71 years ago Hitler left us

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The Day That Europe Died


April 30, 1945

The final nail was driven home,
Europe’s fate was sealed,
Our nations’ sons and daughters,
Lay scattered through the fields,
A day of darkest infamy ~
When cowards kill their own,
And spit His name on sacred soil,
As Zion mounts the throne.

german-soldier-grieves-frankfurt-1946-wife-child-deadthe Corsair fighter plane,

Exultant Sons of Satan,
With their Acolytes of Cross,
Had snuffed out final candle,
To Europe light was lost;
Now children blindly stumble,
Their dark shall know no dawn,
For them there’s no redemption,
Their night shall know no morn’.

Two English children, a sister and brother, describe sexual abuse.


So many millions martyred,
As countless children wept,
Ten score of million others,
In chains and shackles kept,
Their holocaust incessant,
And now their children blend
In lands that know no culture,
A kafir’s slave their end.

White feminist women abort their children or have none.


Heretic Slaves of Satan,
With sword and pen and oath,
Now slave at Zion’s table,
To whom they pledge their troth;
They blindly scribble epitaph,
For culture, race and kin,
Forever be they stigmatised,
Foul mark of greatest sin.

Dresden 1945


Michael Walsh
Memoriam April 30 1945~2016


…New souls


I am creating this new Aryan religion because it is our own flaws that defeat us. Hey, I include myself in that. But I do sit down and listen to constructive criticism. A young soul in reincarnation terms is someone who has no reverence for the truth per se and rejects it if unflattering.
The sad thing is that if one goes to a high school reunion 75% of the people have hardly evolved 50 years later. The jocks are still aggressive and bullyish, the cheerleaders still stuck up, though now wrinkled 🙂  the losers still losers, and the stoners still stoned. A lifetime of minimal progress, eine verschwendete Inkarnation, as my German friend Fritz said, “a wasted incarnation.”
Many therefore spend a hundred lives here before they can graduate off this planet of the young souls.  
I was telling a young German comrade today to not feel OVERLY sorry for the Germans who went through the Hellstorm….  They rejected Hitler in 1920-23, he suffered a huge electoral humiliation in May 1928 (2.6 percent of the vote!), and only hunger and fear of communism finally drove 40% of the Germans into his arms.
“Our last hope — Hitler”…. Germans read and swallowed eagerly the jewspapers’ defamations against Adolf Hitler from 1920-32, when the Great Depression had their own stomachs literally growling, and their children were getting arms and legs like toothpicks.
Had AH come to power in 1923, the Soviet Union was still weak, under-industrialized and staggering under the effects of the 1917-21 Russian Civil War. Instead, Operation Barbarossa (the invasion of the Soviet Union) only happened 1n 1941, 18 long years later, and against a very different Russia, a disciplined military juggernaut.
The Germans did not want to hear 1920-32 from “that jew-hating nut with the Charlie Chaplin mustache.”
So Stalin had a further decade, from 1923-33, to ripen his industrialization, militarization and collectivization plans. And the jews meanwhile got rid of the non-interventionist President Coolidge and the germanophile President Hoover, and put in their perfect tool, FDR.
Karma is a bastard. Charakter ist Schicksal,  said Goethe! “Character is fate!”
And so pain, no gain.
I weep when I see the Germans’ suffering  but Hitler was “too radical” for these same people, and “es gibt doch auch anstaendige Juden” (“but there are many decent Jews, too”) ..and in an earlier life they disregarded Martin Luther’s Von den Juden und ihren Lügen “On the Jews and Their Lies”)….and Luther, who split western Christianity, defied pope and emperor, and founded Protestantism,  was the most famous man in Europe!


In Michael Goodrich’s magisterial book Hellstorm,
…..a SPD type (a liberal, a “Social Democrat”) writes how she heard the screams of Berlin women being raped by Mongols and was so surprised.
“We thought all this was just Goebbels propaganda to make us keep fighting for the Nazis.”
And rather than obey the Fuehrer and fight to the last bullet, how many Wehrmacht soldiers deluded themselves that the American GIs, stoked with Jew-instigated hatred of the Germans and Holocaust atrocity propaganda, would be somehow “better” to surrender to?
Enjoy your Rhine meadow, guys! You surrendered when your orders were Spartan: to fight to the death.
“We WANTED to doubt the Führer and imagine the Americans were different and honorable.”
The governor of Koblenz district orders the mayor of Bad Kreuznach to warn the villagers they will be shot by the GIs if they try to throw food over the barbed wire to the starving Germans.
“Instead of starving, I could have gone down firing like a man.”
As long as the peepul keep believing what they wanna believe, the suffering and agony will go on. So the real issues are spiritual.
Congratulations, “Greatest Generation.” This is what you were REALLY fighting for, and Henry Ford and Charles Lindbergh told you so!

……My essay on reincarnation

Reincarnation Evidence





A four-year-old knows everything about the Corsair fighter plane, the USS Natoma Bay aircraft carrier, the nicknames of the carrier’s pilots, and how Lieutenant James Huston was shot down and drowned when he could not kick open the cockpit as the water flooded in.




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