Alan Dershowitz, Bill Clinton, Bushes, Ken Starr, “Prince” Andrew, Kevin Spacey, Chris Tucker, Donald Trump — all involved in Jeffrey Epstein mega-pedophile scandal

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…..The Plutopedophilocracy

Dear reader:
I am just trying to process all this staggering information from courageous star whistleblower Robert Morrow of Texas. (I have run his exposés before on the JFK assassination, the Bush family and drugs, and the Clintons and rape:
I wonder if the zombie majority will not just instinctively, reflexively, shrug its shoulders once again over the whole thing…. not because the public likes pedophiles — we have not yet had massive liberal media campaigns (as with civil rights, gay marriage, drunk driving, tobacco smoking, etc.) for “tolerance” for those whose “orientation” is “minor-attractedness.”  But the whole thing, even to me, a man who takes pride in facing painful truths, is just too frigging overwhelming for the average Joe.
His horror filter kicks in: “I can’t deal with this.”
The whole sell-out “elite” is so beyond sickening…..
Hillary ( 2nd from l.) with her crypto-Jewish daddy Hugh Rodham
“Nothing, and I mean nothing, not stepping into a hardened scab crust of vomit while making out with a hot chick at a club, not french-kissing a German girl on the grass and rolling into the ochre shit of a dog, nothing can make a man limp and sick, sick on all sides, the physical, mental, spiritual and super-spiritual, as seeing HILLARY CLIINTON. Nothing. Dead babies rotting, nothing.She is her own pain, her own sick, she is God’s sickness and disease, she is the sweet smell of a dead animal, she is the embodiment of all that is wrong with modern humans. If liberalism had a face, this is it. No, IT IS it. She’s beyond her own sex, not even female anymore, a square- jawed transmogrification of war and excess.”
The bottom line is that Jewish mega-pedophile Jeffrey Epstein got a cotton-candy sentence in 2007 because he was pandering underage girls to dozens of pedophiles who were five-star VIPs.
Look at this mug shot: the filthy kike is actually smiling, knowing he will get off with a slap on the wrist.
The FBI had at least 40 young women that Epstein had molested — but both the US attorney and local Florida States Attorney allowed the VIP pedophiles to corrupt their prosecutions.

From: Robert Morrow <>” <>
Sent: Saturday, 17 January 2015, 0:07
Subject: Dozens of VIP Pedophile Friends of Mega-Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein


The VIP Pedophile friends of Mega-Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein

(Updated Jan 14, 2015)

The detailed 2006 probable-cause affidavit for Jeffrey Epstein and his pedophilia is here:

Master Web Link:

        Both the Florida State’s Attorney and the Federal government intentionally tanked their cases in 2006 against Jeffrey Epstein due to the enormous amount of VIP pedophiles who were also being given underage girls for sex by mega-pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.
        Mega-pedophile Jeffrey Epstein spent 13 months in prison, only having to go to jail at night. Epstein has now settled lawsuits for child molestation with the families of 32 girls. The FBI in 2006 counted at least 40 underage girls who had been molested by Jeffrey Epstein. Epstein has cravings for girls in the 12, 13, 14, 15 year old age range and he would pander them to his VIP pedophile friends, people who are in some cases nationally or internationally known.
            The case against Epstein was airtight for many counts of child rape, child molestation. The man should have been put away for 20 years minimum. The state of Florida and the Justice Department stepped in and sabotaged the case against Epstein – but why?
Here are some quick links on Mega-pedophile Jeffrey Epstein:
1) Fantastic legal filing of lawyer for the victims Bradley Edwards about Jeffrey Epstein 4-8-11:
2) New York Mag Philip Weiss on Jeffrey Epstein 12-8-2007
3) Alan Dershowitz – Alan Dershowitz, close buddy of Jeffrey Epstein, is a complete & utter pedophile: just ask former Epstein sex slave Virginia Roberts
1980s pic of Harvard Law professor Dershowitz
4) July 2010 Jeffrey Epstein Billionaire Pedophile Goes Free – Conchita Sarnoff –
5) July 2010 The Billionaire Pedophile’s Sex Den – Conchita Sarnoff –
From Robert Morrow    512-306-1510
            Attached (above) is the probable cause affidavit that the police filed on Jeffrey Epstein in May, 2006 after an 11 month investigation into this mega-pedophile by Florida police.
            The reason Jeffrey Epstein was let of the hook after massive amounts of pedophilic crimes was because he was providing underage girls for sexual purposes to many of his power broker friends – people who are national and internationally known; people you often or sometimes see on TV. Epstein should have been put away for 20 years; instead he served 13 months just having to sleep at night in jail. The names listed below are just a starter list for Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophile friends who he pandered underage girls to. By no means at all is this an inclusive list of Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophile friends.
            Epstein’s net worth was $2 billion and he hired as lawyers Alan Dershowitz, Ken Starr and Roy Black of Miami. But money and high profile lawyers is not why Epstein got off the hook. Any person who spent significant time with Jeffrey Epstein knew exactly what that man was about: a man having sex with underage girls and who was providing them to his buddies. Epstein was (is) a human 50 foot neon sign flashing “Pedophilia” and the too young girls were constantly around him. Some of Epstein’s power broker friends were:
1) Bill Clinton  – 17 trips with Epstein including 10 to Pedophile Island. Epstein had 21 ways to contact Clinton. I am 100% sure that Epstein was pandering Bill Clinton underage girls to have sex with during the time period 2002 -2005. This was also during Clinton’s “Ron Burkle” era. Web link:
            I commented to an investigator into Epstein that with Bill’s deep history as a rapist and serial sexual predator the odds of Bill not being pandered underage girls by Epstein would be like one in one million. And the counter-reply to me was that it was more like one in one billion that Clinton was not being pandered underage girls. One of the sex victim lawyers had told this investigator into Jeffrey Epstein that, of course, Bill Clinton was being provided underage girls to have sex with. No-brainer.
2) Prince Andrew – British royalty – Jeffrey Epstein and his girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell pandered Epstein sex slave Virginia Roberts to Prince Andrew multiple times.
Prince Andrew and Virginia Roberts
The victim girls say Prince Andrew was very sexually sadistic; they despised this sick, twisted creature.
3) Ehud Barak [photo], the former Prime Minister of Israel (1999-2001) – pedophile being pandered underage girls by Epstein. Former Israeli Minister of Defense and also a deputy Israeli prime minister under Binyamin Netanyahu from 2009 to 2013.
4) Les Wexner – billionaire businessman who owns the Limited and Victoria’s Secret. Wexner is a hardcore pedophile from Ohio who has given Jeffrey Epstein huge amounts of money. Wexner likes to have sex with underage girls; that is why he was such good friends with pedophilic ringmaster Jeffrey Epstein. Wexner gave $250,000 to Restore Our Future, a Mitt Romney super Pac. Wexner also hosted a fundraiser for Romney. Wexner also gave $65 million to Ohio State University.
5) Jean Luc Brunel – a very key player in Epstein’s pedophile ring. Epstein gave him $1 million for his modeling agency which was really designed to funnel in underage girls for sex by Epstein and his pedophilic circle.
            From Michael Gross’ 1995 book Model:
“Jean-Luc is considered a danger,” says Jérôme Bonnouvrier. “Owning Karins was a dream for a playboy. His problem is that he knows exactly what girls in trouble are looking for. He’s always been on the edge of the system. John Casablancas gets with girls the healthy way. Girls would be with him if he was the butcher. They’re with Jean-Luc because he’s the boss. Jean-Luc likes drugs and silent rape. It excites him.”
“I really despise Jean-Luc as a human being for the way he’s cheapened the business,” says John Casablancas. “There is no justice. This is a guy who should be behind bars. There was a little group, Jean-Luc, Patrick Gilles, and Varsano…They were very well-known in Paris for roaming the clubs. They would invite girls and put drugs in their drinks. Everybody knew they were creeps.”  Link:
A CBS 60 Minutes documentary once put Brunel under the microscope and said that he abused and exploited young women. Jeffrey Epstein hooked up with Brunel, and gave him $1 million, precisely because Brunel was a pipeline for pedophilia and the sexual abuse of young girls aspiring to be models. Virginia Roberts says that just like with Dershowitz, she was forced to have sex with Brunel and was forced to watch Brunel having “sexual acts with dozens of underage girls.”
6) Bill Richardson [photo, right, with Obama], former Democratic governor of New Mexico – pedophile being pandered underage girls by Epstein. Richardson’s name was circled by Epstein’s butler as being a pedophile. Bruce King, former Democratic governor of New Mexico, and who died in 2009 at age 85, was also being pandered girls by Epstein.
8) Larry Summers, former Treasury Secretary – like Alan Dershowitz, he is from Harvard and was close to Epstein.
9) Kevin Spacey – actor in House of Cards. People tell me Spacey is gay and my response is “Have you ever heard of the word bisexual?” Spacey very good friends with 2 bigtime pedophiles: Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Clinton. Spacey, big Hollywood star, has 3.78 million Twitter followers.
10) Chris Tucker – actor. Like Kevin Spacey, Chris Tucker spent a lot of time hanging out with mega-pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.
11) Donald Trump – businessman. Trump’s name was circled by Epstein’s butler as being pandered girls by Epstein.
NyMag: And yet if you talk to Donald Trump, a different Epstein emerges. “I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy,” Trump booms from a speaker phone. “He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it — Jeffrey enjoys his social life.” Link:
Note: Virginia Roberts on Trump: ‘Donald Trump was also a good friend of Jeffrey’s. He didn’t partake in sex with any of us but he flirted with me. He’d laugh and tell Jeffrey, “You’ve got the life.’’ ’
12) Alan Dershowitz – longtime friend of Epstein as well as one of his defense lawyers. Dershowitz was the one who negociated that aburd plea bargain for Epstein that gave him a 13 months (served) sentence and a 16 hour/day day pass so he could spend most of his time in his mansion. Epstein sex slave Virginia Roberts has said that Epstein made her have sex with Dershowitz numerous times. The real question is how many other underage girls was Dershowitz having sex with?Virginia Roberts says Dershowitz also witnessed Epstein’s pedophilic activities.
13) George Mitchell – former US senator from Maine 1980-1995, chairman of Walt Disney 2004-2007, former steering group member of Bilderberg  George Mitchell, despite his conservative exterior, is a pedophile and he was being pandered underage girls by Epstein. George Mitchell is a freak.       
            Of that list above, I think it is extremely likely that the vast majority of those men listed were engaged in pedophilic activities with Jeffrey Epstein’s underage girls. Most of those men were having sex with underage girls, committing statutory rape.
Epstein was recruiting girls age 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17. The age of consent in Florida is age 18. In New York the age of consent is age 17. The age of consent in the Virgin Islands is 18.
            George W. Bush (president at the time) is a personal friend of Bill Clinton (Bubba he calls him). Actually, GWB calls Bill Clinton “his brother from another mother.” In fact, GWB calls Bill Clinton his “brother from another mother” and the Bush family has pretty much adopted both Bill and Hillary as lovely and wonderful close personal friends.
             Alberto Gonzales was the nation’s Attorney General when Epstein was let off the hook by the Justice Department. Get the drift? Alberto Gonzales was Attorney General from February, 2005 until September 17, 2007. So Gonzales was in place right when the Jeffrey Epstein pedophile scandal was breaking (May 2006 probable cause affidavit filed Epstein – that affidavit is attached to this email).
            In addition to pressure from Bill Clinton, add pressure from British government, the Israeli government and possibly kingpin GOP donor and pedophile Les Wexner and you have some tremendous forces wanting to put the Epstein case under the rug.
            After Epstein was indicted in 2006, Prince Andrew traveled to Washingon, DC and met with the British ambassador to Washington and one can assume that the Epstein case was a high topic of conversation. Additionally, with former Israeli prime minister Ehud Barak getting underage girls from Epstein, the govt. of Israel and probably Barak personally were twisting American arms.
            The reason the Justice Dept. (and the state of Florida) sabotaged the case against Epstein was because of all the high profile pedophiles that were involved. The Republican Attorney General in this time period (2006) was Charlie Crist who later became governor of Florida (2007-2011). Alberto Gonzales, a Bush lackey, was the U.S. Attorney General.
One of Jeffrey Epstein’s recruiters for young girls was the notorious Ghislaine Maxwell:
Note: “Regarding Maxwell, the documents refer to sworn testimony by Epstein’s former house manager, Alfredo Rodriguez, explaining how Maxwell took photos of girls without the girls’ knowledge, “kept the images on her computer, knew the names of the underage girls and their respective phone numbers and other underage victims.” “- See more at:
            Bill Clinton is a close personal friend of Ghislaine Maxwell and he invited her to Chelsea’s wedding. The odds are extremely high that Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell were providing underage girls for Bill Clinton to have sex with. Both Epstein and Ghislaine were heavily into enabling the pedophilic activities of their power broker friends.
Blog posts on Ghislaine Maxwell:
1) meeksiegirl 5ptsFeatured
Apr 23, 2012
I can speak from first hand experience the allegations against her recruiting women for their sick endeavors are true. Two of my college roommates and myself were approached by her on our school’s campus in 2001 and asked to come help them with “office-type tasks”. She offered $300 per day that we would come work for her. After a few trips to their mansion, the requests moved beyond “answering phones and taking messages”. At that point was when we cut all ties with them.
2) truthseekerin2012 Apr 1, 2012
The reporter and the rest of you are just speculating. I know for a fact that ghislaine maxwell did this horrible crap. My ex was one of those girls. My ex is a total mess from having “worked” for these two worthless human beings and she broke down and told me it all when the papers came to her door.. Jeffrey Epstein is in fact a total pervert and so is G maxwell. What is written does not even come close to the actual things the both of them have done. They should both be in prison for the rest of their lives. I know one really sweetheart of a girl that they totally ruin for epstein’s egg shaped dick. Rather small as well from what my ex told me. I hope I cross paths with him one day. It may be his last.
marypoppins789 5ptsFeatured
Mar 17, 2011
I know you are dismissing Mr. Epstein’s penchant for girls under 18 as an “oddity”.It is however breaking the law. Possibly if it was your sister or your daughter who was “recruited” by Ms.Maxwell you would be less than charitable. He has “settled” out of court all pending cases and in return more or less bought Ghislaine a “get out of jail free” card. When their relationship ceased being sexual after almost a decade she was still “with” him and complained about setting him up on “dates.”That was a bit odd but people have done more for less money. At no time did I or anyone who heard her say that think she was finding this man, CHILDREN. Since every girl claims she “lied” about her age to Epstein, I can only imagine Ghislaine had versed them on what to say prior to meeting Jeffery, it’s called denial culpability.Manipulative and Calculating are two areas Ghislaine truly has excelled. You are aware that when she was finally ready to “move on” she negotiated a multi-million dollar “settlement” from Epstein?At the time it seemed odd, they weren’t married, they had no children. In hindsight, Ghislaine’s aiding and abetting his perverted life, it makes perfect sense. I’m glad you think she truly cares about anything other than herself. We should call her Madam Maxwell, she basically was a pimp. I’m truly sorry you think it’s fine to talk about how fantastic of a person she might be at a party but I can’t really imagine she’s a fine human being on any level. ( it’s too bad she was photographed with Andy and his illegal arm candy, I mean the arm candy had been in Epstein’s employ for 2 years) Ghislaine photographed many of Epstein’s girls nude so that he could show them off as art in his Palm Beach Estate. Please consider your personal ethics when writing such a glowing piece about a woman who aided and abetted a criminal FOR PROFIT at the expense of girls who are considered CHILDREN in our country and by US laws.
Jeffrey Epstein had a 98 page detailed “black book” of contacts. Alfredo Rodriguez, the house manager, was the one who had to go clean up the sex toys after Jeffrey Epstein and the other pedophiles were done, and he took Epstein’s black book of contacts (“the Holy Grail he called it”) and he circled the names of the (mostly men pedophiles) who were being given underage girls for illicit sex by Jeffrey Epstein.
            The “circled names” in the Holy Grail black book of contacts were people who Alfredo Rodriguez thought were engaging in sex with underage girls. Alfredo Rodriguez was the house manager, or butler, for Epstein’s house in Palm Beach and he would not know what Epstein and his vastly larger circle of pedophile friends were doing around the world. Therefore, the “circled list” of pedophiles below is by no means inclusive – not by a long shot. Alfredo Rodriguez was the one who would have to clean up Epstein’s sex toys after the orgies and molestations were over.
            Here are some of the names Alfredo Rodriguez, now deceased, circled because he thought they were having sex with underage girls:
1) Flavio Briatore – estimated net worth $150 million. Forumula One racing manager
2) Jean Luc Brunel – an epic pedophile in the modeling industry and one of the closest friends of Jeffrey Epstein. Should be in jail for 25 years.
3) Bruce King, former governor of New Mexico, who died in 2009 at age 85.
4) Bill Richardson, former governor of New Mexico.
5) Ehud Barak, former prime minister of Israel – My sources say this man is a big time pedophile.
6) Alan Dershowitz              According to an Undisputed Statement of Fact filed by the victims’ lawyers in April of 2011, “Epstein’s housekeeper Alfredo Rodriguez testified that Dershowitz stayed at Epstein’s house during the years when Epstein was assaulting minor females on a daily basis” and “Dershowitz was at Epstein’s house at times when underage females where there being molested by Epstein.”
            For me the question is not did Alan Dershowitz statutorily rape Virginia Roberts numerous times, but rather what other underage girls was Dershowitz having sex with.
7) Courney Love bisexual singer –
8) Peter Soros, the nephew of George Soros and the son of Paul Soros –
9) Joseph Rueda (wife is Floven)
10) Ghislaine Maxwell – pedophilic girlfriend of Jeffrey Epstein. She is the one who snared a 15 year old Virginia Roberts into the Epstein pedophile web in 1998. She is also very good friends with Bill Clinton who invited her to Chelsea’s wedding in 2010. She is the daughter of Robert Maxwell. She also pandered Virginia Roberts to Prince Andrew.  
11) Alberto Pinto (1945-2012) – French high end interior designer 1) 2) his work
12) Valson Vieira – French millionaire
13) Dr. Eva Andersson, a former Ford model – She is also former Miss Sweden:
14) Les Wexner. Huge Republican PAC donor.  Held fundraiser event for Mitt Romney. Very close to Jeffrey Epstein and gave him huge amounts of money, presumably for money and investment management. Both Les Wexner and Jeffrey Epstein are ardent pedophiles with a deep sexual thirst for underage girls. Wexner, owner of the Limited and Victoria’s Secrets, has a lot of Republican friends. Epstein has a deep well of Democratic friends. Estimated net worth – $6 billion – huge retailing fortune –
            Some people think Les Wexner has had a man murdered in Ohio. I am referring to the Arthur Shapiro case –  Gave $65 million to Ohio State University.
Journalist Bob Fitrakis on the Shapiro murder – “Chief Jackson was charged in 1996 for “improper disposal of a public record for ordering the destruction of a report on the Shapiro homicide,” according to the Dispatch. What they did not write is the more obvious. Columbus’ chief of police destroyed documents pertaining to an ongoing and unsolved Mob-style slaying of a prominent individual tied to central Ohio’s only billionaire – Les Wexner.

The Dispatch’s key paragraph reads as follows: “The Civil Service Commission eventually upheld the charge against Jackson, who said the report was so filled with wild speculation about prominent business leaders that it was potentially libelous.”

The Dispatch pretty much leaves it at that. An unredacted copy of the Shapiro file obtained by the Alive analyzed “unusual interactive relations between the following business organizations” and then listed, among others, The Limited; Walsh Trucking Company; the renamed Schwartz, Kelm, Warren, and Rubenstein Law Firm; Omni Oil Company; the Eddie DeBartolo Company of Youngstown, Ohio; and local developer John W. Kessler.

Jackson destroyed the Shapiro murder file not because of “wild speculation” but because of a detailed analysis linking two of Ohio’s richest men, DeBartolo and Wexner, to the Genovese/LaRocca organized crime families. A similar news story appeared in the Philadelphia Inquirer in 1988.”
15) Eric Gany – I think but am not sure this refers to Hewlett Bay partner Eric Gany Big time Democratic donor, so it is probably the right one:
16) A”Cindy Lopez” of Karin Models. This would be in the pre-2006 time period.
17) Timothy Newcombe (Ohio) of Newcombe Electronic Systems 1) 2) Timothy Newcome listed here as a new member of Temple Israel (Dec. 1991) in Columbus, Ohio.
18) Douglas Schoettle, architect who has both NY and Bahamas residences. NYMag: “After word of the investigation got back to Epstein, through his girls, police served a search warrant at the house right under the noses of New York decorator Mark Zeff and architect Douglas Schoettle, who were there planning a renovation, and seized a dozen or so photographs of naked women the girls had described as well as the penis- and vagina-shaped soaps.”
20) Tom Sawyers – New Jersey millionaire
21) Christopher Gaie of Florida – I do not know which one. Gaie is listed as a witness of Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophilic activities by Alfredo Rodriguez.
22) Donald Trump – NY businessman. Afredo Rodriguez circled Trump’s name as some one who Jeffrey Epstein had pandered underage girls (or girl) to.
Web links with articles relating to the Jeffrey Epstein Case:
List of Jeffrey Epstein’s VIP pedophile buddies:
Fantastic legal filing of Bradley Edwards about Jeffrey Epstein 4-8-11:
New York Mag Philip Weiss on Jeffrey Epstein 12-8-2007
Guardian – Jeffrey Epstein – inside the decade of scandal entangling Prince Andrew
Alan Dershowitz, close buddy of Jeffrey Epstein, is a complete & utter pedophile
Yet another pedophile represented by Alan Dershowitz: Kirtanananda Swami
NRO Ed Whelan on “Alan Dershowitz’s Curious Denials” 1-7-15:
Alan Dershowitz tried to discredit girl who accused Jeffrey Epstein of Rape 1-8-15
TIME: Alan Dershowitz Sex Scandal Lawsuit has High Legal Stakes
Tamara Tabo examines Pedophile Allegations against Alan Dershowitz
WSJ: Documents Show Earlier Effort to Link Dershowitz to Epstein Scandal 1-9-15
Jon Swaine, Guardian – Alan Dershowitz Tried to Discredit Teenager Who Accused Jeffrey Epstein of Rape -1-9-15
Defending Alan Dershowitz is Not a Jewish Issue 1-8-15
AP: Prominent Lawyer Alan Dershowitz Denies Underage Sex Claims 1-6-15
Jeffrey Epstein – “The Most dangerous sexual predator America has ever seen” – The Independent, 1-7-15
Serial Liar and Perjurer Alan Dershowitz Swears he never had Sex with Epstein Sex Slave Virginia Roberts Jan 2015:
Wife of Child Rapist Alan Dershowitz defends psychopathic husband
Rabbi Shumley Boteach (Jan 2015): Jews Should defend Child Rapist and Psychopathic Serial Liar Alan Dershowitz
Hollywood Reporter: Alan Dershowitz Vows to Clear Name after Sex Abuse Accusation reporter was a student of Dershowitz
Mega Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein Accused of “Witness Tampering” on Questions About Prince Andrew Having Sex With Underage Girls
CNN interviews Child rapist and psychopathic Serial Liar Alan Dershowitz – Jan 2015
“Bill Clinton’s Pedophilic Past Comes Back to Haunt Him” – Alex Jones
Vanity Fair Editor 2003 Took out Pedophile Allegations of Jeffrey Epstein story says Vicky Ward –
Jeffrey Epstein kept a little black book with names of VIP pedophiles and girls for Pedos to molest 2011
Russia Today – Bill Clinton’s name found 21 times in Mega Pedophile’s “black book”
Ghislaine Maxwell Stripped down to Undies to Teach 15 year old Virginia Roberts how to Massage Pedo Jeffrey Epstein
Infowars 2015- Bill Clinton & the Pedophile: Sex Scandal That Could Destroy Hillary’s Presidential Ambitions
2015 Manhattan DA’s office goes to bat for Mega Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein –
Jane Doe Lawyers Sue Child Rapist Alan Dershowitz for Defamation
PDF of Jane Doe Lawyers suing Dershowitz for Defamation –
Woman Suing Jeffrey Epstein for Sexual Slavery Says Bill Clinton Must Have Known:
Epstein Sex Slave Virginia Roberts Says Bill Clinton had to have known about Epstein’s Pedophilia –
Mega Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein had 21 ways to contact Bill Clinton:
Virginia Roberts, Sex Slave for Jeffrey Epstein, to write tell all book about his pedo friends
Prince Andrew – an Unguided Missile Who has done the Monarchy Grave Harm 2015
NYMag – Jeffrey Epstein – International Money Man of Mystery –
Jeffrey and Ghislaine: Notes on New York’s Oddest Alliance: March 2011:
Prince Andrew: Ties to Jeffrey Epstein and His Tenuous Position in “the Firm”
All the Jeffrey Epstein Allegations Vanity Fair Would not Publish in 2003
Vanity Fair Failed to Report Solid Evidence of Jeffrey Epstein’s Underage Sexcapades 12 Years Ago
2003 Vanity Fair profile on Jeffrey Epstein. Editor Removed Pedophilia Allegations:
2015: Ten Questions Prince Andrew Must Answer in Sex Slave Scandal:
July 2010 Jeffrey Epstein Billionaire Pedophile Goes Free – Conchita Sarnoff –
July 2010 The Billionaire Pedophile’s Sex Den – Conchita Sarnoff –
Jeffrey Epstein Mocks the Law that Just Let Him Off Easy – Conchita Sarnoff 2-26-11
Wikipedia Page for Mega Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein:
Was a Mossad Blackmail Ring linked to blackmailing Prince Andrew ?
Two of Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophile recruiters (women) have new identies & run firms from Epstein linked property-
Jeffrey Epstein: Billionaire pedophile with ties to Bill Clinton, Kevin Spacey, Robert Maxwell & Prince Andrew ––and-royalty-9954397.html
Clinton Insider Lanny Davis defends his longtime friend, Child Rapist Alan Dershowitz,Jan 2015
Mother Jones – 2015 – on the Bill Clinton connection to Jeffrey Epstein
Defend “Israel’s advocate” Alan Dershowitz against rape claims, says prominent rabbi
Lawyers for former sex slave Virginia Roberts sue Child Rapist Alan Dershowitz  for defamation
Sexual Sadist Prince Andrew and the picture with His Sex Slave Virginia Roberts that speaks a thousand damning words
St. James Island  Exposed: The Elites Best Kept Secret, Until Now – 2015
Jeffrey Epstein: Prince Andrew’s pedo billionaire pal bullied journalist into suppressing expose
John Hinderaker – Could Jeffrey Epstein Doom Hillary’s Presidential Hopes? 1-4-15
Clinton Foundation Accepted $25,000 From Known Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein in 2006
Jeffrey Epstein – Sleazy Billionaire’s Double Life Featured Beach Parties With Stephen Hawking
Rush Limbaugh 1-5-15 on Jeffrey Epstein and the Clintons
Manhattan DA’s Office went Super Easy on Mega Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein
Virginia Roberts, Jeffrey Epstein’s Fave Sex Slave: Bill Clinton Knew all about it
Cal Thomas on Bill Clinton’s Links to Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein
Page Six: Hillary Furious over Bill’s part in Jeffrey Epstein pedophile scandal 1-8-15
NYT 7-1-08 Financier Starts Sentence in Prostitution Case
Sept 2006 Prince Andrew meets with Sir David Manning, the UK ambassador to Washington
Lawyers ask Mega Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein if he has an egg shaped Penis:
Redstate – Jeffrey Epstein  and the Triumph of the cultural 1% – 1-8-15
Jeffrey Epstein’s lawyers tried to Gag the Press and Conchita Sarnoff  in July 2011
Random House would not publish Conchita Sarnoff’s book on pedo Epstein unless she took out the Bill Clinton connection
Pedo Jeffrey Epstein’s Pedo Recuiter Jean Luc Brunel likes to Drug and Rape Girls – Jezebel 8-4-10
Every Property Owned by Sleazy Financier Jeffrey Epstein:
Ronn Torossian: Defending Alan Dershowitz is Not a Jewish Issue
The Observer – Prince Andrew’s link to sex offender Jeffrey Epstein taints royalty in US
NY Daily News: Bid for New Charges against Prince Andrew pal Jeffrey Epstein, accused of sexually abusing girls
Tower Investors – lots of web links on Jeffrey Epstein –
Jeffrey Epstein address book “Holy Grail” of famous names March-2011
Daily Mirror interviews Larry Visoski, the pilot for Jeffrey Epstein 2015 –
Ann Coulter Preaching the Holy Word on the Jeffrey Epstein case
Ann Coulter on 1-7-05 on FOX:
Ann Coulter says the Epstein rape case is “not just a Clinton sex scandal,” but the “elites” “covering up and protecting one another.”

“This is what MSNBC and the rest of the networks have been describing what they thought these fraternities, what they thought the [Duke] lacrosse rape [case was],” Coulter said on FOX News’ Hannity. This is the elites circling the wagon and protecting a pederast. It’s a shocking case and that’s just the known facts.”
ANN COULTER: This is a really important story. And I so love that you’re pitching it just as a Clinton sex scandal, but it is so much more than that. And it’s appalling that the only place that covered it last night — I watched TV, every station — was Megyn Kelly. God bless her. At least we got it out there. This is not just a Clinton sex scandal; this is the elites getting cozy and covering up and protecting one another. It also involves the Bush administration, it involves Ken Starr, the lawyers for Epstein.

There are some facts that are absolutely known, there are some that are only allegations right now. But the basic story is that Jeffrey Epstein — there’s a major Palm Beach police investigation, a young girl, 15-year-old girl’s mother went to Palm Beach police back in 2006 and said my daughter is being paid to have sex with this rich man in Palm Beach. Palm Beach police staged a very detailed investigation without Epstein’s knowledge.

They went through his garbage, they get sworn statements from about a half-dozen of the victims as well as this slightly older girl who was procuring them. The evidence was quite strong and the same prosecutor that was going after Rush Limbaugh for back pain medication for two years wants to just give him a little ticket, just pay ten dollars and that’s enough for having sex with these underage girls, that’s of course statutory rape in Florida.

The Palm Beach police went mental after they staged this investigation and put all the evidence together. So they went to the federal government. That’s where this case comes involved. The U.S. Attorney who actually was a good guy but he is described in a letter to whom it may concern that showed up in The Daily Beast just these astonishing attacks that his office came under from Jeffrey Epstein’s defense team including Ken Starr and Alan Dershowitz, Roy black, all of the legal dream team.

The prosecutors private’s lives were investigated and according to the U.S. Attorney they were just pressured, jerked around, everything was appealed. Eventually they get Epstein to agree to plead guilty to a state charge, allegedly sentenced to 18 months, in fact it was 13 months and for 16 hours a day he was allowed to go to his mansion in Palm Beach. So he got basically no jail time. He is a registered sex offender.

There is a federal law sponsored by, among others, [Former] Senator Jon Kyl (R-AZ) and it says victims are asking for, could we please just have the rights of criminals. They want to be notified as a case is going forward. None of that happened in this case. A secret agreement was struck. The documents are under seal. A no prosecution agreement against not only Epstein but his lawyers and all these other friends of his. They are suing under that, they can open this case again. They could breach the no prosecution.

That case has been going on since 2008. That’s Jane Doe One, Jane Doe Two. Now, Friday, the new news that brings your favorite topic into this, Bill Clinton, is Jane Doe Three and Jane Doe Four come forward and their allegations involve Prince Andrew, Alan Dershowitz. One of them, Jane Doe Three, Alan Dershowitz the lawyer and Bill Clinton, of course. So, that is how their names have come into this.

What I do want to say is this is not just — I mean, who knows about the specific allegations, of course I’m saying nothing about that. All you can do is read the legal findings. The lawyer bringing this case, one of the main ones, Paul Cassell, is probably the most impressive lawyer in the country. And he’s up there with Miguel Estrada. This is not a frivolous case. So keep following this case.

And the fact that thus far this has only been covered on Fox News is shocking. This is not a political thing. This is what MSNBC and the rest of the networks have been describing what they thought these fraternities, what they thought the [Duke] lacrosse rape [case was]. This is the elites circling the wagon and protecting a pederast. It’s a shocking case and that’s just the known facts.
So what does Mega Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein think about his case?
Jezebel: And Jeffrey Epstein recently cracked to the New York Post, “I’m not a sexual predator, I’m an ‘offender.'” What’s the distinction? “It’s the difference between a murderer and a person who steals a bagel.”

…. from KA Strom


Jeffrey Epstein: The Uncovering

dershowitz_roberts_epsteinAmerican Dissident Voices broadcast of January 17, 2015

Listen to the broadcastby Kevin Alfred Strom

BACK IN 1999, the maverick Jewish director Stanley Kubrick — who once famously said that “Adolf Hitler got almost everything right” — produced his last film, Eyes Wide Shut, a chilling look into a secret society of elitists and wealthy men, many of them obvious Jews, using young White women as sex slaves on a massive scale, and corrupting or killing anyone who found out about it. Fast forward to today, and the Jeffrey Epstein case proves that the reality of the cynical sexual use of naive, trusting young White girls — many of them little more than children — by Jewish money-men and the politicians they corrupt goes far, far beyond anything shown us in Kubrick’s film. (ILLUSTRATION: Two Jews, financier Jeffrey Epstein [right] and high-profile lawyer and Zionist Alan Deshowitz flanking the then-17-year-old girl who says she was one of many sex slaves employed by them, some as young as 12)

A recent court filing tells us that Epstein bought, trafficked, and traded sexual favors from at least dozens of bought-and-paid-for young females, all of them White girls as far as is known, and some of them as young as 12, and passed them around to his wealthy Jewish friends, like uber-Zionist lawyer Alan Dershowitz and others. He also reportedly gave access to these sex slaves to corrupt White politicians, including former President Bill Clinton, Senator George Mitchell, and Britain’s Prince Andrew. Need I add that the mansion where these trysts took place is well-equipped with video cameras in every room?

Jeffrey Epstein is a 61-year-old Jewish financier. Though he claims to come from a middle-class family, by his twenties he was a partner in the Wall Street firm Bear Stearns, advising the wealthy on “tax strategies.” A few years later he had his own company and a reputed net worth of over $2 billion, and bragged that he only took on billionaires for clients. Other traders remarked how curious it was that Epstein was almost invisible on the Street and that his actual trading activities were unknown and unwitnessed. His only known client was the owner of the The Limited and Victoria’s Secret and big GOP/Mitt Romney donor, Leslie Wexner — also a Jew. All his other clients were, according to Epstein himself, “secret.”

Epstein lives in a nine-story, 51,000-square-foot former private school, what Vanity Fair calls “New York’s largest private residence” — and, if you’ve been to New York City, you know that’s really saying something. And that’s not all. He also lives part time in what is said to be the largest private dwelling in New Mexico — an $18 million, 7,500-acre ranch. He also spends time at his $6.8 million house in Palm Beach, Florida — where he periodically, and wisely as we shall see, makes $100,000 donations to the police department. And he has a fleet of aircraft, including a Gulfstream IV, a helicopter, and even his very own Boeing 727. He also owns his own private 70-acre island: Little St. James, in the U.S. Virgin Islands, where he and his powerful friends like to have their private “fun.”

Epstein was amazingly open about what he was doing. According to witnesses, his mansions were decorated with nude photographs he’d taken of his young victims, and such photos were also routinely seen scattered across the desks in his offices. Servants testified how they were required to set up multiple “massage tables”daily, complete with “sex toys” and lubricants — for the sexual “massages” that Epstein demanded from the teen girls procured for him. Even Donald Trump — one of Jeffrey’s non-Jewish friends — joked about Epstein’s predilections and how much “fun” it was to visit him.

In 2005 and 2006, the Palm Beach police department received a complaint from the parents of a 14-year-old girl — who had been repeatedly absent from home on the pretext that she was “shopping” — that Jeffrey Epstein had been employing her, and many other underage girls, for sexual purposes.

Investigators eventually elicited testimony from literally dozens of young girls that Epstein was requiring them to provide not only so-called “massages” but actual sexual intercourse. “The more you do, the more you get paid,” stated one of Epstein’s procurers, according to the Probable Cause Warrant filed against him in 2006. Epstein usually employed female procurers, who would meet the victims at school or sports events or other venues, befriend them, and lure them to one of Epstein’s estates with promises of money, learning the “legitimate massage” trade, and enjoying the “jet set” lifestyle. Once they were in the presence of Epstein, they were “sternly told” to remove their clothes and the “massages” immediately became sexual and escalated from there, according to witnesses. One procurer brought a 23-year-old to Epstein, but he rejected her “services,” stating that she was “too old.” Most of the girls were stated to be between 13 and 16, with a few as old as 18. For his birthday one year, Epstein was provided with two 12-year-old French girls, flown across the Atlantic just for the occasion. Witnesses stated that another Jew, Epstein’s former girlfriend and daughter of UK Jewish media mogul Robert Maxwell, Ghislaine Maxwell, was Jeffrey’s chief procurer and constant companion. According to testimony, Maxwell even stripped and instructed the watching teens on how to properly perform sex acts on Epstein.

The honest police officers in Palm Beach who investigated this case were aghast at the result of their months-long investigation. The case against Epstein was absolutely air-tight: Witnesses abounded — young witnesses with no financial motivation whatsoever — to charge Jeffrey Epstein with hundreds of counts of child rape, child molestation, unlawful sexual intercourse, corruption of minors, and much, much more. The potential sentences for the crimes involved would have staggering, involving centuries upon centuries. But the state of Florida, higher-ups in the police department (remember those $100,000 donations?), and the US Justice Department stepped in and sabotaged the case against Epstein. Why?

Former special prosecutor Ken Starr, a White man married to a Jew and one of Epstein’s private attorneys, is one reason. Ultrazionist lawyer and author Alan Dershowitz is another. Both were part of Epstein’s huge legal “dream team,” who descended on Palm Beach like the Wicked Witch’s monkeys descended on Oz. According to published records, this “team” hired private investigators to look into the personal lives of detectives and prosecutors and other local officials, and began “jerking them around” and threatening them with unpleasant consequences if they continued to pursue charges against Epstein. Dershowitz — one of Israel’s biggest defenders in the media — as it happens is one of Epstein’s closest friends, and according to new testimony was present during sex orgies on Epstein’s private island and jets. At least one White teen girl, Virginia Roberts, was forced by Epstein to have sex with the troll-like, reptilian-looking Dershowitz on numerous occasions. Dershowitz was no doubt highly motivated to stop this case in its tracks.

In 2006, the same US Justice Department that falsely prosecuted David Duke, Chester Doles, Matt Hale, myself and many other White advocates at around the same time, also stepped in on the Jeffrey Epstein case. But they did not step in to prosecute this Jewish abuser and raper of teenage White girls. They stepped in tostop his prosecution. Secret proceedings — I thought secret legal proceedings were supposed to be against the law in the United States — took place which are still under seal. The end result was called, believe it or not, a “Non-Prosecution Agreement” under which Epstein’s associates, procurers, and powerful Wall Street, Buckingham Palace, and Washington DC friends were not to be charged at all, and all charges against Epstein would be dropped, except one local charge of soliciting one minor for prostitution. Under the agreement, Epstein would be sentenced to 18 months and would serve 13 — but not in an ordinary hellhole jail or prison, but a special VIP suite set up for him and at which many of his procurers and young female associates visited him daily. And he would be required to be in his so-called “jail cell” essentially only while he was sleeping — from 10PM to 6AM. At all other times, he was perfectly free to live at his estate as he always had, and his whereabouts and activities were not monitored.

When Epstein’s papers, trash, journals, and other records were investigated it was discovered that he had numerous guests and contacts among the rich and powerful. He had no fewer than 21 different contact numbers for Bill Clinton, who a witness saw offered the “services” of two twin teen brunettes (who he reportedly turned down) at one of the many romps at Epstein’s estates that Clinton attended. Epstein had some 16 different ways to contact Britain’s Prince Andrew, who remained a loyal Epstein associate even after his conviction, and who, according to affidavits filed recently, was repeatedly “given” the forced sexual services of a 17-year-old White girl — the same one that Epstein forced to have sex with fellow Jew Dershowitz. Britain’s very powerful and very Jewish “Lord” Mandelson had no fewer than ten entries in Epstein’s contact book. Many other luminaries of the Anglo-American establishment were there too, along with Israeli leader Ehud Barak.

One investigator was told by independent writer Robert Morrow that considering Bill Clinton’s “deep history as a rapist and serial sexual predator the odds of Bill not being pandered underage girls by Epstein would be like one in one million. And the counter-reply …was that it was more like one in one billion that Clinton was not being pandered underage girls.” Clinton took 17 trips with Epstein, ten of them to what journalists are now calling Pedophile Island.

Another close Epstein associate is another probable Jew, Jean Luc Brunel — who has been accused of drugging and sexually abusing White teenage girls used by his modeling agency. Epstein paid Brunel $1 million for his modeling agency which, according to published reports, “was really designed to funnel in underage girls for sex by Epstein.” In Michael Gross’ 1995 book Model  we read “Jean-Luc is considered a danger… Owning Karins was a dream for a playboy. His problem is that he knows exactly what girls in trouble are looking for. He’s always been on the edge of the system. …Jean-Luc likes drugs and silent rape. It excites him.” Former sex slave Virginia Roberts states that, just as with Dershowitz, she was “forced to have sex with Brunel and was forced to watch Brunel having sexual acts with dozens of underage girls.”

One mother relates that Epstein and his procurers were especially on the lookout for vulnerable teen girls who could be easily manipulated. The girl, a teenage actress aged 13, who had recently lost her father, received notes asking her to “meet with” Epstein.

And it’s all a very Jewish thing, and it’s not just me and other critics of the Jewish establishment who are saying that. Rabbi Schmuley Boteach, a major pro-Israel pundit in the controlled media, has rallied, as he puts it, “all Jews” to defend Epstein associate Alan Dershowitz, citing ethnic loyalty and loyalty to Israel as the main reason. Boteach wrote that Dershowitz is “a man of sterling character who has been a champion of the Jewish people and Israel his entire life… We are all mindful of women who are victims of sexual crimes and they must, of course, be protected. But the reputations of individuals who have devoted their lives to the greater good deserve consideration as well.”

Dershowitz himself, always hyper-aggressive, has really popped a blood vessel now that his friend Epstein is back in the news. Enraged by the fact that the “Non-Prosecution Agreement” he negotiated has been essentially nullified by a lawsuit filed by some of Epstein’s former sex slaves — one of the whom, Virginia Roberts, is the one who says she was forced to have sex with Dershowitz when she was 17 — Dershowitz appeared on CNN in an obviously agitated mood, calling the woman a “serial liar” and “serial prostitute,” threatening to have her lawyers disbarred, and even raving about the teenager “meeting the queen,” a claim she never made. The visibly shaken Dershowitz even made a possibly revealing Freudian slip about halfway through the interview, saying his own affidavit would “categorically deny the truth.” Watch it and see for yourself.

One of Epstein’s sex slaves reportedly asked Epstein at one of his “parties” why Bill Clinton was there, and was told “He owes me some favors.” This is a key insight. Just as an uncensored look at Jewish Hollywood reveals the sexual abuse of Whites — male and female — by Jews, as I discussed in my program “The Evil Fun House,” so also the Epstein case reveals how the Jewish-dominated West really operates at the highest level. Undreamed of riches, stolen from hard-working Americans by corrupt politicians, Jewish bankers, and Jewish Wall Street tricksters, is used to buy the actual sexual slavery of young White women and girls, whose “favors” are then essentially sold for real political favors and special treatment by powerful Jews. When the favor-trading negotiations don’t go the way the Jews want, there’s always the video recordings of the politician’s or judges’ last few visits to the east bedroom to hold over his head. This is way American “democracy” really works. This is the real world. And these are just a tiny few of the things that Jeffrey Epstein has done — the few he’s actually been caught doing. And Jeffrey Epstein is just a tiny part of the very sick, very corrupt, Jewish-led System that currently rules the Western world. Uncovering Jeffrey Epstein is like uncovering one termite tunnel in one floorboard of a whole rotted city filled with termites and about to collapse in on itself. Let’s never forget that. Let’s not return to our lives as usual. Let’s never rest until Jeffrey Epstein and his cronies and friends and fellow tribesmen are removed from power over us — forever.

* * *

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