20,000 mudlims a day now entering Germany; report Obama is flying mudlims into America at night using Air Force and UPS planes

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…..Bavarian Govt.: “Over 2 Million” Invaders

There are going to be “over” two million nonwhite “refugees” in Germany before the end of the year, and other European nations are being invaded with unknown numbers who are not even being registered, senior German government officials have admitted.


Talking to the Augsburger Allgemeine newspaper, Bavarian Interior Ministry press officer Oliver Platzer freely admitted that his office’s calculations, based on how many invaders had already crossed the German border and the daily intake, was that two million would be in Bavaria alone by the year’s end.

But even this figure is still a guess, he added. “It is impossible to predict how many refugees will arrive over more than a 24 hour period,” he said, meaning that any increase could change the figures once again.

There is no decrease in the number of invaders pouring up the “Balkan” route, with Austrian officials at one of the official crossing point of Spielfeld regularly reporting back-ups of 20,000 per day. They have been instructed to “only” send 2,000 invaders at a time onto the German border, after complaints from the Germans that the Austrians were just dumping thousands without any warning.

Officially, there were 758,000 invader registrations recorded at the Federal Ministry of the Interior as of the end of October, but, as the Augsburger Allgemeine said, these are just the “official figures” and the “Interior Ministry itself admits that the actual number is far higher. Many of the refugees go to other countries before being registered and are not accounted for in the official statistics.”


Meanwhile, the social effects of this mass nonwhite invasion are already beginning to  be felt in both Austria and Germany.

The rising incidence of crime is becoming so overwhelming that German police have formally admitted that they downplay nonwhite invader crime reports in “interests of the civil peace.”

An article in the Hannoversche Allgemeine newspaper quoted a State Criminal Police Office (Landeskriminalamt, LKA) official as saying that the “downplaying” of the crime figures is achieved by simply not reporting all the incidents, rather than lying about them.

A recent report in the leftist Kronen Zeitung newspaper in Austria is a perfect example of this withholding trick: on November 19, that paper reported on its front page of an incident in which a 17-year-old Afghani “refugee” brutally raped and beat a 72-year-old white woman in the picturesque town of Traiskirchen.

Along with many other towns in Austria, Traiskirchen has been blighted with a massive influx of nonwhites pretending to be “asylum seekers,” and now more than 5,000 live in a tent city located in the city center.

It is from this camp that the 17-year-old nonwhite struck, the Kronen Zeitung reported—but then went on to admit that the incident occurred three months prior to the November 19 report.

In addition, the Kronen Zeitung reported, the cover of the dossier was specifically marked “Concealed case: Top Secret” (Verschlussakt. Streng geheim)—an indication that the authorities knew, at that stage already, what effect such a report reaching the public would have.

In Berlin, the far leftist Tagesspiegel newspaper was recently allowed to report on some nonwhite invader violence in the city. According to that paper, two policemen were injured when they were attacked by invaders in the Moabit district in front of the State Office for Health and Social Affairs (Landesamt für Gesundheit und Soziales, or LaGeSo).

The paper said that there was a “skirmish” in front of the office when about 300 invaders were sent to the wrong tent by a private security service. The invaders poured into the tent—which was far too small to accommodate them all, and when police asked them to step outside, they responded by physically assaulting the officers and spitting in their faces.

Just three days earlier, the Tagesspiegel added, a security guard was wounded after he was struck in the face by a brick thrown by the invaders on the grounds.


A hospital in Sigmaringen, in the southern German state of Baden-Württemberg, has had to employ private security guards to protect their female nurses from a constant barrage of physical assaults and abuse by nonwhite invaders posing as “asylum seekers.”

News of the assaults and the security measures appeared in an article in the Schwäbische Zeitung, which reported that there had been forty violent attacks on nurses at this particular hospital in the month of September alone.

According to the newspaper, the “asylum seekers” regularly assault, bite, abuse, and spit on the white nurses, among other things, at the SRH Kliniken Landkreis Sigmaringen.

“Our nursing staff is very distressed,” nursing manager Silvia Stärk was quoted as saying. In addition to the assaults, the nonwhites also continuously make inappropriate sexual advances. “The men always stand very close [to the nurses], and they do not keep a normal distance,” Stärk said. It is particularly difficult when the women work night shifts, she added.

It is also easy for the nursing staff to spot which of the nonwhite invaders come from the Muslim world and which do not. Those from the “Arab world,” the newspaper reported, often even refuse to talk to the women. Ironically, for such “devout Muslims,” as many as 80 percent of them arrive at the hospital in a drunken state.

Security measures have now been implemented to protect the nurses. These include full time guards who accompany the nurses whenever they are working in the emergency room. However, not even this measure has managed to decrease the number of attacks, hospital manager Willi Römpp admitted.

…..Video report says Obama has flown 30 BUSFULS of Syrians into Harrisburg, Pennsylvania airport at night on UPS planes

Is history repeating itself? Is Obama circumventing the law once again to bring in refugees, just like he did with the “refugees” from South America…
John D. Nugent

John D. Nugent A German report said the US Air Force is flying Syrians at night into Dover Air Force Base; they enter the U.S. without any customs inspection and are then bussed throughout the United States.

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Piedone Mexicanul

Piedone Mexicanul They have flown “refugees” into Kosovo by tens of thousands.

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Randwulf Der Judenschiesser
Randwulf Der JudenschiesserThey did the exact same thing just over a year ago with the “Central American orphans”…..to test the waters. Tens of thousands were brought in to infest a whole lot of places.




  1. Good! That’s what you deserve when you f*ck up other countries for the kikes. I hope all of you will become *mudlimized* you scumbags.

    • Well, most of us disapprove of what the Jewnited Snakes government is doing. I do and have fought it for 36 years. Through the Internet, the recession, and the US defeats in Iraq and Afghanistan many more are waking up.

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