind the scenes.)
    I don’t like how Sinead believes in the flat earth, but she points out pretty clearly how he’s being dodgy there about Jack Donovan.

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