$100,000 penis and still has no woman — pitiful transgender Irishman is betwixt and between

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How the Jews must be cackling now — their doctors got filthy rich operating on this woman at taxpayer expense to make her a man, and yet she/he is still alone. Double win for Jewry: Geting rich off the misery of others. You can tell just by the face that this is a woman, born a woman, with a feminine longing for a real man that comes through in her very glance.


Comrade Jack Sen wrote me:

He looks like a prepubescent leprechaun, a transleprechaun! 🙂

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  1. An Irish comrade wrote me:

    As to the poor cretin involved all I can say is how very sad and yes, the kikenvermin must be delighted with the “result” of their brainwashing. Clearly this woman, who was initially a lovely little Irish girl, is mentally deranged and should have been treated as such. Instead the kikenvermin and their whores in the NHS grabbed hold of this poor unfortunate woman and spent £60,000 of tax payers money on her to turn her into a latter day Elephant Man.

    Note Brother, if you will, the red hair. If this person was an actual red haired man it would have been turning grey by the time he was 48 years old. Also notice how the beard is cut to give him a leprechaun look – almost like a character from Darby O’Gill and The Little People. Absolutely pathetic. Aside from anything else, I doubt any real woman would be interested in this abomination who needs to inflate it’s “penis” by squeezing on one of it’s artificial “testicles”. How deranged does a person have to be imagine that this is in any way normal? I reckon that the only future this unfortunate woman has is an early death brought on by suicide.

    Ireland has been under sustained attack for the past ten years or more. This is just the latest salvo in that effort.

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