Ann Coulter blasts results of single motherhood

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The family –husband/wife/children — is under assault from chemtrails, cultural marxism and a bad economy. Ann Coulter debunks the myth that single moms often succeed in raising normal kids.



An Australian comrade wrote me:

A spot-on video, John.

We have two single mums, both colleagues of my wife, living next door to us. One, a super bogan [“white-trash”] Australian woman from outback Queensland, got impregnated. by a Mainland Chinese man who broke up with her the moment she got pregnant.

The other, an Afrikaaner woman, kicked her Welsh husband out of the house when he couldn’t find a job as a chef while she was working as an English teacher in Kazakhstan. Her daughter was just a few months old.

Both kids are totally screwed up.

Both households are a total mess.

Both kids live mainly off junk food. The mums off booze.

All terribly overweight.

Both are men-hating libtards.

Both without a clue of what goes on in the world.

Their concept of our dear Illuminati is that they are highly intelligent scientists who are trying to make the world a better place. 

Ahh, and they both agree that I as a WN am crazy and a terrible influence on my children. They compare me to the old school Afrikaaner men who “cannot cope with a changed world.”



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