Amazing, perfect Trump move — the Snake song; indescribably tyrannical restrictions placed on Britain First leaders

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….Amazing, perfect Trump move — the Snake song

Trump has been reciting these John Fogherty lyrics from the song “the Snake” for months now on the campaign trail for president — and the media never reports it.



On her way to work one mornin’,
Down a path alongside the lake,
A tender-hearted woman,
Saw a poor half-frozen snake.
His pretty colored skin
Had been all frosted with the dew,
“Poor thing,” she cried, “I’ll take you in,”
“And I’ll take care of you.”
“Take me in, tender woman,
Take me in, for heaven’s sake,
Take me in, tender woman,”
Sighed the snake.

She wrapped him up all cozy,
In a comforter of silk.
And laid him by the fireside
With some honey and some milk.
Well she hurried home from work that night
And soon as she arrived,
She found that pretty snake
She’d taken in had been revived.
“Take me in, tender woman,
[ Find more Lyrics on ]
Take me in, for heaven’s sake,
Take me in, tender woman,”
Sighed the snake.

Now, she clutched him to her bosom,
“You’re so beautiful,” she cried.
“But if I hadn’t brought you in,
By now you might have died.”
Now she stroked his pretty skin again,
And then kissed and held him tight.
Instead of saying, “Thanks,”
That snake gave her a vicious bite.
“Take me in, tender woman,
Take me in, for heaven’s sake,
Take me in, tender woman,”
Sighed the snake.

“But, I saved you,” cried that woman,
“And you’ve bitten me, but why?
You know your bite is poisonous,
And now I’m gonna die.”
“Aw, shut up, silly woman,”
Said that reptile, with a grin.
“You knew damn well I was a snake,
Before you brought me in.”



Muslim stomps on Christian child



……The tyranny otherwise gets worse around the white world


The former Commandant of the revered, elite French Foreign Legion, General Christian Piquemal, age 75, is thrown to the ground by French police and they put their knee on his skull as they brutally handcuff him — after he participated in a demonstration in Calais, France, against the crime-and-rape reign of terror being committed by Muslim fake refugees at the camp there. The police prefect had banned this totally legal and peaceful demonstration by the French in their own country!

I can tell you that I have known a former Foreign Legionaire, and as a former US Marine with three meritorious promotions I have the highest respect for the men of this elite formation.



I am speechless that such a great man, warrior, general, commandant of an entire service branch of a major country, and, to boot, a senior citizen, can be thrown to the ground by jew-brainwashed punk cops for exercising his free speech — and all he was doing was protesting the violation of French immigration laws and the rape and murder of French citizens by muslim illegals who should not legally even be in France!!!


Général Piquemal, Commandant de la Légion 1994-99



Foreign Legionnaires in Africa in 2015, aiding the fight against Islamism.




Many Waffen-SS who had lost all citizenship after 1945 were welcomed into the Legion after World War Two, and became citizens of France.


Toi-aussi-French- Waffen-SS-Division- Charlemagne





The crowd was furious when the general was man-handled and (totally unnecessarily) thrown to the ground to get the American-style skull-on-concrete treatment.




Bitter French reaction:

“Calais today” 

He who served France is arrested. / Those who serve themselves to France are accepted.”



Alain Soral, a former leftist turned revisionist and antizionist, is fined 20,000 Euros ( = US $23,000) for things he said!




The Jews did not like his satirical “Gas Chambers for Dummies”… “Lesson One. How to smash the glass window in a wooden gas chamber door” 😉





SEVENTY-TWO-YEAR-OLD WOMAN THROWN TO GROUND BY COPS. (She was protesting the cutting down of plantain trees in her neighborhood.) The French scream at the cops: “THAT is violence, that is shameful!” and are ignored.



It is a consolation to me that we need no psychics to see the correctness of our path. Every day now we see the descent into hell.
It is also sickening to see French cops (and the German, British, Polish, Swedish as well) all aping the American, militaristic police uniform.
Once up on a time, the French had their own culture, uniforms and caps, including the police.
American cops also did not use to wear a military uniform, for they were there “To Protect And Serve.”
Three Denver, Colorado peace officers in 1910
A Chicago cop in 1890 – tough, but not a soldier
British cops used to look like this:
and now: always in yellow and with a military cap.
A little boy watches traumatized with his mother. “Is violence against old ladies allowed???” What an example for a boy to see!
Violence against women who peacefully protest is normal now in the judaized France of the last two terrible and loathed Jewish presidents, Sarkozy und Hollande.
600.000 in Paris marched, prayed and sang hymns to stop “gay marriage” — and were ignored!
The French protest according to their nature — enthusiastically and often effectively, and have for centuries. But they are not used to seeing their protests completely ignored. (I lived in France 2004-05; my second wife was Alsatian-French, and I speak the language fluently.)
Anti-Gay marriage activists, tired of days of police brutality, throw a barricade at a cop brandishing a nightstick.
The street-riot police “CRS” (the bizarrely named “Republic Company of Security”) is especially brutal — and equipped like reptiles, which fits the David Icke theory. 😉
The famous historian Dominique Venner shot himself at the altar of Notre Dame cathedral to protest against the Muslim invaders.
He shot himself to startle the inert masses, tired of cowardly inaction.
A whopping 29% of all French people told opinion pollsters for the reputable company Ipsos (under contract with the Foundation for French Jewry) they had had an unpleasant experience in the previous year (2015) with North Africans (Arabs from Algeria, Morocco, or  Tunisia), 27% with Gypsies, 26% with Muslims and 13% with blacks.

……Britain — incredible restrictions on BritainFirst leaders

Paul Golding is a former British National Party activist who left the BNP years ago. He certainly is still a white nationalist but his new group, “Britain First,”  avoids the direct and “scary” or even illegal racial and Jewish issues — and dives instead headfirst into the more “acceptable” targets of anger such as “radical Islam” (but is there any other kind?) and the paedophiles of all races, who are a huge scandal in Britain with both muslims involved and also the radically corrupt and jew-intermarried upper class.

I have often blogged on the Britain First movement and have sent them some money as well, being a proud British-American.

What strikes me about this development below is that it does not help Golding and his BF to avoid the Jewish or racial issues.

If you are dynamic, growing and on the street, as BF is all the time…..




….the authorities simply violate their own laws and will not permit you to grow and have any leaders. 

I can only quote to them what John Kennedy said:



Dear John,

Jayda Fransen and I were in court today in Medway, Kent, to challenge the draconian and outrageous bail conditions imposed on us by Luton police.

As you may know, Jayda and I are banned from the town of Luton (something they couldn’t even achieve in the High Court last summer), we are restricted to our places of residence and must sleep their every single night and we must “sign on” every Saturday in a London police station.

Today must go down as one of the most shocking and biased hearings in magistrates history.

The magistrates in question didn’t even discuss the matter – they simply ruled to uphold the dodgy, restrictive and disproportionate bail conditions.

After both sides were heard, the three magistrates retired to make their decision, but reappeared after only a few minutes to make their ruling.

When challenged as to what their reasoning was behind their decision, the chief magistrate was stumped for words and could barely string a sentence together.

It was embarrassing and openly politically biased.


The CPS solicitor acting for the police openly stated that their desire was to stop Jayda and I from carrying out any political activities.

They openly said that, yet still the magistrates ruled in their favour.


The CPS solicitor acting for the police stated that he wanted Jayda and I “signing on” on a Saturday in a police station in London so we wouldn’t have enough time to get to any political activities anywhere else around the country!

He also openly stated that the “Asian” (i.e. Muslim) community of Luton are in uproar over our legal activities.

For what is in reality a petty and non-serious offence (wearing political insignia), the bail conditions are wildly disproportionate.

The “crime” is akin to parking on double yellow lines (last time Paul got a £100 fine), but the bail conditions are fit for an out-of-control football hooligan or terror suspect!

Some of the spectators in the gallery, junior solicitors themselves, approached us afterwards to say what a “stitch-up” it was!

For the level of law, rules, regulations and jurisprudence that was being discussed, a few shortminutes was nowhere near enough to come to a reasonable decision.

It was almost as if the magistrates had already made their minds up in advance and retired from court only as a token exercise.

Now, Jayda and I will have to “sign on” every Saturday at midday in London, making itimpossible for us to engage in any political activities till the end of May, despite the fact that I am standing as a London mayoral candidate.

Jayda and I are also banned from the town of Luton, the lower M1 motorway and Luton airport, despite not even being charged for an offence!

Never has such an example of naked political bias been seen in the UK legal system.

It may not be possible now for Paul to stand in the London mayoral election.

No arrests or action has been taken against any of the Muslim racists, bigots or violent thugs in Luton yet, they get a free pass!

This puts Britain First in a serious and problematic situation as Jayda and I are the “driving force” behind all Britain First activities.


The police know this and are using every single trick in the book to sabotage our ability to run Britain First.

This has come at the worst time imaginable: we have only 5 weeks to raise the funds for the London mayoral campaign and we have recently invested a lot of money in legal costs.

Today’s hearing in the Magistrates Court has cost Britain First almost £1,000.

But, if the “Powers That Be” think we are going to roll over and die quietly, they seriously underestimate our British resolve!

Over our dead bodies will these biased, pro-Islamist bully-boys get away with sabotaging our civil rights, liberty and freedom.

Both Jayda and I are enraged by these latest developments and are determined to fight back with unshakeable resolve, determination and willpower.

We are not the “shrinking violet” types – the corrupt cops of Luton police have met their match.

Jayda and I have an important meeting on Tuesday with the same barrister that gave us victory in the High Court last summer when Luton police tried to get an injunction banning us from the town ahead of one of our marches.

Britain is sliding ever so gradually into being a full-on “Police State” but unlike some other so-called “leaders” who buckle under pressure and fold, we will stand our ground and fight till our dying breaths.

The freedoms we used to take for granted are being eroded and replaced with a naked totalitarian system that favours leftwing, politically correct causes and is happy to suspend common sense, fairness and decency if the accused happens to be right-wing or patriotic.

To appeal this decision, the only avenue available is to appeal to the High Court in London, which is going to cost in excess of £6,000.

This couldn’t have come at a worse time but this is out of our hands: Luton police decide when they pounce on us and we have to make sure we have the determination ready to fight them off like the cowards they are.

The bail conditions run until the end of May but then we both could be re-bailed for another three months leaving us unable to do anything till the end of this year!

Like Churchill, Jayda and I do not understand the concept of “surrender”, even when the odds are against us.

We urgently need to raise these new funds very quickly to enable us to take this to the “next level”, i.e. to the High Court in London.

We need to raise these funds by Tuesday and that would be completely achievable if everyone who cares about Britain First chips in with a modest donation.

Jayda and I are so furious about this that we will be chipping in every penny we have to fight this and win!

Are you with me and Jayda {{{first_name}}?

Are you sick of Muslim racists and thugs getting a “free pass” but good British people face the rough end of the law?

Now is the time for every patriot and Britain First warrior to rally round the colours, combine forces and show the pro-Muslim bullies of Luton police we will not be messed around with!

If you can chip in to our newly launched legal fighting fund, target £6,000, please click on the button below:

Yours sincerely,
Paul Golding
Leader, Paul Golding

…. As I have stated repeatedly:

1) THEY will NOT allow us to to come to power legally
2) They are bringing in the muslims now to slaughter us, because…
3) The white race is no longer going to die out, but instead be genocided.


4) Britain and America are getting their karma for Dresden (which was bombed on St. Valentine’s Day) and the WWII that we fought to crush the hope of our world, national socialism — the one 12-year period in human history when people were HAPPY.







Karma is no joke!



…..the first three chapters of Virtus

We need a warlike, fanatic, unifying religion. But it must be based on facts, not fairy tales.

Here are the first three chapters:

I proclaim the religion VIRTUS

Virtus chapter 2 — no Aryan religion is based on strategies, tricks, escapism, lies or worshiping our enemy’s god


Virtus 3: My connections to both halves of Adolf Hitler’s personal library, now in Washington and Providence

…..Contact and support

Next comes, however, the video to blow your mind.

I need your support to finish my book and video, which I guarantee you will be like no other video you have ever seen.

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