26 years of defamation by David Duke, and how I fixed his wagon

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Tyler Bridges wrote “the book” on Duke as a con man

Recently, someone making phone calls on behalf of David Duke posted something implying strongly that I might be a pedophile, while knowing full well that I am the greatest, most merciless enemy on this planet of pedophiles and child molesters, that I love and adore children, I have pix of my own daughters in my house, and I would do anything to protect white children.

Pix of Erik and Ingrid; in the bottom one, Ingrid is addressing the Chief of Naval Operations, the head of the US Navy, at historic Faneuil Hall in Boston.


Faneuil Hall


And I will do anything to defend my honor in this regard. Calling me a pedophile is a red line.

In fact, my most viewed video ever, now at 51,000 views on all platforms, is about the people rising up and killing pedophiles.


And just now this is how President Duterte is saving his country, the Philippines — by having the people (and the cops) just go over, without formality, and simply kill the drug dealers.

Until Duterte, they were a threat to the very existence of the nation, as they are now in Afghanistan, Mexico and other Latin countries, and as they once crippled China — until the communists came to power and, without sentimentality, exterminated both the opium dealers and the junkies.



Now, I would like to tell you how David Duke. a monstrous, narcissistic ingrate, used my attempt to help him and turned it into defamation against me, and spreads this defamation knowingly to my own friends and supporters.

In early 1989 David Duke (barely) won a seat in the Louisiana House of Representatives.

He served one term, and never would have been reelected because he did almost zero constituent service.

What that means it that when residents of his district had problems dealing with the state government, he did nothing for them, such as making phone calls and getting citizens redress for their grievances over inefficient, stubborn, corrupt or wrong-headed officials. He was way too busy chasing women or gambling.

Recall that all the money for the state government and agencies comes from the budget voted by the House of Representatives. This is why you can always try turning to your state representative or congressman. They control the purse strings.

Duke was so neglectful of his constituents that some of his own staff urged me to run against him in 1992. They knew also, because they had eyeballs in their heads, that he was gambling in Las Vegas and on Mississippi riverboats with donations, most of which came from the little people, and they reported to me that they saw him going upstairs to his bedroom in Metairie — his office was downstairs — with black trash bags full of cash that was donated at his rallies.

He would have his volunteers at said rallies pass around small blue buckets with a David Duke bumper sticker on it. It was all cash, and it all was dumped into black plastic garbage bags, and then Duke took off and blew it on gambling.

He would fly to Las Vegas, to McCarran Airport and there be picked up by a limo and taken to his hotel and a high-roller’s suite. Or he would gamble on special riverboats in the New Orleans-Mississippi area that were set up for this purpose.

His own supporters told me this.

Subsequently, it was all confirmed, and he went to prison for 15 months for fraud (on another matter) and for tax evasion. (These supporters were not for him as a person, leader or even a decent human being, but they backed his work and message of white survival.)

I have blogged a great deal on David Duke because he is the cowardly, furtive organizer behind the scenes of many failed attempts to take me down by libel and slander.


Now, here is a new tidbit 🙂 — how David Duke first got the idea to call me a homosexual.

Now he knows that I am not, because he has met Margi and me at our apartment in Alexandria, Virginia in 2006, and he saw our one bed. 🙂 Then we spent a week with him in February 2007 at his ski apartment in the Austrian Alps. (In fact, he almost barged in once on us at a, ahem, delicate moment – LOL.)


He also met my daughter Ingrid at the Metairie, Louisiana Mardi Gras, where she, then nine, played with his daughter,Erika (a nice, pretty, but always sad girl, then 14), who is seen in this mugshot from 2009 taken by the Florida Highway Patrol. At the Mardi Gras, the girls caught beads together that were being thrown from the floats and wagons in the parade, and the two had a real good time.


So Duke knows I am not gay, but that never stopped him.

His MO is to attack me via proxies, such as Don Black and his other assets who troll me online, who send private messages & emails online to others, and make phone calls in order to blacken my honor — which, hey, he and his have done successfully with the utterly gullible. 🙂

So now to the story of how Duke first defamed me and how I learned what his real character was like.

As my WN bio states (1/3 down here: https://www.johndenugent.com/wn-biography-of-jdn/):


From 1987-1992 de Nugent was an independent contractor who promoted the use of revocable trusts by those who wished to leave a bequest to Liberty Lobby, a Capitol Hill-based “populist” organization founded and run by publisher Willis Carto.

A 1970s photo of Carto, a descendant of one of Napoleon’s generals named Carteau

Around July 1989 de Nugent moved to Metairie, Louisiana to study the electoral victory of pro-white State Representative David Duke, staying in Louisiana until the late spring of 1990, and was in a relationship 1989-91 with one of Duke’s former lady friends.

David Duke in the 1990s


Anyway, here is the Dukester’s fake gay slander story:

While doing fundraising and revocable trust work out in southern California in 1989, my then associate (Courtney, a Louisianian, btw), and I held a trust seminar in the Los Angeles area.

A gentleman there, about, say, 55 or so, good-looking and well-dressed, with a German name and face, asked me to call on him to discuss trusts.

I went to his house, not realizing (as a native of the East Coast) that West Hollywood was the gay section of Los Angeles.  His apartment was very well decorated and had lots of art objects in it. Some handsome young guy with a bodybuilder physique came in, but left shortly after, while we were talking.

It is one of those situations where you start bringing up you are married and have two kids. 🙂

Erika and Ingrid that year, 1989


But the fact is there are closet gays in our cause, they agree with us totally on race and the jews, and as long as they stay in the closet I do not harass them, or “out” them.

And two major WN writers and a lawyer can be glad I have not done so. I am not a mean-spirited person, though I do retaliate if attacked (as Trump always does).

Anyway, this guy asked me about trusts (the reason for my visit with him), but then he switched to another topic, David Duke. At the seminar I had told him I lived in Louisiana, and knew Duke a bit.

Now I realized that Duke was what he really wanted to discuss.

He said to me that he felt Duke had a great message about race and the jews, and also tons of charisma and great looks (which was all true back then).


He then went on to say that in his opinion Duke had the makings of a future president of the United States.

Well, at that point, I took another look around his condo, which was indeed opulent, showing a very rich man. I was a fundraiser, and this looked like a man who could part with some serious funds.

So I am thinking, does he want to do something financially for Duke? If so, maybe I should get him and Duke together by phone.

I said to him I would try to arrange a phone call, and left his apartment after that.

I subsequently spoke with this guy by phone, who said more specifically that for ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS he wanted to “spend an evening with Duke and form an opinion of him.”

Well, hmmm. 🙂

A hundred thou is a hundred thou… 😉 but….

(And besides, back then, $100K was like $200K today.)

There was no sexual quid-pro-quo discussed.

I called Duke, gave him the info about this rich guy who said he saw him as a possible future president, and said the rest was up to him, and use his own judgment.

Well, a while later, my girlfriend, Duke’s ex named D[], said to me the buzz at the Duke office was that I tried to hook Duke up with a faggot!

I was livid! Why did Duke not call me himself about this to say, “Look, what the guy wanted was to have sex with me for the $100 thou.”

Instead, he complained to his female employees and spread that I was the dubious character!

That was when I really realized how treacherous Duke was, and utterly ungrateful. My thought was purely idealistic: that if no perverted strings were attached, $100,000, my God, could do a ton of good for our race, and for Duke as a messenger of our race!

This was the beginning of the John-de-Nugent-is-gay slander. Its source is David Duke.

And later on, I saw more and more disturbing things with Duke.



.….How I helped take down David Duke in 1995

D[] told me once that one factor that hugely hurt Duke when he tried running for US Senate and Governor was the exposés of his character in the major, local, jew-owned newspaper by reporter Tyler Bridges, a leftist-liberal (who was living with a negress), and was working for the powerful Times-Picayune newspaper in New Orleans.

I said, “So this Bridges guy is spewing slander against Duke?”

She replied with a mournful chuckle:

“Oh, no….. with David it was unfortunately all true. Tyler always gets his facts straight. He doesn’t need to make anything up on old Dave. :-)”

Tyler Bridges today (his site: http://www.tylerbridges.com/)



A leftist graphic with a recent Duke photo…  The “hate” part is true in this sense, that he has always hated me selfishly as a rival.


This book came out in 1995, and I am sad to say that every single dismal claim in it is true, factual and accurate to the smallest detail.


Award-winning journalist Tyler Bridges, who covered Duke’s political campaigns for the New Orleans Times-Picayune, examines these questions in a full-length biography of one of the most intriguing political figures of the late twentieth century. Bridges presents a compelling account of a lonely boy, the child of an alcoholic mother and an aloof father, who, idolizing Adolf Hitler and pining for the glories of Nazi Germany, decided that destiny had called him to be the savior of the white race. With an impressive roster of interviews, an eye for revealing detail, and a feel for storytelling, Bridges recounts the rise of David Duke and the coming together of blacks and whites in a historic coalition in 1991 that stopped him short.

“Bridges is a formidable reporter and a competent writer”

– Jonathan Yardley, The Washington Post

 “One of the top political reporters in the South”

– Best-selling historian Stephen Ambrose

“Bridges writes with command and ease about this byzantine and squalid enterprise…Highly entertaining”

– Kirkus Reviews

….My role

In 1993, then living in Virginia again, I talked by phone with Bridges, I urged him to write a factual book on Duke, the fraud, and I gave him

1) some sexual stuff (but revered senior WN Tom Metzger told me some stuff that was even worse, but I cannot verify it), and

2) details of Duke stealing campaign donations to gamble.

He decided not to use any of the sexual stuff, saying “I have enough material already that can be verified.”

This book had a devastating effect on Duke when he ran for US Senate and failed in 1996 and for Congress in 1999. People like his pro-white stance, but the character issues are just too overwhelming. He is the ultimate con man.

Later on, I came to the conclusion that Duke was a Manchurian Candidate, not an infiltrator, one whose mission — under mind-control programming — was to suck resources away from real WN leaders and attack them.

I also believe I was in the program, but I ran away spectacularly at the age of ten, in 1964, and so the program, which had already failed to break me, in my case was abandoned. And I was not murdered because my family was very prominent in the state of Rhode Island.

David Duke and I — mind-control and the colonels’ sons

My father (r) with Henry Kissinger


So there you have on the one hand a narcissistic fraud, and, on the other, someone who has given his all to our cause, and who has worked real jobs all his life since 1965, unlike Duke who, as his bio admits, had only one real job in his entire life, working for the

Defense Intelligence Agency.

And anyone who thinks John de Nugent is some fool who turns the other cheek after his friendship, caring and helpfulness have been betrayed had better think twice.

Anyone who spreads that I am a homosexual or pedophile, as Duke and Black do, needs to know, as I stated at the beginning of this article, that spewing this vile lie against me is the red line.






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  1. A comrade emailed me:


    Hi John,

    I read your tale of where the homo stuff is coming from with David Duke last night, and it’s a pretty funny story.

    If he’s that uptight about some guy wanting to see what’s under his hood, that’s his problem. He shouldn’t have taken it out on you.

    FFS, at the time he should have just come to you and discussed it man to man, but nope.

    Don’t you wish you could have been a fly on the wall when the wealthy white nationalist homosexual propositioned Duke? I can only imagine.


    *** I replied:

    Thanks. I used your email, edited of course, and added my reply as a comment below this Duke blog.

    The same principle of unmanly gossip applies to people who pretend to be a friend, then rag on me to their friends, who then troll me with info that could only have been garnered from that “friend.”

    In the old days, men did not gossip like, dare I say it, gay hairdressers. 😉

    The point is that I tried to help Duke, and he not only never thanked me for the attempt, but fearing me as a potential rival (which was the case even way, way back in 1989), he twisted what happened, which is exactly nothing, in order to attack me.

    (As for porking some faggot for $100K, I am actually surprised Duke did not go for it, knowing both his avarice and kinkiness as I do. 🙂 ).

    Instead, he used this distorted story to defame me to his staff, which was very disenchanted with him — and wanted ME to run against HIM.

    Instead, wishing in vain to avoid infighting, in 1990 I moved up to Tennessee, and ran for Congress there near Nashville, nearly winning the Republican primary as a Damn Yankee from hated New England, and not even a Klansman but a bilingual, German-speaking Nazi ! 🙂

    John de Nugent Presidential Video 1A

    Tennessee Congressional race 1990 and voting machine fraud (09:40-19:01)


    Tennessee Congressional race 1990 (and voting machine fraud) 09:40-19:01

    David Duke now seems to be in trouble even in his OWN state, and even with a watered-down Trump message. His “campaign news” contains NO current events, no rallies — almost nothing going on — and the papers say he has raised very little money. http://dukeforsenate.com/campaign-news/

    I googled “Duke Us Senate Louisiana rallies” and NOTHING of the sort came up. He seems dead in the water, unless he can rise from the dead during the November 2nd ten-mn debate.

    Sic semper tyrannis.



    Here is a leftist screed against Duke from the Times-Picayune online site. The sad fact is that the bareboned facts in the article are mostly correct.

    Hooray! Dillard hosts Senate debate; Yikes! Here comes David Duke

    Hooray! Dillard hosts Senate debate; Yikes! Here comes David Duke
    The scandal isn’t that the Hitler-loving-former-Klan-leading-money-swindling-tax-evading-ex-con David Duke w…


    Hooray! Dillard hosts Senate debate; Yikes! Here comes David Duke

    Andrew Jackson statue pulldown/Andrew Jackson statue protest

    JdN: Note that Duke has no supporters/bodyguards with him and a negro is able to get right up in his face.

    Senate candidate David Duke, who came to Jackson Square to support the preservation of the statue of Andrew Jackson in advance of a protest to have the statue removed, argues with people who disagree with his controversial views on Saturday, September 24, 2016.

    (Michael DeMocker, NOLA.com | The Times-Picayune)
    Print Email
    Jarvis DeBerry, NOLA.com | The Times-Picayune By Jarvis DeBerry, NOLA.com | The Times-Picayune

    Email the author | Follow on Twitter

    on October 26, 2016 at 6:15 AM, updated October 26, 2016 at 7:30 AM

    The scandal isn’t that the Hitler-loving-former-Klan-leading-money-swindling-tax-evading-ex-con David Duke will be given a microphone at the historically black Dillard University for next month’s debate for an open U.S. Senate seat. Well, it isn’t just that. The scandal is that the proudly racist, anti-Semitic, conspiracy-peddling skeleton in Louisiana’s closet even qualified for the Nov. 2 debate. The only candidates who qualify for the debate are those who poll at 5 percent or more, and in a field of two dozen candidates, the Ku-Kluxer made the cut.

    That’s disappointing but hardly surprising. In the 1991 “Vote for the Crook; It’s Important” gubernatorial election that pitted Edwin Edwards against Duke, a majority of white Louisianians decided it was more important to vote for the racist. In fact, Duke won 55 percent of the white vote that year. Why wouldn’t he enjoy support now? Yes, Duke has seen the inside of a federal penitentiary since then, but let us be honest: If he could win a state House seat as an openly racist former leader of the Ku Klux Klan, he could certainly count on a base level of support after a prison stint. Even though he went to prison for taking advantage of the most die-hard of racists. Duke begged for money he said he needed to keep his house, and then he went to Vegas, the Bahamas and the Mississippi Gulf Coast and played games with those chumps’ donations.
    It couldn’t have worked out any better for the public. Fools were separated from their money; that money wasn’t used to support racist causes, and Duke went to prison for it.

    If not his prison stint, then there are certainly Louisianians hopeful that the passage of time would wipe out Duke’s support. There’s a laughably naïve American belief that racists are facing extinction and, therefore, that racism is an endangered mindset. Statistics don’t support that belief. According to the General Social Survey conducted by NORC at the University of Chicago, on five measures of racial prejudice millenials (those born after 1981) are about as equally racist as Generation Xers (1965 to 1980) and aren’t that much better than Baby Boomers (1946 to 1964).

    Take laziness, a character trait that Duke and his noxious band of voters would assign to black people.

    According to findings in 2010, 2012 and 2014, the percentage of white Baby Boomers who say black people are lazier or less hard working than white people was 35 percent. The percentage of white Gen Xers was 32 percent, and the percentage of white millenials was 31 percent. On a separate question, 24 percent of white Baby Boomers rated black people as less intelligent and 23 percent of white millenials did the same. “Only” 19 percent of white Gen X’ers answered that way, which suggests that there isn’t a direct relationship between the passage of time and progress. It’s just not the case that every generation is more progressive – or in this case, less racist – than the generation that preceded it.

    Duke’s hurdle-clearing poll numbers 25 years after his loss to Edwards is more proof of that. He has been emboldened by Donald Trump’s retrograde campaign – one that antagonizes multiple minority communities – and he believes that he can ride on that presidential candidate’s coattail. More alarming than Duke’s 5.1 percent of people who’ve indicated they’ll vote for him is the realization that his numbers would be much higher if there weren’t 23 other candidates also in the race.

    Imagine a two-way race between Duke and Democrat Carolyn Fayard or between Duke and Democrat Foster Campbell; how high would Duke’s poll numbers be then?
    We don’t even want to know. Let us pray we never have reason to find out.
    The idea of an avowed white supremacist participating in a debate on a historically black campus prompted Dillard to release a statement that says in short, “Hey, we’re just hosting this thing; we didn’t pick the candidates.” Direct your questions to Raycom Media WVUE-TV, that statement says. The statement also says that Dillard will ensure that the debate is professionally managed and secure “as it does with every event that occurs on our campus.”
    The promise of security sounds like a response to Duke’s remark to The Advocate that he’s worried about his safety being an outspoken racist stepping foot onto a black campus. “Dillard is pretty supportive of Black Lives Matter,” he said, “and I’ve been pretty critical of them.”

    Ain’t that something? He’s a former leader of a white terrorist organization notorious for lynching black people, and he’s the one expressing fear of his person. He’s acting like he thinks the folks at Dillard are criminals or something – when he’s the one who’s been to prison.

    Jarvis DeBerry is deputy opinions editor at NOLA.com | The Times-Picayune. He can be reached at jdeberry@nola.com. Follow him at twitter.com/jarvisdeberry.

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