7,000 Celts now sleeping on the streets of Dublin 2016

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A long line of Celts queue for food parcels at the Capuchin Day Centre, Dublin

Well, the government program to displace and replace the Celtic People of Ireland is well under way and gaining momentum all the time. I am very sure the traitors of the Irish Parliament are well pleased with their handy work.

As reported by The Liberal.ie :

“The Capuchin Day Centre in Dublin have revealed this afternoon that they are currently experiencing a high demand for their Christmas food packages this year. The news comes after the centre revealed they have already distributed almost 3,000 Christmas food packages from 6.30am this morning. Although the centre say they are happy help, they are alarmed but not surprised for the greater demand for their Christmas packages this year.”


The Capuchin Day Centre, Dublin, Ireland

Also reported by The Liberal.ie:

“It is truly a stark indictment of a failed Government when hundreds of desperate citizens are forced to queue outside food banks.“

We of The Celtic Party ( CPPI ) would take issue with this. The treacherous Irish Government is not failing in any way. It is successfully implementing the Soros paid for program of Celtic ethnic destruction in Ireland. The traitor Simon Coveney is very cosy with the nation wrecker Peter Sutherland. Sutherland is, of course, a Soros drone.
Notice the sly eyes of Sutherland and the smug face of Coveney.

The Liberal.ie continues:

“And it is even a deeper shame on well-minted and wholly uncaring TDs and ministers when some of those food banks run out of supplies, and are forced to turn people away.“

The great democrats of The Irish Government know no shame. They recently voted themselves a 5000 Euro per year pay hike.

“In scenes reminiscing of Somalia and other African countries during times of famine, scores of people queued outside St John’s Pavilion in Limerick to get a bag of food. But demand far exceeded supply, and the service ran out after handing out 2,500 bags. Over 150 people were turned away, and asked to come back the following day.“

How ironic that Ireland should now be compared with turd world countries when we are being forced to accept thousands of turd world savages as “refugees”.

“Around 6,000 food bags have so far been delivered around Limerick City and county, homeless hostels, and given to people who have been evicted under Government-sponsored tutelage.“

Yep, as I say, the plan to displace and replace the Celtic People of Ireland is going along very well indeed.

“As the Dáil breaks up for Christmas and politicians head off without a care in the world, this is the true state of the country they are supposed to be looking after.“

The treacherous Dail ( Irish Parliament ) politicos surely don’t have a care in the world because so many Irish idiots insist on voting them into power every few years no matter how bad things get here. Nor do they care about the Celtic People of Ireland in general. In spite of ever growing poverty and homelessness, we are being forced to house, feed, clothe and provide health services for hundreds of thousands of turd world savages. When The Celtic Party ( CPPI ) win power we will hold every traitor to our People accountable for their actions. And we know how traitors are dealt with!

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