A southerner on the Confederacy; truth about black slavery; if “Jade Helm” goes from drill to real

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…..Fabulous vocalist John Niems on “They’ll Take You Out”

(to order his music: www.johnniems.com) this is a gorgeous voice and a courageous man!


John Niems


Politicians by John Niems (Official Video)


I wrote Niems:

Dear John,

Great song… It is a kind of cognitive dissonance that your voice is so beautiful but the content and images are terrifying….. It might be useful, though, to sugarcoat these bitter pills with a great song…. This is a big issue.

Putting your “Politicians” video on my blog also and my FB page. JdN

….On the real cause of the not-so-civil war

By Ray Goodwin of Texas


About those “Confederate” License plates 

[Mr. Goodwin taught American History from 1996 into 2002 at the Victoria College (adjunct faculty), Victoria, Texas (120 miles southwest of Houston) and has  a BA and MA in history.]

Editor, The Advocate [newspaper]:

          The Victoria Advocate, yesterday (Monday, Nov.28) ran a front-page “debate” over whether or not Texas should allow images of the Confederate battle flag on its license plates. A poll was taken, and many people called in, 69% in favor of allowing it, 31% against. The two columns, pro and con, both reflected ignorance about our history. Even the PRO side was apologetic about the war being about slavery. Ignorance abounds.

          The war of 1861-65 was NOT about slavery at all, but about economic imposition upon the Southern states by the money/business southern-confederate-soldier-bearing-dixie-flag-gazesdominated government in Washington, DC. The REAL reason for that war was the fact that northern manufacturers, making their clothing, farm implements, furniture, tools, etc., produced them for sale at a certain price – a HIGH price, at that. Southern states had some, but not a lot, of industry, and were in need of those very products. It just so happened that the European nations of France, Spain, England, and the Dutch, were producing and selling those same basic needs for a much LOWER price than the Northern produced goods. As the South had a lower standard of living (income, production, wages) than the North, they eagerly imported those foreign goods at each Southern port for much cheaper prices  – simply because they could AFFORD to buy them at those prices. Northern businessmen and bankers put immediate pressure on the politicians in DC to make their “cash cow” (the Southern states) HAVE to buy from the North. To do that, they passed tariffs (the last straw being the Morrill Tariffs) to RAISE the price of those imported European goods, so that they would cost MORE than the Yankee goods.

The Feds passed the tariffs, of course – but the Southern states would ignore enforcing them at Southern ports (chiefly, Charleston, Savannah, New Orleans, and Galveston). So the Yankee dominated Congress – just as today, totally beholden to the Money Power – passed NEW laws, providing for FEDERAL officials (among them, military personnel) to set up federal stations in each Southern port to enforce and collect the tariffs – tariffs that would RAISE the price of those European goods ABOVE the prices of like goods produced in the Northern states. When even THAT did not produce the desired results, DC passed laws dictating that all foreign ships must FIRST enter the ports of Boston and Philadelphia before proceeding to deliver ANY goods to the South, so that the tariffs could be applied.

Faced with this economic strangulation, the South collectively decided that their own economic survival depended upon exercising their perfectly legal right to leave the Union, and set up their OWN nation, if you will. Secession was not something undertaken lightly. There were serious debates in each state about the pros and cons of leaving the Union and setting up their own association of states – a confederacy.


The plusses for such a step far outweighed the negatives, and the Southern states assured the Northern ones that in the event of any national emergency in the form of a THREAT from the outside, the Confederate states would immediately join forces with their Northern sisters in defense of the homeland. If you think that this was the FIRST instance of secession by states, I suggest you study the War of 1812, when more than one NORTHERN state threatened secession and actually SAT OUT that war rather than send forces to help their sister states fight the British. Rather strange that NOT ONE VOICE was raised at that time about secession being “illegal!” In actuality, it was not questioned at all as to its legality.


          This moderate and fair stance threw the bankers and capitalists into a tizzy. European nations, very anti-slavery, in their editorials and public pronouncements, took a pro-South stance, stating that the Southern states had the more legitimate cause in the “family quarrel.” Those foreign nations would NEVER have done that if the war had been about the issue of slavery. Those “outsiders” had a much clearer view of the REAL issues, unlike Americans, caught up in the eye of the storm.


          Southern states exercised their rights and dismissed the tariff-collectors from their ports. The Yankee garrison at the port of Charleston on the island and behind the walls of Fort Sumter were among the last Federal presence . Lincoln saw that the last chance of appeasing or serving the 1860s version of the “military-industrial complex” lay in making that fort the cause for WAR. Thus rather than ordering the abandonment of that federal presence within the territorial jurisdiction of the southern state of South Carolina, he sent reinforcements by sea to the isolated garrison – knowing that such an action would in all likelihood provoke a military response. Southern officials learned of the impending reinforcement – no doubt given the information by those trying to provoke war – and thus began the bombardment of Fort Sumter.

Confederate Memorial Day 1910


The Yankee forces surrendered before the reinforcements (also bringing much-needed food and ammunition) could arrive. Interestingly, not ONE Yankee soldier was killed in that bombardment; thus it is likely that a peaceful resolution could have been reached even AFTER the surrender of Fort Sumter. But those influencing Lincoln could not allow a peaceful resolution. They had to have their tariffs enforced, their beholden cash cow back in line and buying Yankee goods. Thus Lincoln’s plan to provoke combat, and to be able to blame it on South Carolina, worked like a charm. “They fired the first shot” was the echoing cry, which carried with it the obvious implication that “the South is GUILTY, they brought this on themselves.”


The historical record shows that even Lincoln declared that the war was not about slavery (check out his SPEECHES at that time!) – at least in the first 2 years of that war – two years that were won overwhelmingly by Southern fighting men.

With sagging morale and rapidly deteriorating support from northern states grown sick of their sons coming home in body bags, a moral issue was needed. Editorials in those few Yankee papers that were still free of government control were using expressions like “let our Southern sisters go their own way; the death and destruction must stop!”

Those promoting that war upon the South then decided to use the issue of SLAVERY as the CAUSE for which they were fighting. The ploy, though nothing more than a political ruse, worked. Even European newspapers began backing the North, as they too were caught up in Lincoln’s seemingly “magnificent” Gettysburg Address. A fact very pertinent to my point that the war was not about slavery – what percent of Southern people owned at least ONE slave? My grad work research gave me that answer – 4.8%. That’s correct. That means that 95% of Southern people had NOTHING vested in the institution, all the more reason not to go off and fight a war for it!

Would poor, generally illiterate Southern men and boys go off to the horrid conditions of war to fight for slavery? Highly unlikely. BUT – if those same males were told that the Federal Government is invading Southern states by military force, would they fight to defend their states and homes? A resounding YES.

          How does all this apply to the current disagreement about those Texas license plates honoring the Confederacy? It applies because of the FALSE history that has been taught due to a political/social/racial agenda since the end of that war, and the following 12 years of the horror in the period of military rule over the Southern states known as “Reconstruction.”

The winning side always writes the history, and unfortunately, that “history” is about as close to the TRUTH as a Cinderella fairy-tale. The stupid argument that the Confederate battle flag is a symbol of “racism” is strictly a post-modern twist on falsified history.

Slavery existed for 4 years under that banner as a legal institution; it existed for nearly 100 years under the Yankee stars and stripes. And even the term “civil war” as applied to that fratricidal conflict is a total misnomer. A civil war takes place when there are two (or more) factions trying to take over the central government. This was NEVER the case in the war between North and South. The South had no interest in taking over DC; those states wanted to co-exist in peace.

When the fighting started, Southern states were fighting a DEFENSIVE war against Yankee troops INVADING their homelands!! When one considers that most Southern boys fighting for their states were dirt-poor and had nothing to gain by upholding slavery – an institution that even helped perpetuate poverty among Southern whites, it does not make sense that they would leave their homes, march from Texas or Florida or anywhere to suffer the most unimaginable horrors to fight to the death to preserve the institution of slavery. But does it make sense that they would rally for 4 years to fight an INVADER threatening their homes and way of life? Absolutely! Rarely if ever is it mentioned that blacks and Indians in substantial numbers fought on the Southern side. The false image of North equals good guys, South equals EVIL, must be preserved, to justify the carnage and evil visited upon Southern people, particularly civilians, by occupying Yankee forces.

The “hurt feelings” and racist attitudes of those against honoring the Confederate battle flag and the actions of disgusting wimp politicians like Rick Perry and so many like him are the result of being taught decades of FALSE history. This issue – pretty small, actually, in the overall grand scheme of things – does illustrate the very negative effects of teaching FALSE history to a gullible, trusting, and accepting populace. Once the “fly” has been introduced into the ointment, especially in today’s phony “politically-correct” and historically blind populace, the poisoning of the minds and pushing of GUILT is extremely difficult to straighten. Our only solace is in the belief that the pendulum does not swing the same way all the time, and that the truth will eventually out.

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…..My commentary

I thank Ray for this excellent article. I would add some other perspectives.

1) Other estimates are that 1 southern family in 5 in cotton and tobacco-growing areas owned slaves. Once cannot fairly use the figures for the total white population, which included  many young children,  seniors and women. What counts is “male head of household.” The South would not have been full of Blacks if slavery were so rare. The Confederacy’s population was about 1/3rd black.

2)  Robert E. Lee and others felt slavery was better than freeing very angry blacks and “letting them loose” on white society (and white women). In his private letters to his wife, found in a chest at Burke & Herbert Bank in Alexandria, Virginia (where a Robert E. Lee IV sits on the board of directors; I was a customer around 1978-89 there),  Lee opined that slavery was the least bad solution to the racial dilemma.

Thomas Jefferson put it this way, regarding the anger of black slaves toward whites:  “We have a wolf by the ears. We cannot let go and we cannot hang on.” He was, however, totally opposed to the “solution” of racial integration. He, like Lincoln wished to free the blacks and send them elsewhere, to Africa, the Caribbean, or Central America.



Abraham Lincoln met with black leaders at the White House in December 1862, who had come with a list of demand. His reaction was  not “liberal” at all by modern standards.

Lincoln Meets Black Leaders

On August 14, 1862, Abraham Lincoln did something unprecedented in presidential history up to that point: he met with a small delegation of black leaders (all free black clergymen). But the meeting did not auger a decision to give African Americans a voice in government. In essence, Lincoln sought to lobby these men in essence to agree to a divorce. In other words, the President wanted to get black Americans behind his plan to colonize them abroad. The meeting’s minutes recorded:

Having all been seated, the President, after a few preliminary observations, informed them that a sum of money had been appropriated by Congress, and placed at his disposition for the purpose of aiding the colonization in some country of the people, or a portion of them, of African descent, thereby making it his duty, as it had for a long time been his inclination, to favor that cause; and


Why, he asked, should the people of your race be colonized, and where? Why should they leave this country? This is, perhaps, the first question for proper consideration. You and we are different races. We have between us a broader difference than exists between almost any other two races. Whether it is right or wrong I need not discuss, but this physical difference is a great disadvantage to us both, as I think your race suffer very greatly, many of them by living among us, while ours suffer from your presence. In a word we suffer on each side. If this is admitted, it affords a reason at least why we should be separated.

So, in other words, Lincoln subscribed to the notion common among whites in the North as well as the South that it would be impossible for whites and blacks to live together peacefully in a United States without slavery. Lincoln’s support for colonization was long-standing, the seed planted by his political role model, Henry Clay, who also supported the idea.

The reason Lincoln took the unprecedented step of inviting black leaders to the White House was to convince them to support his murky colonization plan. While Congress had appropriated money for colonization, there was as of August 1862 no definite location decided on for where to colonize the black population after emancipation. At the meeting, Lincoln mentioned Liberia, in West Africa, founded by the American Colonization Society in the 1820s, or some place in Central America or the Caribbean. It was clear that not only did the President want to support of these black leaders for colonization, but he wanted them to sweat the details of where and how colonization would be accomplished. He left them with a charge to come up with an appropriate colonization plan and report back to him when they finished.

While the black leaders that met with Lincoln agreed to consider the idea, no plan ever was forthcoming, as it was clear colonization had little appeal among most members of their race, free or slave. While Africa might be the land of their ancestors, African Americans were as attached to the land of their birth as any white person. A small percentage of black Americans found the idea of colonization appealing or were at least willing to give it a try […]

Lincoln was no liberal toward Indians either.



3) For morally corrupt white owners of large slave-labor plantations, having slaves also meant a kind of polygamy (“many women” in Ancient Greek).  This is how “black” Africans got lighter-skinned, in case you are skeptical! 😉

The movie “Twelves Years a Slave,” based on the book of the same title, goes into a true and horrifying case of a New York State freeborn black man, Solomon Northrup, kidnapped up north (drugged, then beaten) and finally sold into slavery down south.  My blog goes extensively into this movie and into the book, written by Solomon Northrup himself, regarding his case, which is rather a fair account, not challenged by southerners. It was a clear and illegal abduction of a free man. Both book and movie show cruel white masters and very caring ones, with one being heroic and risking his life, shotgun in hand, to protect good slaves from cruel whites.

Analyzing correctly the new movie “Twelve Years a Slave” is very relevant to my forthcoming struggle. Why? Because a NEW White-Black alliance against THE JEWS is in the making — to head off the fed-planned total race war, then martial law!


It shall save both our communities, devastated by drugs, THE DEATH OF THE FAMILY, and Mexican and Chinese cheap labor.

And we need a new national leader now so we do not get into World War Three with the Russians!


And would we even win it?



Russian Sukhoi-24 jet fighter; Russia has 10,000 hydrogen bombs.




A first little art pic of me and a Black supporter, who is pro-White and pro-Black at the same time. How can any responsible Black leader support the downfall of the Whites who, EVEN just from a practical point of view alone, aside from their right to live, are a historically productive, law-abiding “goose laying golden eggs” for everyone? And also, as he said to some Black Muslims:

“You want me to believe in the ‘blue-eyed devil’? Brothers, I know too many Black devils!” 😉

  • John D. NugentI just blocked a turkey who erupted “Why’d you watch that shit [the movie “Twelve Years A Slave”]?” I dunno, maybe for the reasons outlined in my thread? 😉
    If you cannot and will not read, and wish only to flame, pls stay away from me. You are not an Aryan, which means NOBLE; you are a “n—-r”-hating whigger who is committed to blaming all White problems on other races. How is it “White” to not read my areguments, and instead flip out and spout hate at any new idea or solution? Are we as a race doing just fine with the current logjam?
  • Further, as I have proved, Whites are less than 50% of the current US population. WE MUST FORM ALLIANCES. 
    And Blacks are the most antisemitic demographic in the US.

    “29% of African-Americans hold antisemitic views.”

  • archive.adl.org

    New York, NY, November 3, 2011 ? A nationwide survey of the American people rele See More
    • Jeff Switalski During the Golden Age of sail, many thousands if not 100’s of thousands of young men, young white European men, were ‘Shanghai’ed’ into service/slavery to serve aboard ships for many years. “Press Gangs” worked the taverns and brothels around seafaring towns, clubbed sober and drunken men, and brought them aboard ships against their will. These men served tours lasting many years, often being flogged, put on 1/4 rations or broken down with scurvey. Many were killed in a battle or lost limbs during their servitude. So many never saw their home again and their loved ones never knew what had happened to them. These are based on true incidents, so you see, John, as in a card game, I see your ONE Black slave and raise you 500,000+ Indo-Europeans.
    • Mark Lehmann Funny how you say the movie was sensationalized by jews in hollywood considering they owned and founded the slave trade..I agree it’s anti-white propaganda…
    • John D. NugentTo Jeff Switalski: Very good point about men being “impressed” into the Royal Navy, and an absolute fact. Those sailors were truly slaves, and could be whipped or hanged for disobedience in an Navy they had never voluntarily joined.
      A British “cat o’ nine tails,” a hand whip to use on sailors.Cat-o'-nine-tails
      And from what I read, there was too much homosexuality also on those all-male warships, and a bigger man might dominate a smaller one. So it was in many ways comparable to black slavery in terms of sexual coercion, but actually even worse. At least black-white sex, if not consensual, was heterosexual….. but on British warships there was forced homosexual sex.
      I think African-Americans and White liberals both need to know that the subjugation of humans has been going on for thousands of years and in every race and culture.
      There was also the issue of white indentured servants, as in Michael Hoffman’s book “They Were White and They Were Slaves.” http://www.resist.com/Instauration/OtherPubs-20120723/WhiteSlaves.pdf
    • Given the high death rate, many servants did not live to the end of their terms.[8]In the 18th and early 19th century, numerous Europeans traveled to the colonies as redemptioners, a form of indenture.[14]

      Indentured servants were a separate category from bound apprentices. The latter were American-born children, usually orphans or from an impoverished family who could not care for them. They were under the control of courts and were bound out to work as an apprentice until a certain age. Two famous bound apprentices were Benjamin Franklin who illegally fled his apprenticeship to his brother, and Andrew Johnson, who later became President of the United States.[15]

      George Washington used indentured servants;[16] in April 1775, he offered a reward for the return of two runaway white servants.[17]


    • John D. NugentAnd what was the gulag in the Soviet Union but slavery of millions of innocent people, run by Bolshevik JEWS?
      And what is a drug dealer of today if not a slave owner? The whole purpose of addictive drugs is to create a slave who must come up with huge sums of money regularly by work or theft to feed his habit. A woman who has to prostitute herself — rent her body for sex — to buy her heroin, crack or whatever, is a SLAVE. And her pimp is her slave owner who keeps all, or almost all her money, and beats her so she “works better.”
      How often in Natrona, Pennsylvania have I seen white girls on drugs with their black pimp? If that is not slavery, what is?

….On “Twelve Years A Slave”

John D. Nugent

I watched last night the heart-rending movie “Twelve Years A Slave.” Very difficult for me as a proud White man to watch.
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  • I emphasize that this event actually happened (I read much of the book myself by Northrup —�http://docsouth.unc.edu/fpn/northup/northup.html), and several articles on it, and it does ring true).
    The Northrups were a White family from my native Rhode Island who had slaves, moved to New York State with them, and then freed them there.
    And this crime was just part of a phenomenon of Free northern Blacks being abducted and sold at huge profit down South.
  • John D. NugentBtw, in Northrup’s actual book, he describes his encounter with the Jew slave-pen owner Goodin in Richmond, Virginia:
    A description of the Jew slave trader (not that plenty of White gentile scumbags had not already been very involved in this atrocious betrayal, abduction, beatings, etc.)!
    A typical newspaper ad by a Jew selling slaves

    Anyway, the key point I was making was the identity of the big Richmond, Virginia slave trader.

    On pages 58-60, here you go, Mr.Jew, the big cheese:

    “At Fredericksburg we were transferred from the stage coach to a car, and before dark arrived in Richmond, the chief city of Virginia. At this city we were taken from the cars, and driven through the street to a slave pen, between the railroad depot and the river, kept by a Mr. Goodin.

    Northrup was born FREE in upstate New York, drugged, beaten viciously and abducted in Washinton DC (a slave area) and taken to Richmond, Virginia for the Big Jew Goodin to sell him.


    [I looked up various “Goodins” in Google Images, and many, though not all of them, were Jews. Here is one of them, and obviously not a “regular white guy” by his looks and complection: http://www2.ca.uky.edu/agcollege/plantpathology/goodin/Welcome.html

    Here is another “Goodin,” an older bodybuilder (and maybe a queer, based on my experience) http://hydeparkgym.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/03/dave-goodin-old-school-bb-shredder-01.jpg]



    This pen is similar to Williams’ in Washington, except it is somewhat larger; and besides, there were two small houses standing at opposite corners within the yard. These houses are usually found within slave yards, being used as rooms for the examination of human chattels by purchasers before concluding a bargain. Unsoundness in a slave, as well as in a horse, detracts materially from his value. If no warranty is given, a close examination is a matter of particular importance to the negro jockey.

    Page 59 We were met at the door of Goodin’s yard by that gentleman himself�a short, fat man, with a round, plump face, black hair and whiskers, and a complexion almost as dark as some of his own negroes.

    (Maybe a bit like Leo Frank-defending historian Dinnerstein?)


    He had a hard, stern look, and was perhaps about fifty years of age. Burch and he met with great cordiality. They were evidently old friends. Shaking each other warmly by the hand, Burch remarked he had brought some company, inquired at what time the brig would leave, and was answered that it would probably leave the next day at such an hour. Goodin then turned to me, took hold of my arm, turned me partly round, looked at me sharply with the air of one who considered himself a good judge of property, and as if estimating in his own mind about how much I was worth. “Well, boy, where did you come from?”

    Forgetting myself, for a moment, I answered, “From New-York.” “New-York! H–l! What have you been doing up there?” was his astonished interrogatory.

    Observing Burch at this moment looking at me with an angry expression that conveyed a meaning it was not difficult to understand, I immediately said, “O, I have only been up that way a piece,” in a manner intended to imply that although I might have been as far as New-York, yet I wished it distinctly understood that I did not belong to that free State, nor to any other.

    Goodin then turned to Clem, and then to Eliza and Page 60 the children, examining them severally, and asking various questions. He was pleased with Emily, as was every one who saw the child’s sweet countenance. She was not as tidy as when I first beheld her; her hair was now somewhat disheveled; but through its unkempt and soft profusion there still beamed a little face of most surpassing loveliness. “Altogether we were a fair lot, a devilish good lot,” he said, enforcing that opinion with more than one emphatic adjective not found in the Christian vocabulary. “

Here is the trailer:

(The music is by the awesome German genius Hans Zimmer.)

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  • tIt was based on the true story of a free Black man in upstate New York in 1841, Solomon Northrup, who was lured south by two White scumbags to perform as a musician (he was an excellent violinist, and needed the money to support his wife and three kids)….
    ……then abducted, beaten to a pulp in a Washington DC slave pen (DC, like Maryland, was a “slave state,” so to speak), and was made into a slave.
    Jim RawlsBut is was White men who saved him !!!
    ABOUT AN HOUR AGO � Unlike � 1

    Yes, indeed, a Mr. Parker, who moved heaven and earth to rescue him, and a white sheriff in Louisiana who stormed in, confronted the sadistic slave owner Epps, and got Northrup out of the cotton fields of his enslavement. The whole story has been verified, and reveals the horrific practice of kidnapping northern Blacks and making them slaves down South, as well as the very dark and evil practice of slavery and especially the wickedness of certain slave owners. Other Whites the movie shows to have been compassionate, such as a Mr. Ford, who accepted slavery as a reality but sought to make it milder, and for example, not break up Black families at the auction block.

    I would recommend this movie to all ENLIGHTENED White nationalists, though of course it is sensationalized by the Jews in Hollywood. One of the producers is the infamous Israeli Jew and arms dealer Arnon Milchan, who produced the movie “JFK,” which blames everyone but the Jews for the murder of John Kennedy.

    The movie disturbed me, however, greatly in other ways. As a stand-alone, it would be perfect to incite Black hatred today against Whites. 80% of the Whites in the movie are either evil or indifferent. Or outright psychopaths.

  • Constantin von HoffmeisterThe movie is anti-white propaganda. The portrayal of the evil Southerners was cartoonish.
  • John D. NugentWell, its effect can be that, if it stands alone. And everyone should also know that 350,000 northern white people fought and died in mud and blood from 1861-65, also far from home, to end this horrific “institution,” a degrading obscenity which the JEWS introduced into this land that was designed for man’s freedom.
  • Constantin von HoffmeisterWhy does nobody ever mention the fact that the black slaves were sold by black chiefs in Africa? Blacks are just as guilty as whites when it comes to slavery!


  • John D. NugentYes, CvH, Black chiefs did raid neighboring villages and captured their fellow Blacks and brought them in neck stocks down to the beach.
    And I feel an urgent need to add that Southerners objected also to slavery (such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and many others) and the colonial legislatures of both Virginia and Georgia voted to ban the slave trade, but the Royal Governors, on orders from the Jew-controlled King of England, revoked the laws, because they made the king and the Jews filthy rich off this stupendous tragedy.
    For example, Solomon Northrup (the abducted free Black from New York State), “cost” one thousand dollars, which was like $50,000 today. It cost only a few hundred dollars in today’s money to get him into the south, where he was drugged in a restaurant and woke up in chains, and then suffered his first terrible beating.
  • 45 MINUTES AGO � Edited � Like
  • Constantin von HoffmeisterSlavery was a horrible injustice, no doubt about it. Not to mention the fact that America is still paying for it in terms of black crime and destruction of inner cities (like Detroit and St. Louis). Blacks should have never been brought to America.
  • John D. NugentWhat is ominous about this movie is that it could be used to stoke a race war. While its details are basically all true, if Hollywoodized, it leaves out the disgust many Whites, north and south, felt toward slavery. In fact, much of the South itself refused to join the Confederacy, including the entire Appalachian mountain range, which was 1/4 of the South (outside of Texas).
    42 MINUTES AGO � Edited � Like � 1
    Constantin von HoffmeisterWhich parts of the South refused to join?
    1 HR � Like

    John D. NugentAll of Kentucky; what became West Virginia; eastern Tennessee, western North Carolina and South Carolina; northern Alabama, etc.

    The movie also leaves out that Whites in the factories up north lived almost worse off than the Blacks. They did not have three guaranteed meals a day, or medical care. White children worked ten hours a day in factories that were extremely dangerous (see my Mary Phagan story, which was partly about White children in factories in the Deep South and in Atlanta, and this happened AFTER the Civil War)

Mary was a pretty 13-year-old who worked ten hours a day in this pencil factory. Her Jewish boss raped and murdered her when she, unlike other girls, refused his sexual advances and his threats to fire females who did not submit.
Autopsy photo
The Jew Leo Frank was finally lynched after five courts, over a two-year-period, found him guilty but a crooked governor, taking Jewish bribes, still sought to get him off. Yes, White people got lynched too, even this Jew businessman and official.
Frank ended up a tree ornament after two long years of public outrage boiled over. The Jew had even tried to frame two innocent Blacks — his own employees, just as Mary Phagan was — for HIS crime of rape and murder!
All three JEWS (hardly “antisemites”!) on the grand jury voted to indict Frank, who was 100% blatantly guilty! And SIXTEEN of his female employees said he had sexually harassed them!
Five courts and two juries found him indictable or guilty: the Fulton County, Georgia grand jury (the one with the three Jews), the Fulton County murder-trial jury, the Ga. Court of Appeals, the Ga. Supreme Court and TWICE the United States Supreme Court!
Frank was so obviously guilty of this pedophilic rape-murder that FOR THE FIRST TIME IN SOUTHERN HISTORY a white jury sentenced another white man (that is, this Jew) to death on the basis of the testimony of a black man, yes, a white businessman was hanged on the word of a black janitor, and this was back in the heighday of lynching!
Going back to conditions for white factory-worker children in the 1800s — at the same time as most Blacks were slaves — in the case of textile mills, they were heated to 130 degrees and kept extremely humid so the thread would not fray. If a child’s arm was ripped off by the spinning lathe, he was fired on the spot. No disability insurance, no unemployment insurance, no unions — just go away and starve.
Of course, these miserable White factory workers could still leave and try somehow to go elsewhere, unlike Black slaves, who were whipped or even hanged, and whose women were sexually taken advantage of as “owner property,” as this movie also shows.
As I pointed out also to a Black friend, every White man or woman on this planet descends from White serfs or slaves. 90% of the white race lived once under the Roman Empire, which was one-third SLAVE. Later, 80% of Whites in Europe in the Dark and Middle Ages were serfs, who were basically slaves that could not be bought or sold, but otherwise had no freedom whatsoever: no freedom to move, to change jobs, to get an education, to express their opinions, to worship God as they chose, or to own weapons such as swords or, later on, guns. Their lords controlled everything about thelilfe or a serf — and those serfs, our ancestors, were WHITE. So Blacks have no monopoly on suffering and lack of freedom. Enslavement of other human beings has gone on in many cultures and many epochs of human history and has been perpetrated by men of all races.
The real issue is the psychopaths in all races who see other human beings as objects to use and abuse: http://johndenugent.com/psychopaths-in-power
  • www.democratic-republicans.us

    Psychopaths in Power Does psychopathy enable world leaders to become mass murderSee More
    Whatever differences and grievances Black and White people have today with each other over the past or the present, our real enemy is 1) the Jews and 2) the psychopaths found in our own race who work with the Jews!


……Website visitors worldwide


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…..From my email to Ray Goodwin

Ray, I have heard many doomsday predictions online since 2005 (martial law, war with Iran, now war with Russia) and none of them have panned out.

But it must be said that the Internet and its constant warnings may have prevented these prophecies of doom from fulfillment.
When you and I were boys (/and I am now 60 years young), the entire “media” consisted of the local paper and ABC, CBS and NBC.

Now the Net is buzzing daily with detailed conspiracy scenarios, and half the country is disgusted with the feds and believes nothing it says. The Alan Sabrosky interview on 9/11, and the many blogs and videos by former CIA and high military officials, show that big chunks of the government are strongly disaffected.

However, I am very worried this time, and I refer to Jade Helm 15. It is possible that the action by the Texas governor to alert the Texas National Guard to the threat it poses may have been of historic importance.

I would agree with Alex Jones, semi-controlled opposition or not (yes, Jewish wife and all that stuff, but there are plenty of antizionist Jews out there, such as Gilad Atzmon, Nathanael Kapner, Benjamin Freedman, Jack Bernstein, Mordechai Vanunu, etc., cetc., etc.,),


Mrs Alex Jones….Alex-Jones-Jewish-Wife-Violet-Jones-Mother-of-his-Jewish-Children


…that any time US infantry troops are sauntering down any American street, it is a dire threat in multiple ways.

Why? 1) they are getting us used to the terrifying spectre of troops in our own neighborhoods, and

2) any “drill” could go live and real, and the “it’s just a drill” mentality they are habituating in us could be a lethal trap if the drill very suddenly goes real, just as 9/11, 7/7 in London and other “drills” went real. All the personnel is set up to either “drill” or “do.”

People think, “American troops would never fire on the American people. Most of them hate Obama.” I agree, Ray. I know for a FACT that most regular Marines and Army soldiers do despise Obama. I have been talking to active-duty and recent vets for ten years now. I used to frequent bars in the Pentagon area just for that reason 2005-08, in vino veritas, and many military (NCOs and officers) know about 9/11, and now also about Obama and the birth certificate.

After three drinks they will also tell you what they think about diversity and gay marriage. 😉  http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-33290341

US Supreme Court rules gay marriage is legal nationwide

Up here in Ontonagon, Upper Michigan on Lake Superior, 99% white, we have a town full of vets. Many are seriously bitter and are armed and angry.

But this is the other scenario, which overcomes troop disaffection from their (where’s that barf bag?) “Commander in Chief.”


JADE HELM: The U.S. Army Green Berets, U.S. Navy SEALS, U.S. Air Force Special Operations Command, USMC Marine Special Operations Command, USMC Marine Expeditionary Units, the 82nd Airborne Division and civilian inter-agency partners will all take part in the super-sized exercise. Jade Helm will run for eight weeks, from July into September.

Lt. Colonel Potter tells former CIA whistleblower Susan Lindauer that already back in the 1980s in his Army officer training, anyone who 1) owned his own business, 2) stockpiled over two weeks of food, or 3) owned a gun, was a terrorist.  
My scenario is false flags of ever-increasing interracial violence. A comrade in San Francisco wrote:
Dear John,

san-francisco-golden-gate-bridgeIt worries me that you are so worried. After all, I think you know the political situation better than I do. But around here, San Francisco, there are no signs of racial unrest. None at all. Starting a race war at this time may not be so easy. There was no violence when Zimmerman was found innocent, though I think they intended this. I don’t think there will be violence this time either.
I replied:
I pretty much agree. To get a race war going will take lots of paid provocateurs massacring people of another race, then the FBI/CIA ordering  the provocateurs in the other racial group to “retaliate.”
This is just how Iraq sank into chaos — the Israels, Brits and US getting their agents among both Shiites and Sunnis to “go at it” (and the two different Muslim groups have loathed each other for over a thousand years now, like Catholics and Protestants in 1500s-1600s in Europe).

During the so-called Maidan protests in Ukraine in 2013-14, Israeli snipers on rooftops gunned down peaceful protesters to enrage the people against the legally elected, pro-Russian, Yanukovich government.

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  • Alexa Balan II army of satan
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  • John D. Nugent Since regular US troops cannot be trusted to gun down their fellow Americans, they are using elite troops, many of whom are led by Manchurian Candidate NCOs and officers.http://johndenugent.com/…/manchurian-candidate-the…/
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  • John D. Nugent Others are practicing satanists, pedophiles, bisexuals and homosexuals who hate regular Americans and would be only too happy to gun down “bigoted conservatives.”
    The final stage is to “motivate” even regular troops to obey orders to crush Americans. This is done by 1) threatening to shoot them for disobeying a direct order (this is one reason why officers carry pistols, to kill their own men), or 2) to arrest their wives and children, who are on military bases already or live nearby. This was what thr bolsheviks under Trotsky did during the Russian Civil War of 1917-21.
  • Like · Reply ·  10 MINS · Edited
  • John D. Nugent 3) Round up tens of thousands of hostages among family members of key officials, or just regular local folks, and actually shoot ten or twenty thousand in a very loud manner and leave their bodies around to be seen. Again, this is a bolshevik tactic.
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    • Alexa Balan II white militias will fight back
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    • John D. Nugent They would come at 3 am, again, bolshevik-.style, with a SWAT team when you are groggy, and arrest first all on the A list (main potential resistance leaders). Then they go to the B list, other leadership or military-skill types, and the C list, followers, supporters and lookouts.
      4) Another tactic is enforce obedience is to round up gigantic numbers of the women, children and parents of male resistance fighters — and begin to starve them to death in camps. This is a exactly how the British broke the undefeatable Afrikaners during the Second Boer War.
      The Boer men were willing to fight on, kill or die — the so-called “bitter-enders” — but the thought of their wives, mothers and kids slowly dying of hunger. misery and disease, finally broke their morale, so they surrendered, becoming “hands-uppers.…Actual photo of a starving Afrikaner child, Lizze Van Zyl, and thank you, British commander Lord Kitchener:
  • johndenugent.com
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So, Ray, I do think we are in deep trouble, and after 36 years in this movement and seeing many dire warings not come true, this time — I AM scared.




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