Alien abductions — time to grow up that we are not the “top dog” here

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It so happens that not a month ago a trusted friend and fellow former Marine confided to me his “missing time” experience out on Lake Superior.

He was out with his speed boat, zipping along, when a bright object began traveling underwater to the right of his boat. then it moved (underwater) to the front of him, then a bit to the left, then back over to the right.

Then when he looked at the sun, it had moved halfway across the sky.

Here is an excellent article (sent me by a long-time German friend living in Moscow):


We all as adults need to drop fantasies and illusions. We all just had to drop one about Trump, for example.

One of  the comforting delusions is that we earthly humans are the top dog on this planet.

No, we are not.

Dozens of highly intelligent species visit or regularly use this planet. Half of them are humans who look like us but are far more advanced, handsome/beautiful, orderly and peaceful than we are.

The gods were humans far, far above us in technology — not necessarily in morality

Other species are humanoid — one head, two arms, two legs, two eyes, etc. — and some are nice, some nasty, and most inbetween. They are here for copper, gold, titanium, hydrogen and whatever else they need.

Some are incredibly evil and wish they could exterminate  all of us earth humans tomorrow. They literally eat humans.

If that blows your mind, well, remember how it once blew your mind to hear there was no Holocaust, and that Hitler was a good guy, and that the Jews did 9/11. And now you accept all these truths.


Same with this scary truth that earth humans are at the mercy of 54 different species, all of whom see us as a semi-barbaric species, which we are.

Though fmr combat Marine Nathan Damigo was in the right, this is still a sorry spectacle: a earth female who should be having babies punching a man who is a warrior. 

When we whine about being abducted, every alien without exception thinks: “Look at how you treat each other! If you want respect, then deserve respect”


How many whites fight the truth, no matter how patiently you lay out the facts, and revile those who tell it to them? And how many WNs do literally NOTHING to help the activists on the front lines?



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