A Balkans intellectual ponders armies in revolt

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A comrade wrote me that since the Jews are now universally hated, and immigration infuriates the masses, if our respective national armies turn against the Jews and the immigrant invasion which Jews everywhere promote, we will be saved.

I replied:

* * *

Dear comrade:

The danger comes from two things:

One, a Jew-brainwashed PROFESSIONAL army that does not think like the white masses any more (like the Polish special militia of General Jaruzelski who lived in physical separation from the masses, were recruited from the psychopathic 5% of the population, and crushed the movement Solidarnosc in 1981 with precise brutality);

The Polish traitor, General Wojciech Jaruzelski, a nobleman, used the 10,000-man special communist militia in 1981 to re-enslave 35 MILLION Poles — who had no weapons. Thus he ruled Poland and maintained the hated bolshevik system from 1981 to 1990, until the fall of the Berlin Wall and the decay of Soviet power. (This disgusting traitor has been under indictment since 2007.)

two, white massses that are furious BUT without arms or leadership.

If a soldier is ordered to shoot on the white masses, and KNOWS they will not fight back, then he will NOT waver to obey the orders of superiors, because the deep mental habit, the deep mental GROOVE in the neurons of his brain say: obey.

That is what military psychological training is: believe, obey, fight.

A 1984 Marine boot camp graduation photo, Parris Island, South Carolina. I was there in 1977. In a sense, the Marines fulfill the same function as did the KGB army alongside the Red Army, or the Waffen-SS alongside the Wehrmacht –to be a separate branch that will obey the government’s top leader even if the main army revolts. Marine boot camp is twice as long as Army boot camp, to install extreme obedience.

But if the soldier (or policeman) himself is wavering inside, and knows that the masses believe in their liberation enough to fight back, then he must hesitate, having these thoughts:

“I see my sleeping wife and child in bed as I rise at 5 am to go to the barracks for “riot control” duty or to round up dissidents.

“I know well that I may not come home tonight, but instead die in combat. WHY am I going to shoot at the white masses whose Cause I believe in?

“WHY do I obey masters I too hate?

“Why will my wife become a widow and my son a half-orphan and why must I die for a cause in which I no longer believe?

“Why should I not join the masses against our loathsome puppet-string-pulling masters? I am tired of being a puppet! I am a MAN!”

This amazing sculpture, “Awakening,” is located in a park along the Potomac River in Washington, DC.

Here is “The Oathkeepers,” a very important organization, (and be sure to watch the video!!) but it does NOT have a dynamic leader; in fact, the leader, Stewart Rhodes, is a half-Mexican :


I am impressed with your desire to engage in strategic thinking. God willing, I will lead us onto the path to final victory, even if victory takes five hundred years and generations of bitter struggle. From now on, we think in centuries, like the Jew enemy. We are links in a steel chain of fathers and sons, mothers and daughters. raised to love our folk and hate the psychopaths.


Interviewed on the national media during the James von Brunn/Holocaust Museum shooting crisis. In June, when von Brunn foolishly did his one-man stand, the masses were still in love with Obongo, the illegal alien president. Now the bloom is off the rose for the black mystery messiah. His approval is now at only 47%, the lowest for any president in his first year since Harry Truman in the 1940s.

He has gone from hero to zero. Now, even Sarah Palin says his birth certificate is a “legitimate issue.”

The timing is now right.

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  1. a) … I watched a recent interview with him on RTTV> b) … This photo does NOT represent proud White/ European descent America. On the contrary, it is a degrace and an insult to your/our forefathers. c) … yes, interesting sculture. It could say alot about our struggle! d) who the hell is that! ha! ha! ha!
    I still cannot believe that once proud WHITE EUROPEAN AMERICA voted in a Black (illegal alien) president, unbelievable! I mean, can you imagine a Black Prime Minister at number10 a thousand yr millennia rest upon these shores and I for one will be damned to see it thrown to the devils on a whim and away from our future generations!

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