A good omen — white lions born in Germany; the real heroes of D-Day

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……A good omen? White lions born in Germany

Two rare white lion cubs curiously explore their environment at the zoo in Magdeburg (Saxony-Anhalt), Germany on June 8, 2016 and hold a press conference 😉 with their nurse, Julia Forst. Each weighs about five kilograms (12 pounds) after seven weeks. Their mother seemed neglectful of them, but they are flourishing by hand rearing by Julia. White lions are a very rare but naturally occurring variant of the African lion.

White lion cub “roars”

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…..Google be racis’


…..the real heroes of D-Day

The Real Heroes of Normandy

[JdN: I modified or added all the material in blue.]

One of the most liked and shared social media memes was created by country music star Robert Lloyd. The graphic depicts a scene from the Normandy Landings. The World War Two invasion of Europe began at 6 am on the 6th day of the 6th month (1944). Because the Allied reason for the time and date of the invasion is ridiculed, much has been made of the timing translating into 666 as being the mark of the Beast of Satan.

Robert Lloyd meme’s content states: June 6, 1944, the allies had 156,000 troops, 7,000 ships and over 11,500 aircraft. The Germans had 500 men on the five-mile stretch of beach dubbed Omaha.


So, who were the real heroes of the day?

In 1935 Franklin Roosevelt, part-Jewish via both parents,  ordered the back of the US one-dollar bill, and the coat of arms of the United States,  redrawn with a clear Star of David above the US eagle.

From this (front)




to this



The 500 German defenders figure is drawn from the verifiable number of German gun ‘nests’ situated along this five mile stretch of beach. The cumulative manning of these nests amounts to roughly 500 defenders. Some contend the German figures were higher, but these troops were situated much further inland.

Very realistic combat scenes from “Saving Private Ryan”



Interestingly, in this accurate scene, the specific German machine-gunner who mowed down so many misled Americans, retreated in time and survived the war.

(I was a machine-gunner, and in 1980-81 used the American version of great old German weapon, the German MG42 (Maschinengewehr 1942), called in the US Army and Marines the “M-60,” but it was put into service only 16 years later, in the year 1960. Americans did not adopt the sensible German “fritz” helmet until the 1980s, ‘cuz it looked too “nazi”!)

The casualty figures during the Normandy Landings again suggest German fighting superiority. Total German losses along the entire 50-mile battlefield came to 1,000 whilst the Allies lost 10,000 men.

GIs fighting for a future of gay marriage, chemtrails,  autism, sex education about “fisting,” suicide, drugs, muslim and mexican invasions, and Barack Obama and Hillary, capture Germans opposed to such a world. As the movie Saving Private Ryan” accurately shows, the “Greatest Generation” GIs routinely murdered surrendered Germans at Normandy.

At 2:21 you see one of many scenes of GIs shooting surrendered Germans


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The profits from movies, docudramas and books on the D-Day landings, whilst falling far short of the shekels raised by the self-styled holocaust, are impressive.

The Longest Day movie based on the Cornelius Ryan book of the same name was released in 1962. The author trousered $175,000 dollars for the rights, the movie cost $7.5 million and earned Richard Zanuck $30 million.

This explains why the Jewish national anthem is Onward Christian Soldiers. One imagines that in box office returns each of the men who died storming Omaha and the other beaches in box office and book royalty terms must be worth a cool $1 million.

The distance from Omaha Beach to Berlin, capital of Germany, is 844 miles. It took the vast US, and the British Empire, eleven long months to cover this distance despite their being supported on the east by the Soviet Empire.

In 1941, it took the heavily outnumbered armed forces of the Reich only four months to reach the gates of Moscow from East Prussia.

In white, on the left, the 11-month Allied D-Day drive to Berlin of 1944-45, and on the right, the four-month 1941 German drive to Moscow.


The Longest Day was a book and movie epic, but the genesis of the Capitalist-Communist enslavement on Europe D-Day (aka Normandy Landings) was an epic fail.

JdN: I visited Omaha Beach and the American cemetery in 2004, 60 years after these events to pay my respects. (Also, my de Nugent ancestors were from Normandy.) Gee, notice all those Stars of David! 


I also visited Verdun, site of the 1916 battle in WWI that killed 300,000 brave French and Germans off. 


Amurrikins knew exactly who Henry Ford and Charles Lindbergh were — two of the most popular and famous men in the United States, and they understood clearly that they opposed us entering the war, and that they said it was a war for Jewry and to destroy the West.

Ford Model T


Henry Ford received the Grand Cross of the German Eagle in 1938 from the German consul in Detroit




But the drooling demos reelected Franklin Rosenfeld in 1940, though he utterly failed to get us out of the Great Depression, and off they marched to war anyway in 1941 to slaughter their German brothers for gay marriage,  autistic kids and blacks screwing their sisters and daughters.


“Your boys will not serve in any foreign wars.”

Nuremberg 1945

Nuremberg-1945- Bombed-margaret-bourke.-white

Nuremberg then and now


This is why democracy cannot ever, ever, EVER work, because the masses are mostly young souls, often reincarnated sheep and cattle, and the brutal truth is that most act more animal than human.

Reincarnation Evidence









What a karma we Americans and Brits have.

Only a religious awakening can save us now. Whites are so far gone they secretly just want to die.



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  1. A comrade in New England wrote me:

    Hi, John. I just finished reading your “Hitler’s love of the British people.”

    Hitler’s love for the British people

    I was playing “what if” scenarios out in my head while I read it, and it dawned on me that if only AH had known then what we know now, The City of London and the Rothschild family would have been his primary targets, and he would have taken those 300,000 soldiers prisoner at Dunkirk, followed by a ferocious Blitz of that center of evil.

    Heck, he would have had so many allies between [so many real patriots inside] the British government and the Royal Family, that the fight in the West would have been quickly wrapped-up.

    If he could have only known, he would have taken the fight right to the Neanderthals’ caves. ; )

    *** I responded:

    True, but to me the real issue is Hitler chose the secular, political, economic and military path instead of the religious.

    But the majority of whites are selfish cowards, and deep-down, they know it. We gotta change inside. 😉

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