1 in 3 American kids obese; losing 15 pounds in one week; a warning to local Trump and JdN haters; VICTOR THORN BOOKS FREE

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This man looked thirty years younger than he was on a no-carb diet.



Heavily black Deep South states are very obese, but lily-white West Virginia is too. Some inbred hillbillies literally give their kids Mountain Dew for breakfast — I kid you not, and they are toothless and fat by seven.



Had Germany won the war that Roosevelt caused


…..How I lost 15 pounds in one week

It is funny how one can start jogging for one’s health and then, ironically, have a heart attack or get hit by a truck. 😉

In my case the irony was injuring myself doing dead lifts and then getting tennis elbow as well, a kind of temporary arthritis, but I kept on eating at the old pace.

I went on a diet modified from what this cat did for decades:


A guru who lived on cream and salt, and looked 47 at 77… Actually, Indian gurus have survived on just ghee (clear butter) for thousands of years as they meditated



….and he looked 57 at 87… Ancient Aryans on the move in cold climates and before agriculture survived totally on the cow — its milk (and, after slaughtering, its beef, hides and horns)


In my case, I added chicken, turkey, burgers with fried onions and cheese (bread — unh-unh), and broccoli and other low-carb greens.

First thing this diet did was take the puffiness out of my face…. My cheekbones made their comeback. 😉

I lost literally nine pounds the first full day.

Then a pound a day for each of the last six days.

The ketosis, Stone Age, and Dr Atkins diets are similar: high protein and fat, and keeping carbs under 50 grams a day.

What can I say? I ate a lot, it was delicious, and I rapidly lost weight. I weigh a lot from muscle, so I am now a fit 190 again.

This is where I live, Jews and antifas. http://www.johndenugent.com/contact-support


You can too.

If a race war breaks out, will some roaming gang of blacks pick you out as a fatbody who can neither fight nor run? After they stomp your guts out, what happens to your wife, mother, sister, daughter or girlfriend?




………..US Navy SEAL on how to use common items to f—k somebody up who was cruisin’ for a bruisin’


Eye stab with an steel pen…. his newspaper weapon is also intriguing



John de Nugent always carries these… a nice, pocket-sized .380 pistol (it shoots a small .38 bullet), and I got that $50 Cross pen ten years ago — one tough weapon as well as a perfectly flowing ink pen.



The one black man I would like to go back in time and meet was Malcolm X, a brilliant, wise, charismatic, genuine black nationalist, part-white like most of the black elite (with dark-red hair) who in the end totally dropped the hate-whitey:


Now, twice this last week, someone has kicked, or attempted to steal my lawn Trump sign. They hate Trump and they hate me, and my house is located right on the main entry street of Ontonagon, the county seat. Hundreds of cars see my sign daily.




I and an assistant went searching for them the second time, armed (concealed), with a huge flashlight with four D batteries, and they ran like scalded rabbits. 😉

They were just sauntering nonchalantly along until, three seconds after the lawn sign incident, they saw the door fly open and heard a stentorian, Marine Corps DI-style, piercing voice yelling



They literally jumped up in the air and landed running for their lives across a lawn and into the woods. 😉

A Marine yell is like a drill through your skull.

This is just normal cadence calling, not a drill instructor bellowing at you, but the idea is the piercing command.


I can see why Trump supporters so rarely put his sign on their lawn or a bumper sticker on their car. I think he will get far, far more votes form the silent but furious majority than libtards realize. A new poll has disapproval of Hillary at 59%…. 🙂


……Victor Thorn books online

Victor Thorn died suddenly a month ago, and his books are fantastic.


















My close friend Pete the Greek, an AFP writer for three years, was the brilliant Thorn’s best friend, and swears it really was suicide, A LONG-PLANNED suicide, though Pete strongly disapproves of what he did.

Victor is releasing via his son (who lived with him for 20 years) posthumously a new book, a magnum opus, to put supposedly all the others in the shadows……

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