Am I advocating a white homeland in the UP of Michigan?

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A New York City comrade wrote me to ask if I was now recommending the Upper Peninsula of Michigan as a place for WNs to move to. (Previously, I had been optimistic about the Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Kentucky area: He said he was thinking actually of moving down south for the warmer temperatures.

Hi, D.

Well, the South, where I lived for 20 years (GA, LA, TN and VA),  is now FULL of hyper-violent Blacks and pushy Hispanics (like the rest of the USA, with a sharp uptick under Obama), and, worst of all, the South is reeking with Christian Zionist mega-churches.

John Hagee’s Texas church has 20,000 members and is violently pro-Israel. (I suspect he is Jewish via his mother.)

john-hagee-star-of-davidThese Old-Testament loving, Jew-WORSHIPPING zombies will hate you and cut you with a razor if you criticize their beloved Jews.  (A local one here in Ontonagon, as fat as Hagee, literally called the sheriff on me!) The most hate-filled looks I have ever gotten have been from white Christian Zionists! (Jews I have encountered  actually sort of respect me…  🙂 !)


The problem is the enemy sees me as a potential HUGE threat and the proof was that especially since 2011 they have engaged in constant, successful, financial and other sabotage to keep me small, and then trolls online mock me as a megalomaniac. “Look how small the ‘Great Man’ is!”


Heck, I only have Jewry and the US government against me! 😉 …. and a WN “movement” that is heavily infiltrated, and forums and websites that are full of NSA-trained, professional trolls… which Edward Snowden specifically stated.


And some of these trolls are literally sitting there in Israel:

And this is how it was with Hitler too, in his years of struggle, who in 1928 got a pitiful 2.6% of the vote!

Only the economic meltdown of 1929 shook the masses awake, and then he rose ot 18%, and then on to 30% and then 37% before he was given the chancellorship.

This phase of my life is what the French call “traversing the desert.” 😉

The only answer is a white religion that transforms us!

jdn-up-gazing-trees-facing-rightAs to inviting other WNs up here, well, that is a good thought, but my experience is that the average WN today has had the full jew atmosphere rub off on him, he is in no way immune to the toxic mindset of today, and therefore is no better than other whites.


That is, the average WN is jealous, negative, gossipful, hateful, cowardly, excuse-making, miserly, lazy and dishonest.


And WNs are specifically guilty of blaming everything on other races, and not looking at how we abdicated our immense power in, say, the year 1910, when the white race utterly ruled the world, to races that in every way intrinsically are no threat. We were indeed corrupted by Jews, but that is because we were already corruptible, and had massive chinks in our armor..I would not want, D, the average WN to move near me, sadly, and I say this after 36 years of excruciating experiences, and it is getting worse.

But yes, the UP of Michigan is a wonderful place, and once I have my own movement, and begin transforming lives, then and then only would I encourage others to move here. You say, Mr. WN, that you hate blacks, Jews, hispanics and queers? Well, whoop-de-do! 😉
Do you also LOVE white people????? and treat other whites, especially comrades, with respect and honor????? and if you disagree with them, can you somehow manage to do so politely????
I am busy working on my projects now that require my full attention to 1) make vitally needed money and 2) build a new religion.
jdn-ontonagon- lake-superior-dunes-sea-grass-surf-oct-14
We nearly were destroyed financially, legally and physically by enemy (Jew-govt-Freemason) action this year in Apollo, Pennsylvania, and WNs did not lift one finger to help us. In fact, as the latest blow, we just lost what little we had left, things we still had stored in Pennsylvania. So at 60 I am starting from scratch for the third time. This is the life of a WN activist:
1) the Jews come down on you,
2) whites don’t lift a finger.
(3) In fact, they criticize you.)
Right now, I am being attacked more than ever, both by 1) infiltrators who are just FBI posing at WNs, and by others who IMO are for some reason jealous and see me as competition. The fact that I get any donations at all — and they get none — causes in them a fiery hatred, and they accuse me  of “begging.” Others LEGITIMATELY “ask for donations.” But if John de Nugent does so, the trolls’ favorite attack phrase is “there he goes, begging again.” 😉
We need, as Dr. Pierce (for whom I worked 1981-84; said on the cover of his wonderful old National Vanguard magazine, a new consciousness and a new people.

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  1. SOLUTrea contains Solution and reality
    but we have to be careful as to the “ISM” part.
    I just had a concert with a super pretty very you Violinist, Erica Erica, who
    is propagating her own brand of “ism”

    The king Jimmy boys did a horrible job when translating the bible and now people separate the old and new testament, even though Jesus knew the old testament damned well and the one cannot exist without the other since the NT relies entirely on the OT.

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