Angels watching over us

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A comrade in Oregon wrote me:

Over the weekend my wife read about a local young woman on Facebook who needs some major medical treatment  and can’t afford it, so we’re going to be seeing her next week to see what we can do for her.

 And yes, she’s a young, poor, white married woman — so you know there are no resources for her out there.

I replied:

Morning, brother.

That is great karma to help this woman, and just as valuable as posting any blog or comment online. One hundred years from now, the ripples from this great act of kindness may be affecting the world. Think of the Reich, how it has been gone for 71 years and yet still inspires us and changes lives!

This woman may do something caring for someone else, and her grandson, not even yet born, the son of her future son, 100 years hence, may stop and help a stranger.

Jack Sen told me a fascinating little story, and it involved Massachusetts.

When he was in high school in upstate New York, he had a girlfriend but eventually they broke up, and she moved aways to Mass.

One day he got a call from her, her voice quavery. she was having a really rough time, and she begged Jack to come up just to see her.

Really worried by how her voice sounded, Jack got on his motorbike, and drove 100 miles to see her, platonically, and calmed her down about her problems.

Then he realized, being just an impulsive teenage boy, he was actually down to just $20 in his wallet, and that was not enough gas money to get back home, buy food or get a motel room. It got dark and so went to a park in that town, put his motorbike up against a park bench, and tried to sleep on the hard bench.

A motorist came driving by the park, saw Jack, stopped and asked him in a friendly way how he was doing. Jack explained all that had transpired and how he ended up in the park a hundred miles from home. The man came over and invited him to go and spend the night at his place. (”And he was no pervert; he was totally sincere.”)

”You know, John, he put me up at his place for a week. We are still in touch… just a nice guy.”

I asked Jack: ”So you had no ‘nookie’ with this ex-girlfriend; it was just platonic, just trying to help her?”

”Right yeah, we were ‘over,’ she was difficult and, no, none of that. But you know, when she was down she picked up the phone and called me, so I had to come. She sounded bad.”

I replied:

Jack, for that guy to just happen by like that, and in Massachusetts, which is full of unfriendly people, IMO, angels, who could just be deceased relatives watching over us, or higher beings who are former humans, they saw your act of kindness to this ex-girlfriend.

They got permission to pull some strings on the other side, and put the idea in that man’s mind to take a different route to the store that day, and head by the park.  

That is why I always say, ‘‘Stay on the good side of the angels. They see what is in your heart, and if it is genuine kindness from inside you and directed toward the truly deserving — not users and moochers, people you do not want to enable — they just might watch out for you, that is, if God allows them to intervene.

Jack with his daughter Alexa today

But he and his angel employees do not always step in. The other side cannot be constantly interfering and coming to our rescue, especially if we do things we know are foolish.

But think of this, how often do we get the idea to call someone, and we know they are going through some tough times.

What we don’t realize is that they were contemplating suicide when the phone rang, and you saved their life.  

When we die,


and they make us watch the life-review video, all that good stuff we did — that was done out of a pure motive — is in there.

And over and over, when danger approaches, and it is not your fault, someone on the other side may just be looking out for you.”

Making a blog of this. *:) happy


In the Oscar-winning ”It”s a Wonderful Life,” the small-town banker played by Jimmy Stewart is facing ruin and prison due to machinations by a conspiring enemy, the evil banker Mr Potter. He appeals to ”Clarence,” his guardian angel in training.  The reason this movie is so magical to us is that it is based on reality. 


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