Alex Jones and David Steele dare to talk about a US “Deep State” colony on Mars using abducted child slaves

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Re-posting this on Faceberg…. I posted it — and it was deleted instantly by the Zuckermonster. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.… It will go up on my blog anyway. FMR MARINE AND CIA OFFICER SAYS FED SECRET SPACE PROGRAM HAS CHILD SLAVE COLONY ON THE US BASE ON THE PLANET MARS…..


I have uploaded this 5-minute video to my own site.

The instant reaction of the whole jewsmedia is telling.

NASA itself issued a former denial.

Interesting if Jones is such a kook, nut, and eccentric…. Hard to claim that Steele is — a fmr Marine Corps and CIA officer.

Look at the issues raised that the JWO simply has to deny:

  1. a US Secret Space Program with alien help that EASILY can go to the moon, Mars and other planets
  2. child enslavement 
  3. A genuine X-Files scenario (hostile aliens dangling out the offer of unbeatable weapons tech to the US elite, human agents of said aliens — traitors to the human race — that are embedded deep inside the US military-industrial-media-political complex)


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  1. Don’t know about a child slave colony on Mars, but here is something down-to-Earth:

    Otto Warmbier (“Warm Beer”) – another Jewish hoax / PSYOP. As I’ve suspected all along, North Korea is just another Zionist-controlled puppet state:

  2. Wow – Melania Trump is a transgender, just like Michelle Obama! Look at “her” Adam’s Apple in her younger photo, and also look at her photo at 3:25 – it’s definitely a man in drag:

    I always thought there was something “off” about Melania Trump’s appearance, but couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Now I see it clearly – she’s a transgender!

    Oprah Winfrey is also a transgender! Look at this video, starting from 12:32 – “she” was clearly born a male:

    • I watched both vids, to my regret. 😉

      Some bona fide women are just more masculine than others. We all know about Tomboys. I know two women here in Ontonagon, both very pretty, one a natural blonde, and both are MOTHERS. (I know their daughters, and they look like the mother.) BUT they have basically no waist at all; they are built up and down like a tube, though they both have a nice chest.

      They both have some definite masculine personality traits, too, and run their own businesses. I later found out that one is or was bisexual.

      Some women are just very dainty and feminine; others have a lot of yang.

      I know also a respected businesswoman here in this town, and she is rather feminine, but says

      “I prefer the company of men. They are less emotional, more logical, get to the point, and gossip less.”

      Today, with all the neurochemical things added to our environment by ZOG — chemtrails, bisphenol-A in food packaging and tin cans, fluoride, cell phone use by pregnant women, and up to 70 vaccines by age five, causing autism to go from 1 in 2,000 to 1 in 65 — humans are being tinkered with by the enemy.

      Men are much less masculine, women much MORE masculine, creating a new third gender. I just don’t like it.

  3. I know it’s a bitter pill to swallow for most people, especially for Trump supporters, which I was. Here are two separate videos from two separate women who agree that Melania Trump is a transgender. The woman in the first video talks about her experiences in L.A. seeing transgenders. The second video is from a Christian Bible-brainwashed woman who spouts a lot of Jew Bible propaganda that I don’t agree with, but she’s correct about Melania Trump being a transgender:

    Trump’s 6-foot tall “daughter” Ivanka is also a transgender, born as a boy. The first video is very short, but clearly shows a young boy with long hair. The second video is longer but very good – towards the end, he talks about how Trump’s Miss Universe Organization allowed a transgender, Jenna Talackova, to compete in his 2012 Miss Universe pageant, and shows side-by-side comparisons of the transgender Jenna Talackova and Ivanka Trump, who look nearly identical! Both are clearly transgenders:

    So, the rabbit hole goes very deep indeed. This is a very sick, Jew-poisoned world we are living in, and most people are unfortunately not yet able to accept just how sick it is.

  4. Here are two more – the first short video shows Trump in some very creepy poses with his transgender son “Ivanka.” The second video is longer, and talks in general about the whole Jewish/Masonic transgender agenda, with several specific examples of transgenders, including the Williams tennis brothers, the WWE’s Charlotte Flair, and Monaco’s Princess Stephanie. JewTube apparently felt threatened by the second video, because they flagged it so that you have to sign in to view it:

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