Religious ferment that will save our race

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In speeches I gave in July 2006 in Barcelona, Spain; in February 2007 in Hessen, Germany; in March 2007 in East Lansing, Michigan; in October 2007 in Orange County, California; and also in December 2007 in Phoenix, Arizona I discussed briefly my firm conviction that a new spirituality — not rejecting Christ, nor scorning His sincere followers, but embracing His truths and racial realism as well — would soon come, and it would prove vital in saving our beleaguered race.

Since July 2006 I have started off every address with the Sanskrit greeting Namaste:

“I revere the divine within you.”


And I have clasped my hands together, prayer-style, and bowed to the audience in that spirit. It has always been very well-received. (Video: Time 1:19-1:37) This was also true at David Duke’s November 2008 EURO conference in Memphis, Tennessee.)

What has struck me is that ordinary people, not religious nuts or New Agers, come up courageously after the speech to me to volunteer their own stories to me, having heard me reveal my own experiences. They tell quietly of truly jarring spiritual transformations that changed their own lives, of literally hair-raising moments when they realized that:

–a Higher Power indeed exists; it is watching and monitoring us (like it or not, folks), and it does intervene when it wishes — for or against our little plans of mice and men;

–our deceased loved ones (or wise angelic beings) do care about us during our spiritual challenges and trials, and on rare occasions intervene to protect us — if that is what tough love would permit;

— when we die we do NOT go into some cosmic shredder, annihilating our consciousness forever, but instead we ascend to figuratively and literally face the music, whether sweet or horrendous, for the lives we have been seen by them leading — (mostly!) noble lives of courage and responsibility toward our Folk, or mere sniveling existences of cowardice, childishness and deserted duty.

As the article below from the Washington Post now shows, not just my WN comrades worldwide but Americans in general, across the board, are now in religious ferment (and so are Whites around the world).

These very difficult times are already leading to new forms of faith, some very sinister expressions of religious cowardice and escapism such as the end-of-the-worldish Mayan calendar nonsense and the Christian Zionist Rapture heresy. (The latter is a 20th-century notion based on the literal con-man Cyrus Scofield’s Bible notes, cooking up a heresy which no Traditional Christian ever entertained before, based on a “Bible” paid for by the arch-Zionist ringleader Samuel Untermeyer!! [below])

But these terrifying times — many white Americans are now as tense as a violin string — are also leading to a search for faith — not for a new absurd dogmatism, but for a minimalist faith in 1) a Higher Being who exerts tough love, like a good father, toward us, and 2) the reality of life after death, with rewards and punishments for the good and evil in our words, deeds and strivings.

Freemasonry was a clever crypto-Jewish way that began in the 1600s and 1700s of co-opting this white man’s desire for a minimalist, undogmatic belief in God and the Afterlife, roping even our Founding Fathers into an organization that was Jew-founded and Jew-controlled at the very highest and most hidden levels — that is, about the 33rd degree. (E. Michael Jones’ brilliant masterpiece The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit goes into this, and how judaized Rothschild Britain ran Masonry to subvert rival powers.)

Albert Pike [right], sinister Masonic leader in the 1800s. The Jews grasped early on that many Whites wanted a fraternal organization whose purported ideals were a non-dogmatic promotion of God, political liberty and rational economic progress. As Jones reports, the judaized British Masons forced the German Masons to unwillingly accept Jewish lodge members. The 33rd-Degree Masonic Temple in Washington, DC, due north of the White House, is praised here: It lines up in an exactly straight line (verifiable on Google Earth) with the WTC buildings, site of the mass murder of 2800 Americans, then with a mysterious, totally unnecessary and non-functioning buoy in the East River NE of the WTC, just off the Queens coast, then precisely with the center of the roof of the windowless Skull and Bones building at Yale University, then with a pagan site in Cornwall, England, then with other mystical sites in Europe, and finally with Jerusalem.

In the 1930s Adolf Hitler did not dare open the religious “can of worms.”

His country was still riven between tall, blond Protestant North Germans (to over-simplify for brevity) and shorter, brunet Catholic South Germans, and between left and right. Hitler stuck to politics and economics, which all could agree needed reform, but said often in his private remarks that regular, judeophilic “”Christianity” (that is, Saulianity, presenting a Jesus that had been rejudaized by the Sanhedrin agent Saul) would gradually wither — and a new spirituality would come.

The article below confirms what I began realizing decades ago, and which led me to leave the National Alliance in 1984: RELIGION is changing in people’s minds; we are on the cusp of something new that can save our race. A whole new people can arise with a new faith, as the Sikhs, Amish and Mormons have proven.

* * *

Americans have complex mix of spiritual beliefs

The Washington Post


Everett, Washington State]

Can you believe in Jesus and in astrology? The answer is a resounding yes, according to a study that shows Americans beliefs to be more complex than might be expected.

The survey one of the first by a major religion polling group to tackle Americans belief in such things as the evil eye and spiritual energy in trees was conducted in August by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life. The goal was to explore the complexity of faith in the modern world and the overlap between religions and other supernatural beliefs.

According to results to be released today, the overlap is considerable. Researchers found that 24 percent of U.S. adults sometimes attend services of a faith different from their own. (That figure doesnt include people who go for special events such as weddings and funerals or attend services while traveling.)

The study also found Americans personal beliefs often combine aspects of major religions such as Christianity with Eastern or New Age beliefs such as reincarnation and astrology.

For example, 25 percent of about 4,000 U.S. adults surveyed believe in reincarnation, the rebirth of the soul in another body. Among Christians, the number drops only slightly, to 22 percent.


Here is a sacrilegious conversion of a beautiful church in the Norman style in North Cumberland, England into a home. When a religion is dying, it must be reborn in a new form, not become a kitchen and bedroom!


We know that religion in U.S. society is quite complex and diverse. Whats interesting is this data shows that even at the individual level, a single person holds that same diversity and range of beliefs, said senior researcher Gregory Smith.

Researchers asked specifically whether people believed in or had experience with the following: reincarnation, spiritual energy located in physical things, yoga as a spiritual practice, the evil eye, astrology, being in touch with the dead, consulting a psychic, or encountering a ghost. About 65 percent expressed belief in at least one of them.

For most of the questions, little previous data exists for purposes of comparison. But two questions have you ever had a religious or mystical experience and have you seen or been in the presence of a ghost have been asked before, and in both case, there was a significant increase in the number of people saying yes.

Nearly half of those surveyed in August said they have had a mystical/religious experience, compared with 22 percent in a 1962 survey. The percentage who said they have interacted with a ghost doubled from 9 percent in 1996 to 18 percent this year.

We dont have hard data to explain whats behind this, Smith said. But you look at popular culture the TV shows and things that are popping up nowadays and it could be that expressing this kind of belief is just somehow more socially acceptable today.


* * *

I worship the god within you. Worship that divine flame burning inside you; see it in other Aryans. One sage said the Jews are “evilizing” our history. Another, viewing the actual achievements of our race, exclaimed that Whites are “Nature’s aristocracy.”

But it was God who made Nature. Our responsibility to lead is clear. It is our calling to be the noble ones, the Arya.

Time for Peace


  1. Mr. de N:

    Congrats on getting the website back up and running. While I would disagree with you over some questionable constructs theologically, note that the terms ‘Christendom’ and ‘Europe’ were synonymous for over 1200 years.

    It is not ‘judeo-Christianity’ that I am speaking about, but the historic Patristic Christianity of the Early Church. Please remind yourself and your readers that what passes for modern ‘Xianity’ is in NO way, the true Church of the Ages.

    Blessed Advent.

  2. Pike was an Aryan and even stated so, he also talked about the burden our race suffers under the jews. The Masons where founded as a Aryan order decdicated to maintaining the Pagan mysteries in the face of the hostile jewish program of christianity. Their supreme goal was the spiritual and physical perfection of the White race to Godhood.

    The Masons where corrupted by the Rothchilds at a later date. The jews aim to corrupted all Aryan spirituality and spiritual knowledge and twist it to their agenda.

    Please stop slandering good White men to appeal to christians. Like it or not jesus was a fictional being and a jew.

    • Dear Dan,

      I am open-minded and please send me (to what you have corroborating this. But let us recall that anyone can give lip-service to the white cause and to fighting Jewry and yet work for them. That is the concept of the judas goat: the friend that is an enemy.

  3. Thank you, I have sent you an email with the information you requested.

    White people need our original Tradition, christianity is a jewish attack on this, infact it was created as a weapon against our people and Tradition. Our Gods/ess have been labelled as Demons and our Creator God as Satan. The fictional bible enforces this distorted view while acting as a power subliminal weapon against our race.

    The reality is christianity shares the hostile and vile jewish worldview of Aryan religions. And is nothing but a stepping stone to communism.

    That is a major reason it tries to stop our people from developing and using the powers of our mind and soul(to the point of mass genocide and destruction of all spiritual knowledge) which where once common. Because these natural abilites are a serious threat to the jews.

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