AH was FOR guns!!! And meditating on his imminent return

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First, the truth about Hitler and guns — he made it easier than ever to own them!


A super French WN weekly, Rivarol, was critiquing Jean-Marie Le Pen, founder of the Front National, who never achieved a breakthrough for France in 40 years, and then, grown old, turned his WN party over to his secretly leftist daughter. Marine Le Pen has proven a huge disappointment, she went “moderate” on absolutely everything her father stood for, she lives “shacked up” with a jewish lawyer, and she expelled her own father from the party he founded!

Rivarol wrote something profound:

(first in French) Dans le “Rivarol” n° 3287 du 15 juin, Hannibal – toujours lui ! – dans un article intitulé “De l’imposture de Zorro à l’assassinat de Jeanne d’Arc” (en page 12), s’interroge sur celui ou celle qu’il aurait fallu choisir pour défendre la nation française et il écrit :

(…) A vrai dire, Le Pen lui-même n’avait pas tout à fait le profil. C’était Du Guesclin, ce qui n’est déjà pas si mal. Il lui manquait les voix, celles d’en haut, pas celles des électeurs, sainte Catherine, sainte Marguerite. Il lui manquait, pour réussir une pleine rupture avec le système, une volonté de sacrifice christique, qui lui aurait fait prononcer certaines vérités en direct au vingt heures, amenant sa mort politique pour libérer l’Euramérique de son mensonge originel. Mais il n’est pas facile de se laisser tuer en direct sur le Golgotha médiatique. Ne pleurons pas sur le passé, voyons l’avenir. Pour que les peuples continuent à espérer en Jeanne d’Arc, il y a sacrément intérêt à ce qu’elle se ramène fissa. La foi flageole.

And now in English


In the “Rivarol” No. 3287 of June 15, Hannibal – always him! – in one article entitled “From the Imposture of Zorro to the Assassination of Joan of Arc” (on page 12),  wonders whom Jean-Marie Le Pen should have chosen to defend the French nation  as his successor, and writes:

To tell the truth, Le Pen himself did not quite have the profile [of greatness]. He was more Du Guesclin [a good general in the One Hundred Years War, but he achieved no breakthrough], which is not bad.

But he lacked the voice from on high, from above, more than the votes of the voters, he lacked what Joan of Arc, and St. Catherine, and St. Margaret heard.

Actual German police forensic computer reconstruction of the face of Joan of Arc

He lacked, in order to succeed in a complete break with the system, that will to self-sacrifice which would have made him pronounce certain truths [about the Holocaust and the Jews] on live television at eight pm [the evening news], bringing about his political death, of course, but liberating Euramerica from its original sin, the lie.

Jean-Marie and his grand-niece Marion, who quit politics after the lousy showing in the presidential race of her aunt Marine. It is not time to be “moderate” with 230 French beheaded in the last two years by muslim immigrants or crushed by trucks!

But it is not easy to let them execute you on live tv upon the media Golgotha.

But let us not cry over the past; let us regard the future.

For the peoples to continue to hope for a Joan of Arc, there is every reason for her to return now, for the faith is flagging.


But he will return, and I mean literally.

But not as a 128-year-old man.


Hitler: the folk wants leadership it can believe in, not the rule of the majority

…….Who is John de Nugent?

Little white boy tears up at Beethoven’s ”Moonlight Sonata” (4.8 mio views), another likely indication of reincarnation; WHO REALLY THEN IS “JOHN DE NUGENT”? & Trump, the thin reed


……Got a wonderful FB message:

“Dear JdN.

I have been spending hours on your blog reading and watching, researching further where I had to in order to gain a clear perspective of your writings.

I am in awe! Primarily of the UFO Fourth Reich, Pleiadians and Nordics etc info. Staggering, breath stealing, edge of my seat exciting and spiritually motivational.

From a young man who has been to a personal hell and back within this 3D Paradise paradox.

I am eager to learn more from kindred spirits as Yourself and I want to utmost respectfully say thank you for all of your stoic effort in spreading such a virile message of unity. [end]

Ich antwortete:

“Dear J, why, thank you so much!

I wish donations matched the fervor I often get. Scrambling now to avoid a water shutdown… but the morale boost is great. 🙂

I am sorry you have been through hell in your youth. But the French say that greatness comes from “la traversée du désert,” by traversing the desert. Your inner resources can grow tremendously as you overcome pain and despair.

In the new religion I am creating, based on my own pain as a kid, we will learn to live In the Now and love life, love the present, and not be ruled by the remorse and rage coming from our past, or filled every moment with dread of the future.

We can win this if we are mentally strong. We MUST. And we shall.  JdN

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