Libelous accusations online against JdN

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….Addressing right off the bat the Carlos Porter libels

Carlos Porter is a swarthy part-Hispanic and despicable traitor who, angry at US policies (which I get), madly formally renounced his US citizenship, sending in his US passport, which was then revoked. He is now, for this practical and legal reason, at the total and utter mercy of the British and EU police authorities as as stateless person, and cannot leave the EU, which has hate-speech laws.


He therefore defends Jews in everything except the Holocaust issue, which he got into before he insanely revoked his US citizenship.

He is now free to say anything as long as he attacks me.

Attacking me is his Get-Out-of-Jail card.


Or he could end up like genuine WN activist Michael Weaver, who did over a year in prison for pepper-spraying a negro who attacked him for handing out pro-white leaflets.


And the Jews at Google put it on page one.

Sergei Brin, half-owner of Google


Eric Schmidt with (((Larry Page))) and (((Sergei Brin)), co-owners of Google



He is the only man in the European Union (living in the UK and Ireland, not Italy as he claims), with carte blanche to use the word “nigger” right on his website, which would get him automatic prison time in any EU country.

Here, in his article defending the Jewish pedophile-rapist-stranger Leo Frank, he blames the innocent black janitor Jim Conley for the Jew’s horrendous crime:



He falsely accuses me, of all people, of being a nigger lover, and constantly uses the word “nigger” in this attack article on his website. How can he get away with that — any use of the word “nigger” (or kike, or wog, or raghead etc.) is felony hate speech under (unjust) EU laws.



He continues to republish the attack on me by Henrik Holappa, AFTER Holappa came out as a leftist agent and antifa, working for a an anti-hate-speech group, and married to a Chinese woman!



Holappa, a supposed white nationalist who some say was an agent from the beginning, now claims (like Derek Black, renegade son of Stormfornt owner Don Black) that he was ocne a sisincer WN but now has awakened to the truth that race is just a myth and that whites are not been gradually genocided.


Holappa realizes now how wrong we are. 😉


I will address in brief here, as elsewhere, just one of his libels. This is what I told Porter, who brushed it aside.

I called the Armstrong County, Pennsylvania board of elections, who told me the election for mayor of Apollo wold be held in 2015. It was their error.

What motive would I have for getting the election year wrong?

No one in Apollo corrected me either, for the position of mayor in small towns in Pennsylvania is surprisingly minor. It is a “weak mayor” status. The mayor only supervises the police department, which in Apollo, pop. 1600, was exactly one full-time officer and a few part-timers.

The town council president is the one who runs meetings and decides the agenda.

So the truth is that mayor is not an important position, but I could have used it to draw attention to the Jewish NUMEC scandal, when an Israeli-run nuclear fuel plant in Apollo killed thousands of white, Gentile people through dumping radioactivity.






I took in basically no donations. I defrauded no one.

And I worked as a paid writer and audiobook maker for the Leo Frank case during the entire two months, AS I HAVE SINCE 2011 and as I explained to Porter.



All on









…..On the nature and uses of defamation campaigns and controlled opposition

“One of the most dangerous Jewish qualities is brutal, direct, barbaric intolerance. A worse tyranny cannot be practiced than that which the Jewish clique practices. If you try to move against this Jewish clique they will, without hesitation, use brutal methods to overcome you. Mainly the Jew tries to destroy his enemy in the mental area, by which he takes his enemy’s material substance away and undermines his civil reputation and existence. The vilest of all forms of retaliation, the boycott, is characteristically Jewish.” –– Dr. Conrad Alberti-Sittenfeld, a Jew, wrote in 1899 in No. 12 of the magazine GESELLSCHAFT

Some WN wrote me I should read an article slamming another comrade. I replied:
Hi, comrade.
Thanks for the link… This one critic, unlike others whom I consider agents, seems sincere, but, sigh.. You know I have been in this cause for 38 years (….and there is as much infighting now as then, or actually more, because of the Internet.
Who benefits from all this? The real enemy, the Jew.
Divide-and-conquer, a strategy old as the hills. The Romans used it on the German tribes, and on the Celts as they conquered Gaul….
My goal is to create an new Aryan religion where we will see our comrades as our brothers and either 1) work out or 2) look beyond our inevitable disagreements — remembering how urgent it is that we unite to create a new world where white children, like my two girls and my two granddaughters, have a future.

“The Jew is the Great Master of Lies. Falsehood andduplicity are the weapons with which he wages war. Every calumny and falsehood published by the Jews are tokens of honour which can be worn by our comrades.He whom they decry most is nearest to our hearts, and he whom they mortally hate is our  best friend. If a comrade of ours opens a Jew-owned newspaper in the morning  and does not find himself vilified therein, then he has spent the previous day to no account. For had he achieved something, he would have been threatened, slandered, derided and abused.”

Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

UPDATE FEB. 9, 2014
Good old Jew-gle! ;-) It still has a 90-day-old, closed thread against me at the top of page one under “John de Nugent” .. but my counter-attack on Jamie Kelso and Linda Falla for their recorded message — sent out to thousands — defaming me as a homosexual, pedophile and girlfriend-beater is not on page one at all under “Jamie Kelso”! Yet another indication that Kelso is doing “the Lord’s work” — the Dark Lord’s ;-)




…..Why the new attack

Someone asked me why this Linda Falla attack on me (see right below, the next item) happened at this time? My answer: The Jews MUST STOP THE EMERGENCE OF A LEADER.

And for this the Jews and their shabbos goyim always use The Big Lie.

I have noticed a pattern. I was attacked by a major blogger in September  2013 (over “space Nazis”), then by the pro-Jewish C of CCer Brad Griffin last November 2013 (an attack placed now by the Jews at Google on the top of page one for the search term “John de Nugent”, though the thread has been closed for two months now and ended in a total victory for the truth about me) and now this homo slander (a recurrent theme) in January. All three attacks were totally unprovoked… I had never criticized any of these three individuals in public or in private. In any case, this means a new major attack on me every two months.

What provoked the newest round? IMO…

1) the new Iranian TV connection I have (Iran has a lot of money and the PressTv people loved my appearance)

2) the 5,000 hits on my website about the French anti-Jewish parade,

3) of course, the phenomenon of the Paris parade itself, which showed for the first time radically anti-Jewish slogans being screamed at a huge demonstration in a white country,

Frenchmen demand the military overthrew the Jew government….


….and the spreading of the “quenelle” gesture,


4) the new French poll saying 50% OF THE FRENCH WANT A DICTATOR TO SAVE THEM FROM THE JEWS (, and

5) a new investigation has opened into Zalman Shapiro, the Pittsburgh Jew physicist who created the toxic NUMEC plant in my town in 1957 to make uranium and plutonium illegally for the Israeli Bomb. (This scandal is involved with the murder of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy and the death by cancer of thousands of White Pennsylvanians!)

One day after these events, a new attack was launched by Jamie Kelso’s wife, Linda Falla, claiming I was a homosexual, pedophile and wife-beater. Since Jamie Kelso knows me and Margi from two occasions, and probably three, this attack is so utterly beyond the pale, so nonsensical, so disprovable, that he must have been ordered to launch it “from on high” as a suicide mission.

Now I also see that a Jew website monitoring antisemites lists my site as the fourth most dangerous on the Internet.


And this IMO is why the latest attack happened.

The Jews fear an American Hitler, because if one arose in the most powerful country on earth, their goose would be cooked.


No one can stop the United States if awakened. This superpower can be betrayed, and fall from within, but the USA militarily cannot be beaten by any power on earth. Its Pentagon budget is as large as the rest of the world put together! The US even has literally tens of thousands of commandos! (SEALS, Delta, Marine Force Recon, Green Beret, etc.)

Now think of this: If Adolf Hitler had been born an American, not a German, when the Great Depression hit (which, of course the Wall Street Jews triggered), he would have become President of the United States in 1933, not Chancellor of Germany, a much smaller country. And America would now be protecting all Whites around the world, a gentle giant, and the British Empire, the French Empire, the Portuguese Empire, and White South Africa would all still exist too. The Khazars grasp clearly that if America ever turns against the Jews, they have no friends in the whole world, only enemies, and their rule is based solely on fear, bribes, blackmail, murder of whistle-blowers and on assassinations (like that of JFK or Russian prime minister Stolypin before WWI), and it is also based on defaming me and people like me who seek to offer presidential leadership and proclaim a higher vision of human freedom for Whites and FOR ALL RACES.

I seek YOUR support so I can launch something dynamic, before it is too late. We have now a “window of opportunity.” Look at the attacks on me… and ask WHOM DO THE JEWS NOW FEAR MOST?


…..Facebook feedback on all this:

  • Rene Scherger I don’t know, but looking at Kelso, he looks to be old enough to be Falla’s daddy! Am I mistaken in this seeming age difference? I suppose I could (maybe) see why he would settle for an orca. ;-) I don’t know much about Kelso–just saw him attempt to appeal to some crowd of conservatives over the race issue. I don’t know anything about Falla either, though she’s on my friend list and I don’t recall ever anything worthwhile of hers I felt moved to re-post.
    You have no worries John. No one is buying their slander. I suppose it is because of your soft voice approach that people could be given the wrong impression of you by mere suggestion without having done any research. I wouldn’t worry my head over their smears.
    • John D. Nugent Well, were I “just” a writer, just a blogger, or in the theater world or Hollywood, rumors of being “gay” or “crazy,” or (like Tom Cruise or John Travolta) a Scientologist, or doing drugs or booze (think of Charlie Sheen) would be almost “par for the course.”
      But a true leader, especially one like myself who has done many serious videos on the topics of God and spirituality ( and who seeks to found a new white religion, it is impossible for my traditionalist supporters or readers to follow a homosexual, a pedophile, a con man or wife-beater.
      A true leader is also a role model that people admire and look up to!
      An Australian sent me this attack by Linda Falla: and added:
      “John, there’s some woman posting this about you, mate. I hate to see a great WN leader like you defamed.”
      Falla was also too cowardly to record it in her own voice. It is a robot dictation voice.
      As my blog states [below], her husband Jamie has met me and Margi three times, once even inside our home, and he knows for a fact that I am NOT a homosexual.
      They are deliberate liars, IMO working for the FBI (or for the SPLC, the ADL or for Scientology under contract to another group).
      I have had no interaction with Linda Falla ever, and none with him since November 2008! There was thus zero provocation for this attack. This is the third attack on my character in six months. Since both Kelso and his wife Falla seem to be (whatever this means) sincere WNs, they both fit the definition in my blog of “turned.”
      She and her husband are members of the American Freedom Party and William Johnson, the founder, demanded their apology for making a false attack on me, and so stated by telephone to John King, also a AFP member.
      (King, himself a married man with two children, is very active on the site, and having stayed at my house for three weeks in 2011 to help as a volunteer and thereby having met Margaret, and seen us interacting as a normal couple, and eating her delicious meals as well which she prepared, he was beyond outraged that I am being defamed as a queer. In fact, on FB he called Falla a “f—–g liar.”)
      In 2011, a huge wave of defamation hit me as supposedly being a queer, and it resulted in a sharp drop-off in donations. I ended up unable to pay the rent on a 2,500-square foot house, which was ideal for starting a movement. It had three buildings, two offices, four bedrooms for staff or temporary volunteers, and two parking areas! But I could not pay the $600-a-month rent any longer after these smears hit home!
      My old upstairs office
      Here is where the Discovery Channel filmed me in its February 24, 2010 Discovery Channel hatchet job, cutting down a four-hour interview where I destroyed the bisexual Jew host, Olly , to 2.5 minutes.
      After losing my house due to character attacks, then my website was hacked by Jews (look at all my posts from 2008 to October 2011, except for the January-March 2011 posts, and you will see that all the photos are missing).
      Then PayPal closed my account, and PP was my main source of donations!
      Then my bank closed my account over bounced checks due to my crisis situation. (It cost me $400 to move — at 56 I moved a huge amount of heavy furniture with the help of two young local guys) and this new motel life of mine meant the beginning of a $100-a-month furniture storage rental nightmare that lasted for 15 months. I was spending $600 a month to live in a slum motel and pay storage — when before, for the same money, I had a HQ!)
      I ended up living in a motel called the Boathouse in Natrona, Pa. — an once prosperous steel town now infested with ghetto blacks, white druggies and especially white female heroin addicts and their black dealers! The motel itself is owned by a New Jersey Jew and was full also of lowlife Blacks, white and black junkies… and trucks rumbled by my window starting at 4 am, and once a week I was awakened by the noises of bar fight downstairs!
      I persisted in doing my blogging and video work, even from my tiny motel room! And the Jew came in once to see what I was “up to” with all those computers! (It turns out he had grown up in Texas, he was sympathetic to Ron Paul, we had a good talk, he decided a blogger is better in his motel than a junkie with needles, and I dodged that bullet. Whew! ;-) )
      My new HQ thanks to fag slander by Duke, Black, Kelso et alia
      Someone asked if I was sure Falla was behind this attack.
      I replied:
      Falla is definitely the author of this attack. 1) She has not denied it, 2) she has always refused my repeated requests for Facebook “friendship,” 3) her husband Jamie refused to let me join or post on his website, and 4) as my blog states [see below], Kelso is a Duke-Black-Stormfront operative, and IMO David Duke and Don Black are both turned WNs.

      And that is the horrible truth. Our movement is full of turned WNs. And they are concentrating on me, first one, then another and then another.

      30 minutes ago  Like  1  Remove Preview
    • .
      John D. Nugent A lady comrade wrote me: “Cool. thanks. I don’t believe that you are gay for one second. It’s hard to have that said about you, but anyone worth their weight in salt won’t believe it either.”
      I replied:
      “Well, thanks. But gossip and slander do have, and in my case, have had a serious effect on me, such as young men, one from Connecticut and another form eastern Pennsylvania, who volunteered to come to my house after they graduated from high school and work for and with me to save our race, change their mind suddenly — and not give any reason. That is because I am called a faggot and a pedophile!
      One of them, a Stephen O’Leary, actually had given me the wonderful, expensive headset (actually a video-gaming headset) I used on Iranian TV last week! He used to call me and was very enthusiastic about me and suddenly he gave bogus excuses why he could not come, though he had no job and had finished high school!
      Another, who did the editing of this video for me, and used the name “Aldred,” also gave me suddenly fake reasons why he could not come!

      The Friend of the White Worker

      My 2010 video, shot near Brackenridge, Pa. shows why Hitler was loved by the Germans: He brought 1) JOBS, 2) made the streets safe again, 3) stopped drugs and alcoholism, 3) promoted strong families without divorce, abuse, homo marriage or molesting, 4) he demanded good books, music and movies, and 4) he promoted genuine national pride based on success and hard work.

      This video — repeatedly hacked by Jews — deals with the worries real working-class people have about economic and psychological survival TODAY.)

      John de Nugent  The Friend of the White Worker

      And this in turn forced me to bring in another guy, not a WN, but a person with military, police, computer and auto mechanic skills, and when the FBI leaned on HIM over unpaid fines, and two deputy sheriffs came to my door, warning him to pay up or go to jail, he then embezzled $42300 from me!
      And that is why I had no money to run for sheriff! I had to sell three (very used) vehicles, a Nissan van, a Honda Prelude, and a sturdy GMC Suburban, one after another, to pay vehicles to pay the back rent on our new rented house!
      And I could not campaign for sheriff out in the country side with no car!
      And I did not get in enough donations to BUY a used car due to the rumors!

…..Slanderous attacks by wife of “turned” WN Jamie Kelso

I have been in a loving, normal man-woman relationship from April 2005 to today with Margaret Huffstickler (photos below), though we broke up from May 2011-November 2012. Now a lady comrade just informed me that the potato-faced, tattooed, chin-studded Linda Falla is now calling me a homosexual. (Well, I might even become one if she were the only woman left. ;-) )


This was all started by Henrik Holappa, who admitted the FBI forced him to defame me to stay out of prison and get three hate-speech indictments in Finland dropped:

I have been married twice (with two daughters), I have had two long-term relationships, and (gulp) about 20 other girlfriends. Unlike the pathetic losers who attack me, I have never had any problem meeting women!


I have been with MARGI 2005-2011 and from 2012-present.

Margi-John-Old- Timers-Car-Show -Sarver-Pa-Sept- 2008




Margi lower right in a family photo with my folks, brother and older daughter Ingrid; I am upper-left


I, Margi, Canadian hero Paul Fromm and Michigan activist Evan Thomas

Margi’s master’s degree in music; she is a truly superb composer, and a singer of opera and art songs


Her father Albert was a distinguished poet in Austin, Texas and part of a beautiful park is dedicated to him: (

A handsome man, and a down-to-earth kind of poet expressing the real lives we live; he inspired love from all who read himalbert-huffstickler-renowned-texas-poet

I and Thomas, the meeting host


Margi speaking out for defamed Germany at the 2007 “No More Wars for Israel” conference

Margaret Huffstickler reading Hitler poem Artois

My favorite pic of Margi… hand on my shoulder…. “Stand by your man!” ;-)


Southern country vocalist Tammy Wynette sings: “Stand By Your Man!” (Margi is a southern girl too, from North Carolina)



Margi singing a wonderful Irish song, “I know my love” (12:25 to end) on


(And check out their excellent HEALTH videos!

Margi is a gourmet chef, and this is her favorite pic of herself, digging into a pumpkin to make a delicious pumpkin pie.


My two children back in 1988, Ingrid and Erika:


Ingrid, now 33 and a mother of twin daughters

Ingrid bronze statues

Erika Atzl, who graduated with a double major in nursing and art from the University of Virginia, and just married a PhD candidate from the elite Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore

(From Birth certificates of Ingrid and Erika (presented solely because of the media Jews who viciously defame me to this day as a homosexual!) clearly listing me as the father:×1024.jpg×1024.jpg

–My French wife Brigitte 2002-05:×1024.jpg (eyes obscured) in 2003 with me in a Rhode Island seafood restaurant.

Brigitte was a nice gal, a great cook, and very French in so many wonderful ways, but we were incompatible, and it was annulled to save divorce expenses.

I was enraged, during the 2003 “French-bashing” media epidemic (remember “freedom fries” instead of “french fries” ? ;-) that was boiling just before George W. Bush sent our boys in to invade and Iraq that had NO weapons-of-mass-destruction, that she was physically attacked for being FRENCH…..

I was stupefied that anyone would hit a five-foot-tall woman, even aside from her being my wife! Unfortunately, the School Street/Boston, Massachusetts Borders (the Borders bookstore chain has since gone bankrupt, along with many other stores in the Jew-cause Great Recession) had in-store cameras were all trained on the cash registers (typical), not the aisles. :-(

I began to hate Fox News Channel “chicken hawks” after that, who called the French cowards and “surrender monkeys,” but then would hit a tiny woman from behind.

More of the women I l have loved and cared about:

–1989-1991 ladyfriend from Oklahoma, Donna Jane R., a former David Duke girlfriend:

You can see me on election day in August 1990 (from 09:40 to 19:00), when I ran for US Congress in the Sixth Congressional District of Tennessee, south and east of Nashville (; Donna was bravely with me for much of that race:

–Mid-1990s lady friend Kae, a delightful, natural blonde and U. Michigan (top university!) graduate, a gal of proud German/Luxemburg-and-Slovakian ancestry:

–1999-2000 Montréal, Quebec (Canadian) French ladyfriend Louise B. (on a trip to Greece)�ce-174.jpg

The campaigns by THREE US presidents to thwart my desire to lead our race to victory:

Falla (another photo below) is or was married to Jamie Kelso, a Dukie and “former” Scientologist whom Shaun Walker, then chairman of the National Alliance, accused of being an FBI asset. Then Walker (as payback for outing Kelso) was arrested and framed for a Utah bar fight with a Mexican (a supposed federal “hate-crime”!) …. and Shaun was sentenced mercilessly to SIX YEARS in PRISON — for a dust-up where no one was injured, the Mexican did not file charges, and in fact Pedro/Pablo/Manuel, whatever his name was, went skiing the next day!


Both Dr. Edward Fields of Georgia (see below), and Willis Carto (see below), publisher in Washington DC of of and, said to me that Jamie Kelso is 100% an agent!



Willis A. Carto had this Marine throw Kelso out of the 2006 AFP/TBR conference!

“Don’t let him in!”

And it is the agent’s wife, Linda Falla, who is calling me a queer and also a wife-beater! (Hunh? ;-) )

Publisher Willis Carto bravely demonstrating at the German Embassy in Washington DC for the liberation of Holocaust disprover Ernst Z�ndel


A comrade who knows Kelso and his wife, Linda Fall, wrote me:

John, What exactly is going on with you and the Kelsos? Nothing Linda does surprises me, but reading this bit about Jamie being an agent really puzzles me.

First of all, the most dangerous FBI asset, as I explain in my Holappa essay below, is not an outright agent with Establishment beliefs who is sent in from outside to infiltrate and disrupt us.

The best agent is a sincere WN of weak character whom they can “turn” by blackmail, by bribes or by a combination of both!

I know Jamie Kelso, just as I know David Duke (quite well, in fact, since 1989) and Don Black (somewhat), and Henrik Holappa, And all are sincere WNs. But in my view, they all have been “turned.”

Jamie Kelso, born in New York City


A WN who has been “turned” is the best agent of all, because, especially if he re-emerges from prison, his world-view has not changed, just his “situation” has…. He can still sit down, as before, and “rag” about the black, jews, hispanics, muslims, queers, etc. and you THINK that nothing about him has changed.

Oh, but something has.

And in a way, we are MORE sympathetic to a WN who has done prison time or been otherwise persecuted than otherwise. We naturally lower our guard more for such a “hero.” We extend every sympathy to him. He is now a “martyr.” We want to believe he stayed strong “on the inside.” But he did not.

My conclusion after 35 years in this FBI-targeted Cause

is that through the COINTELPRO program

our movement is filled

with “turned” WNs

in key positions.


For an impoverished WN, even a bribe of $400 a month is big money if it means keeping the electricity, water and car insurance going. and paying the rent!

Often the FBI eases the turncoat into it, cooing: “We would just like you to keep us informed if there are any illegal acts being done or discussed.”

And then the next month they ask for a little more than just that.

Like “start a rumor.”

Finally, “talk someone into buying illegal guns.”

Next thing you know, you are “raking in” $600 a month. ;-)

But they never pay you so much bribe money that you can afford to up and quit.

If you could pile up savings, you would, quit, and seek another income source, but they never pay enough for you to put any money aside and tell them “sayonara.” No, it is always just enough to keep you going, to just barely survive. That is on purpose. In this way, you will need their money next month all over again.

And if they have blackmail on you, or have set you up, then besides the carrot they also have “the stick.” The threat — exposure, SCANDAL, prison, ruin, or even DEATH.

Back to Jamie Kelso: This article by the loathsome SPLC seems to be factually accurate: (The Wikipedia article on him is woefully un-updated.)

Kelso is the one who told William Johnson of the A3P party (now AFP: that I was a pedophile!

Hank Bertram, a WN activist in WV, called me and said Johnson and AFP would not support me (when I had a winnable race for sheriff here in Armstrong County in early 2013, and when his American Freedom Party SAID IT WAS “looking for good candidates”) because “Johnson heard “ (as Hank Bertram of West Virginia told me) that I was “a pedophile”!

Well, from WHOM? A little bird?

“I did! I DID see a pedophile!” ;-)

I called Johnson out in L.A., straightened him out, and the man said he would call me back in three days. And that was the end of the contact…. I never heard from him again.

I had a winnable race for sheriff in 2013…

–with an OPEN SEAT,

–in a 98% white county that

–hates Obama (landslided twice against him),

–loves guns, and

–because of crime and drugs in nearby Pittsburgh and New Kensington, despises ghetto Blacks!


And I got almost NO money from anyone in America,

partly due to these vicious, career-devastating rumors

that made people hesitate to donate!

They like me — but “they also heard some stuff…”!


This is the county I live in and wanted to run in…. that voted, even though half-Democrat, overwhelmingly against Obongo in 2008 and 2012!,_Pennsylvania


I wrote the comrade further:

Write or call Hank Bertram yourself: [I furnished contact details]

This was my campaign announcement blog of Feb. 27., 2013: My website:


My business card


Somebody (Kelso) and, IMO, Jared Taylor (married to the Scottish-Jewish leftist Evelyn Rich) who are or were key people with AFP — and Taylor has lied to, and about me, and lied about himself on a radio show I was also on as a guest, and lied to me about lying about me to others — are spreading the defamation verbally and via emails that I am a pedophile, mentally ill, a con man, and Linda Kelso is the LATEST mouthpiece now being used (like before her Brad Griffin of Alabama) for saying it openly.


*** SIDEBAR ON Jared Taylor

I have known Taylor since the late 1980s…
Taylor is picked up bodily by Canadian antifas and carried out of his own meeting without resistance
He and I both were interpreters into English for foreigners who were speakers at an IHR conference in southern California in 1989.
Taylor interpreted for a Japanese general who was anti-NWO and I for a once famous Dutch activist, Florentine Rost Van Tonningen.
But Taylor has been a vicious infighter against me,and he has lied about things on air and I confronted him on-air about them. And now I will simply come out with it:

His wife, Evelyn Rich, is almost certainly Jewish.

I met her when she was a PhD student from Scotland, trailing around the States interviewing WNs.Her thesis was on WNism.
Her name is classically Jewish: RICH. Think of Marc Rich, pardoned by Bill Clinton on his last day in office and many other Riches. The name Rich is as Jewish as Goldberg.

She also has black and highly curly hair.

American Jewess who moved to Israel, where her “Jewfro” is commonplace
And by amazing coincidence, her husband, Jared Taylor is philosemitic.
He also badmouths me and then lies to me about it. I need not point out that his alma mater, Yale University, is the home of Skull and Bones and of closet CIA asset William Buckley, whose stated mission was to infuse Jews into the American conservative movement.
skull-bones-headquarters-yale-connecticutI am opposed to infighting but I COUNTER-ATTACK WHEN ATTACKED, and one cannot avoid being against agents and “turned” individuals, and while one can exhort true comrades to stop the infighting, one obviously cannot get an agent or turned person to to do so.
A well-known comrade wrote me: January 20th, 9:36pm: Interesting. I have heard his wife is a Jewess, which would definitely explain a whole lot.
–JdN: Well, I MET her. I grew up with Jews at an elite private Quaker school, Moses Brown, in Providence, RI. I know one when I see one. This means he has Jewish kids. And he has been trashing me behind my back for years, and lying about it.
Well-known comrade: Yeah I can believe it. The fact that he avoids the Jewish question proves that he is somehow associated with Jews, and having one as a wife explains it. Like fat man Alex Jones.
Again, I am against infighting, which recently led to a massive heart attack for writer Michael Collins Piper, a friend since 1987. But Taylor — Jew wife, Yale (a heavy CIA recruiting ground) — — and attacking me without reason…. If anyone is the plant it is he. But we are supposed to be “grateful” to have such a polished, Ivy League guy “on our side.”
We all have our tiffs in this Cause (and there is infighting in EVERY cause), but with Taylor it has been a deep commitment to sandbagging me, and with zero provocation.


To verify what I said about Shaun Walker ( catching Kelso red-handed at at National Alliance function writing down license plates of NA activists: (Walker, a husky former Marine, and another comrade then ordered Kelso to strip and found his secret stash of notes)

Shaun Walker and his wife Cindy


When Shaun Walker strip-searched him and found Kelso’s notes, Kelso said that gathering info was just an old habit he acquired while a Scientologist. Walker (then National Alliance chairman) retorted:

“Were you planning, Jamie, on sharing any of this with us?” ;-)


Write Willis A. Carto, publisher of American Free Press (a weekly newspaper: and The Barnes Review (a bimonthly historical magazine: ( [contact info provided]

Or write for further confirmation to the famous Dr. Edward Fields ( [contact info provided]
Or write to longtime WN activist and candidate Roy Armstrong-Godenau, a former Duke employee: [contact info provided]
I would give you Shaun Walker’s email address, but the condition of his parole, after serving 2 years of his 6-year sentence, is that he have no contact with WNs, as his wife, Cindy Walker, explained to me.


I persuaded a fellow former Marine and long-time Republican US Congressman (1967-83!) from the Bay area of California � Pete McCloskey (, a winner of the Navy Cross (!) and the Silver Star (!) in Korea, to negotiate with the feds to reduce Walker’s incarceration. As a civil-liberties lawyer, McCloskey was outraged at the railroading of Walker because he was a dissident, and beyond that, seeing a fellow former Marine who was in need, Pete wanted to help.

I had several “in’s” with McCloskey, who is NOT a WN at all (a kind of libertarian conservative and old-style, liberal California Republican, who was actually a strong supporter of the black “civil rights” movement):
–I was a former Marine, like McCloskey
–Shaun Walker was also (a sniper, in fact)
–my father ( was a former Marine and fought as an officer in Korea when McCloskey was also over there;


In fact, McCloskey sent an autographed, dedicated copy of his Korean War memoir ( to my father down in Vero Beach, Florida, who read it, loved it and sent it on to me:

–McCloskey was very critical of Israel, and actually spoke at the 1987 IHR conference held by Willis Carto — to everyone’s amazement, actually. ;-)

So when McCloskey, a famous former Congressman and lawyer, contacted the feds, they got Walker out after two years of his six-year sentence.

And as everyone knows who is familiar with the federal, not state, prisons knows, you must serve out your entire sentence in the fed system, unlike a state prison sentence. Even “good behavior” counts for nothing (except better treatment) in the federal prison system.

I worked long and hard on this, and Roy Armstrong-Godenau, a friend of both me and Shaun Walker, can confirm the whole story, as can Cindy Walker (who is, however, low-profile to shield her husband and to protect her own job).

I will furnish contact info for all these men to anyone who asks and whom I in turn can trust.

I did all this to help a comrade whom I have never personally met nor even spoken with by phone.

I and Margi also took in for several months (December 2005-January 2006) into our tiny, Alexandria, Virginia studio apartment one Clarence Malcolm, a top assistant to and investigator for Ted Gunderson, the famous, heroic former FBI official who became an anti-government whistle-blower, and especially a crusader to protect children from satanists.

Clarence Malcolm



Ted Gunderson


Gunderson discussing satanism, child abduction and the CIA. Upon retiring after 30 years with the FBI, Gunderson began talking about government cover-ups of satanism and child molestation rings inside the US government.



Malcolm posted the following on my Facebook page recently (

Screenshot of this conversation thread in Facebook:

Clarence Malcolm posted to John D. Nugent
December 6 at 9:13 pm via mobile � Edited

John  I just wanted to thank you again for saving my life years ago when I worked for Ted Gunderson and was being stalked by spooks [undercover government agents] all the way from Nevada to Washington DC . also thank you for writing that letter to the French Embassy for me. Had you not taken me into your home, I’m sure I would be dead now. All because, as Ted’s investigator, I discovered the true source of that dead girl’s finger that ended up in a Wendy’s bowl of chili… and because I discovered the spook killer of REBECCA and the CIA cutout company operating out Guatemala that this spook was connected with. Thank you,  thank you, thank you, John. So you see, John, I have not forgotten. I remember you and others who bravely helped me in my time of need when I was running for my life… And till the day I die I will never forget how you helped me then.
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Clarence Malcolm Later, sfter I got back to Texas. the stalking began again and there were several covert attempts on my life, and this did not stop until I went underground in Panama for an entire year —  which was made possible by Ted’s continuing financial support.
December 6 at 9:33pm via mobile  Edited  Like

John D. Nugent It was my pleasure and privilege to help a true and courageous patriot and later a true friend as well!
December 6 at 10:18pm   Like   1

John D. Nugent When we look back, we remember all the good things about a man like Ted, former top FBI official and then courageous whistleblower. Maybe he is your guardian angel now.
December 6 at 10:20pm   Edited  Like  1

John D. Nugent I saluted Ted in this very scary blog about his work exposing satanists inside our government: “ENGLISH The top satanist, child abuser and child murderer who works for the NSA”

Clarence Malcolm I’m just sorry that after you helped me spooks broke into your Washington DC apartment and trashed it.
December 6 at 10:31pm via mobile  Like

John D. Nugent Better spooks in the house than dying of boredom ;-)
December 6 at 10:35pm  Like  1

John D. Nugent But with my redhead back, I am never bored. ;-)

Clarence Malcolm John, under fire, I will stand by your side any day, brother.
December 6 at 10:35pm via mobile  Unlike  1

John D. Nugent Just squish ’em with that 18-wheeler of yours. ;-)
December 6 at 10:36pm  Like  1

Clarence Malcolm John, did you ever identify the red-blood-colored substance that was sprayed and/or poured down in your apartment?
December 6 at 11:01pm via mobile  Like

[In the fall of 2007, the day I was going to announce to a Council of Conservative Citizens group in Arlington, Virginia that I was considering running for US Congress after a congresswoman suddenly died, the feds entered our high-security apartment (electronic keys and deadbolts) , deleted huge documents off two computers (one Windows, one Linux) dealing with Jewish ritual murder, sprayed two huge SS’s on the rug in red paint and left the door wide open to demonstrate “We were here.”


Clarence Malcolm This reminds me of the miniature explosive that was placed on Ted’s front car tire. The police said they could not identify the compound it had. A radio antenna was inside it so that it could be remotely triggered to explode to cause Ted to be in an accident. This was all reported in the Lafayette, Louisiana newspaper because they shut down the entire neighborhood to remove the explosive.
December 6 at 11:06pm via mobile  Edited  Like

John D. Nugent No, we never did identify it but they sprayed big “S-S” letters with it. I guess the dorks were saying I was a bigtime SS-type Nazi. ;-)
December 6 at 11:08pm  Like  1

Clarence Malcolm Yes. of Course. Spooks see you as a Nazi. They probably have a big file on you. But I believe they’re also afraid of you because youre well-armed..well. Perhaps not so much afraid * but let’s say very careful. :-)


Later on, in the summer of 2008, I welcomes the persecuted Henrik Holappa into my house. (He then betrayed me after he was arrested, but then called and confessed recently, see below.)

In the summer of 2012, I helped a former US Army soldier with police and computer skills, who told me he had been abused as a kid and that his mother was a junkie, a Michael M. Unfortunately, he also was gotten to, betrayed me, he embezzled $4200, and the police refused to arrest him.

I learned from all this that a lot of people are weak and can be “turned.”

…..Michael Weaver on David Duke

I have done many blogs on the heroic Georgia activist Michael Weaver….a one-man National Alliance unit in Columbus,Georgia until he was railroaded into state prison for 20 months, then banned from a six-county area!



ENGLISH Slovak WN wins office; Chinese boil dogs alive; heroic activist Michael Weaver again denied justice in what once was Georgia

michael-weaver-beefcake-shot-croppedEven in French: FRENCH Tu� socialement parce que militant nationaliste, soutenez J�r�mie ! Un cas pareil en Georgia aux �tats-Unis: le banniment de sa ville natale


And, frankly, I have sent several hundred dollars using MoneyPak to Michael in his incredible, dire, (and I will not say why, but in his dangerous) situation. (Btw, Andrew Anglin also collected a nice amount of money for Weaver.)

greendot_MoneyPakI asked Michael: “You used to work for David Duke, and you stayed in his house, his HQ, in Mandeville, Louisiana. I have been there too.

Has Duke at least ever contacted you when you were arrested, or put on trial, or sentenced, or imprisoned — or after you got out after the twenty months in jail? With no job, no car, no fiancée any more, now labelled a convicted felon with “aggravated-assault” hanging over your head when you try to get work, and banned from your family and a six-county area?


Did Duke ever send you any money in view of all you did for HIM?”

His answer:





David Duke around 1980: pre-nose job, pre-chin-job, pre-eye-job, pre-cheek implants and pre-hair coloring



AFTER, with a Michael Jackson nose YOUR DONATIONS MONEY AT WORK ;-)

Getting laid up 200%!


Michael Jackson with the same cutesy nose with an upturn


Some brave soul ;-) with the email of wrote me:

You said:

[JdN] And I will save our race. Look at the one the Jews attack most. It ain’t Duke. He gets federal prison, then early release. He gets arrested in Prague, then released the next day !!! Just enough persecution to give him “cred.”

So, what are you trying to say? That David Duke is actually working for the Jews? Because I think you just did. You’ve been sniping at him for some time, but now you’ve implied that he’s a Jewish-controlled agent, and a traitor to White people. You often talk about how wrong it is to slander and defame someone, but you’ve just slandered and defamed David Duke. Do you have any proof to back up your accusations? I think you need to elaborate on your comments.


Dear person (I could call you “comrade” but you might as easily be ADL, SPLC, Simon Wiesenthal Center or FBI, or just a black-jew-mex-hating person who also enjoys hating white people ;-) like far too many Stormfronters and VNNers, not an aryophile, not a true racial idealist who loves our race and the people in it!.

“Slander” and “defamation” imply I have told falsehoods. NO! I have told the truth!

I did state the FACTS: that Duke got early release from federal prison, and that he was released after ONE day by the Czechs and also after ONE day by the Germans!

Do you seriously believe that I, John de Nugent, would get such treatment? How about my assistant, Henrik Holappa, who got 87 days in solitary, and then was banned for life from US soil as a terrorist?

Does the Joint Terrorism Task Force, which arrested my radio-show aide, Mike Williams in Florida, and then lawyer Edgar Steele, come to his house? They came in March 2009 and arrested my assistant Holappa, with three squad cars; they came again in June 2009 in re James von Brunn; and they came twice in 2011 in re my assistant Clark Lightbridge. Why do they not knock on David Duke’s door?

Why, with thousands of supporters, AND HIS “EURO” MAILING LIST, does Duke not start or restart an organization and HOLD MEETINGS? The Tea Party, over 95% white and opposed to both Obama and illegal immigration, and the Republicans who hate “RINOs” (Republicans In Name Only), these anti-Obama and pro-gunforces are booming….. So why does Duke hole up in the Alps of Austria (pop. 7 million) …….. or in sunny Italy?




……It is AMERICA where the action is! America decides the fate of the world! It is the most important white country on earth in both numbers (180 million whites, who have both gun and free-speech rights) and sheer military power!

What do the Feds still “have on Duke”?

I have worked regular jobs for almost all of my life: a newspaper boy (as a boy and even as a college student), then several factories, agriculture and dairy, the Marines, steam carpet-cleaning, window-washing, convenience store clerk, high-school teaching and translating.

Swampscott JHR serge Octo 1996 testimonial

To the best of my knowledge, David Duke, like Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, has basically worked no regular jobs in his LIFE.

Duke worked in the early 1970s, during the tail end of the Vietnam War, for the Defense Intelligence Agency — in Laos. Good work if you can get it! ;-) While others of his generation were dying in the mud and swamps of Vietnam!

Why did the same Austrian government, which ise among the very worst persecutors of revisionists and white nationalists on earth, and which arrested, convicted and imprisoned David Irving for something he had said almost two decades earlier, and threw Gerd Honsik for six years in prison, and have given many years to engineer Wolfgang Fröhlich, or activist Gottfried Küssel, nevertheless allow David Duke to flourish while openly living there?

Honsik (six years)


Irving (one year)


Froehlich (twelve years –so far)


Küssel (six years in 1992 and nine years starting in 2013)


AND why does Duke not go hammer-and-tong after the government’s version of 9/11, and state, as even the part-Jew Alan Sabrosky did, THE MOSSAD DID IT? Initially, Duke’s website printed the truth about the Jewish authorship of 9/11, but now he has backed off….Now, just like Bush and Obama, Duke sez “the Arabs did it” — oh, but the Israelis did not notify us of what they knew……………

Duke told me and Margaret that in 2007, when he was in Washington for the American Renaissance conference. We were speechless! The Arabs did 9/11?????

Not according to Alan Sabrosky (Ph.D., [[University of Michigan], 1976]) who is,. besides PART-JEWISH, a ten-year US Marine Corps veteran and a 1986 graduate of the U. S. Army War College. He is also a writer and consultant specializing in national and international security affairs. In December 1988, he received the Superior Civilian Service Award after more than five years of service at the U.S. Army War College as Director of Studies, Strategic Studies Institute, and holder of the General of the Army Douglas MacArthur Chair of Research. Dr. Sabrosky’s teaching and research appointments have included the United States Military Academy, the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), Middlebury College and Catholic University; while in government service, he held concurrent adjunct professorships at Georgetown University and the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS).



But HEY, what does HE know? ;-)

Why did Wikipedia delete its own earlier reference (embarrassing to him?) to Duke’s Austrian paradise domicile — not street address — in the lakeside ski town of Zell am See?

You can see the current version here:

I simply mentioned how Margi and I visited Duke and his Russian girlfriend there for one week in 2007 on my blog, and Duke objected to that. I protested that the info on his apartment in Zell am See was already out there on Wikipedia! He said to me:

“John, that creates the wrong impression, and besides, I do not even use that apartment any more.”

Strangely, however, most or all of his recent videos are shot in the living room of that same apartment. I know, because I and Margaret slept for a week on a fold-out couch in that living room.

Is Wikipedia MY friend? No. It deleted the entire article on ME, stating (via the “editor” with the name of “Hullabaloo Horowitz”) that John de Nugent was “not a noteworthy person“…….

(I guess that is why ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox News Channel, the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Company) and the Discovery Channel have run interviews with me, why Bing has 2.6 million hits on my name, and the Discovery Channel did a one-hour show that centered on attacks on the Solutrean Hypothesis and on me, including the trailers………. See )

In point of fact, I have KNOWN David Duke personally for 22 years……………..since I MOVED to New Orleans (to the suburb of Metairie) to help him and learn from him after his exciting victory for Louisiana state representative in 1989.

I also do not understand why, after I told him in 2007 I had no medical insurance and I was planning to run for US Congress (a plan thwarted when the Mississippi State Police terrorized my money man, Rick Knox of Kentucky, after three millionaires had pledged to him to support me at a Mississippi meeting place, and they had done polling in five states for a WN candidate, showing me WINNING in two of those five potential races), and after 20 years off the ski slopes, I did not want to risk going skiing with him, he nevertheless cajoled and cajoled me to go skiing — and actually paid for a restaurant meal for me, unheard of for Duke! :-) — as anyone who knows him can testify ;-) — and then after a beginner and intermediate slope, took me to the most expert, dangerous slope on top of the mountain and then abandoned me there.

It was so steep I could not even see the bottom. I took off my skis and slid down the left side of the slope, which was not only a Black-Diamond grade of steepness, but covered with icy patches.

I also dated his onetime girlfriend Donna Randall. I know a LOT about David Duke………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

I also know that his closest friend, Don Black…………….

……using proxies such as “Jackboot” (called “Stormfront Chief of Staff”)……..

Don Black’s son (l) — who quit WNism in an open letter to the SPLC in 2013! — and Jackboot (r) (I know his real name) ………….

Jackboot, Black and another immoderate moderator spread lies I was a homosexual. Black directly stated on a poison thread that I was “delusional” (meaning: crazy, seeing things and insane) and needed to see a psychiatrist. Jackboot declared libellously that “John de Nugent” was a false name and “affectation.”

A Norwegian video producer who works for Duke, “Norsewolf,” took up two afternoons of my time, called me by my last name “Nugent” (though he is in his twenties and I was sacrificing everything for our race seven years before he was born) and then stood me up, without apology, when we had an appointment to work together.

I also know that Duke’s delivery is listless and flat, lacking the fire of inner conviction.

David Duke has however done great things for our Cause. He has established (as have I) a moderate, reasonable tone for our message, and his duel with Wolf Blitzer on CNN, exposing him as a former AIPAC employee with no journalism background, was a triumph!



His two books have superb value in promoting our Cause.

I also know that Duke went to bat with President Ahmadinejad of Iran for a persecuted Holocaust revisionist, who, however, let Duke and that person down.

I do know this: that someone is very actively sandbagging me behind the scenes to others. A key and big-name vocalist for my Solutrean Anthem bowed out suddenly. There has been a resurgence of defamations of me as a homosexual.

When I was trying to get Henrik Holappa an American-citizen wife so he could stay in America (even possibly going low-profile thereafter), Duke spoke to that person, who then not only broke off all contact but then gave him and me the cold shoulder at the 2008 Duke/EURO conference, to which I, Holappa and Margaret drove, 900 miles one-way in a small 1991 Honda, to support that meeting when it was being excluded from venue after venue and where all three of us finally spoke.

(Holappa, apparently “unworthy” to marry that female comrade after Duke spoke with her, gave the only speech at the conference that got a standing ovation. Don Black refused to return his greeting.)

None of the above information is defamation, or slander, just proven or provable facts. I got lots of ‘em.

The question how much further I go now ….. is up to David Duke……………………………………………………. but I am just as aware of surreptitious bad-mouthing as I am of overt attacks. My MOS (military occupational specialty) in the Marine Corps Reserve was military intelligence, interrogation, the study of body language and putting together patterns from various bits and pieces of information. I had an affinity for all such activities at that time, and got three meritorious promotions (from a Jewish CO, to boot), making corporal, that is, NCO, in one year. I still have that affinity today.

I will finally state this: David Duke was absolutely GUILTY as charged of stealing campaign contributions for gambling. He went straight upstairs to his bedroom in his Metaire home/HQ (the one with the weights set), clutching giant black trash bags full of cash, thrown at rallies into little blue buckets with Duke bumper stickers on them, donations given by the little people of Louisiana and sent in by mail from the pocketbooks of the little old ladies and blue-collar truck drivers of America.

The money was never heard from again, and I know for a fact that Duke, reprehensibly, flew to Las Vegas or drove to Mississippi casino riverboats to gamble with campaign donations. In fact, a limo picked him up at McCurran Airport in Las Vegas because he was a high roller.

Duke also did very little “constituent service” as a State Rep, and would NOT have been reelected as state rep in 1994. His own staff was in such an uproar in late 1989 that several of his people met with me and asked ME to run against HIM for state representative!

Instead, out of respect for the man’s undeniable courage and services for our Cause, I moved away, up to Tennessee, and ran for US Congress there. See 09:58-19:02 of John de Nugent Presidential Video 1A

Dr. William Pierce — when I worked for him 1981-84 — once bitterly showed me Duke’s complete plagiarism (copy-and-paste, Martin Luther King-style) of his own famous brochure on the Jews and the media.

I could go on. I could talk about many things, involving matters that I still choose not to air. I will just say that in esoteric circles New Orleans is called the “root chakra” of the United States. Look it up.

(I was at a party in Metairie, and drove there in my rented car, a Ford Probe. One of the Duke girls came up to me and said, smiling: “Oh, you’re the guy with the red Probe.”…. ;-) )

Someone is actively defaming me in a vast email and phone campaign, it is now increasing, and each person I confront says “Twaren’t me!”

I have run many Duke videos on this blog. In fact, if one does a search here, one will see many, many positive references to Duke, especially in 2008-2010:

In fact, I defended Duke just a year ago, and again six months ago against fierce attacks by esteemed revisionist Paul Grubach, who once had been a fervent Duke supporter.

I told Paul Grubach that while Duke is no angel, he has also done many excellent things for our race. That is still my viewpoint. But I fear that he fears my rise as competition, and I fear that someone, so to speak, either Jews or the Feds (which is virtually the same thing) “has a gun to his head” over some “dirt.” (And we all have dirt. New Orleans people often have more than the average…..;-))

This book by New Orleans reporter Tyler Bridges, a race-mixing white liberal, unfortunately is virtually 100% accurate in its revelations about Duke’s public life, but does not go into many private issues. ( I know these issues from multiple sources, as I know things about Arnold Schwarzenegger, too, a psychopathic turncoat who degraded women and went from a WN at heart to a wooden actor good at playing robots ;-), to a Jew-lackey politician in Mexifornia. What appalled me when Tyler Bridges contacted ME was how much dirt he and his Jew bosses at the New Orleans Times-Picayune jewspaper had on Duke, all blackmailable material.

This hideous neanderthalic Jew, the publisher S.I Newhouse, has a goldmine of info on Duke.

Willis Carto once told me how angry he was and withdrew from a Duke/EURO conference, and then sighed: “….but David Duke is all we have!” How would the Jews like it if that became no longer the case?

I was not born yesterday. In fact, I think I have had many lives, and false friends should beware bad karma and instant karma, and the man who keeps the files.

We can go to the next stage of battle, and perhaps I should. The Jews plan an all-out attack in any case

1) on my message to white liberals and to minorities, and

2) on my character, sanity and sexuality to rightwingers, such as WNs, Tea Party conservatives, Republicans, and Christian Zionists.

By then all the gloves will come off on my part toward the Jews and all their collaborators, whether willing or unwilling. It will be a total war.

Look to the one the Jews hate most. The one who, like Hitler, is called crazy, megalomanic, homosexual, incestuous, carpet-chewer, occultist — and an embezzler, fraud and coward. That is exactly and precisely what I too am called today. All these rumors are being reported to me and spread about me in this month of March 2011, months after the supposed Don Black/John de Nugent cease-fire of late March 2009, which was agreed upon two years ago almost to the day.

It is one thing to have Jews defame me, because defamation is their nature. It is another when white nationalists do so, or use their proxies to spread toxic lies, and worst of all when it happens just at the moment when I am striving to complete the video and musical work necessary to launch my movement.

Defamation is cutting now in harmful ways 1) into my donations and 2) into my outreach to skilled video people and other potential volunteers. When 25-year-olds who have never met me turn away from me with a sneer, I know something is up. When WNs write me after a cogent and informative blog is sent out and scribble back:

“Ah, another John de Nugent blog. It’s time to let the crazies out….”

Then I know it is not my blog but a campaign that is going on and intensifying.

Attorney Sam Dickson once said to me: “Be careful what you say to someone today. In six months there might be a falling-out. He might be your mortal enemy and repeat everything you said in confidence to him.”

The power of the Star Wars story is seeing how some become knights, and others go over to the Dark Side. Those who do the latter must urgently seek redemption and turn back. I am way beyond the hurt-feelings stage. This is a struggle for our race’s survival.



I wrote a comrade who offered to help us with video editing so I can finish this audiovisual work, Solutrea Arise:

I am delighted to hear that you can do video editing for me. We are under severe attack now, like no one else in this Cause. As Brendon O’Connnell predicted to me before he went to prison for three years in Australia, “John, you are on the Jews’ A-list now. They will have the top hackers in Tel Aviv on you.”

My assistant’s computer was hacked yesterday, and he lost a day’s work in video editing. Linux is supposed to protect us, but not against the top hackers. And many WNs have not been prime targets as I am, just comrades out there in cyperspace. We have to learn to be more “paranoid.”

If you do any editing for me, comrade, then you too will be on the A-List, and you MUST constantly save ALL your work — for me and your other data — to an external HD!!!!

And you may have to reinstall your OS and software at some point. We do so regularly. That is part of war. Jason reinstalled his Linux Fedora 14 with all relevant software in two hours.

I think the J-team is starting to take me as seriously as Brendon O’Connell predicted they eventually would.

My assistant is just overwhelmed with work now and I really fear that Obama might try something desperate while I am finishing the book.

The lack of money and volunteers is slowing my launch in measurable ways. But I feel intuitively that “the clock is ticking” toward some crisis this spring.

SCRIPT. I am attaching the script for the next segment….. It is basically the Christian-Newsom segment, at a level of horror and impact on the average white Joe which I think has never been attempted or achieved before.

Would you please tell me how soon this can be done? The clock is ticking. l do love volunteer work, at the comrade’s own pace and level of fun, free time and enjoyment ;-), but I need WORK CRANKED OUT FAST NOW!

And I will save our race. Look at the one the Jews attack most. It ain’t Duke. He gets federal prison, then early release. He gets arrested in Prague, then released the next day………………… Just enough persecution to give him “cred.”

What Brendon O’Connell said to me was the following:

“John, with your Tea Party and WN types, and Obama imploding, the Jews understand they will never get hate-speech laws or gun confiscation in America.

Instead, they will go for creating disasters via HAARP, reactor cook-offs, famines, epidemics, stopping the Gulf Stream via the Gulf oil spill, and other things to justify martial law.”

Now look at what just happened to Japan……. the Israelis did security at the Japanese reactors: I am certain they put the Stuxnet virus on it to sabotage the reactors after THEY also did a HAARP attack via the tsunami.

Angela Merkel in Germany just shut down every German reactor with Israeli security employed there, right after her helicopter, on a campaign stop, had both the front and rear rotors fail on her, necessitating an emergency landing. This came in the wake of Germany voting, on the UN Security Council, to condemn for the first time ever in postwar German history the Israeli colonization of the West Bank……

The Total Crazies among the Jews, the Likudnik-Lubavitch-Netanyahu types, want to force World War Three on us ASAP; the Angela Merkel-Kissinger types think the others are pushing things too fast and are blocking them. So the Total Crazies tried to kill Merkel. (And thus also warn Obama, Cameron, and all the other lackies. Anyone who can sabotage the chancellor’s helicopter has a long reach…..)

I believe O’Connell is right: the Partial-Crazies among the Jews intend martial law by the back door, by disasters.

The clock is ticking. The FEMA camps, my dear video comrade, are big enough for us ALL, the A- , B-, and C-listers. Once they get me (I won’t surrender; it will be a gun battle to the death, as with Robert Matthews), they will come for YOU.

Five shots, ten seconds, pouring rain (whence the waves on the paper), at 25 feet; I know you JTTF folks have seen my Va. Army National Guard record……

…..A stupid reaction

John D. Nugent A stupid reaction… a fool wrote:

What is wrong with all you people with all that infighting? You are becoming stupid. You cannot beat the Jew with that. Maybe you all work for them. I am just wasting my time reading your stuff.

John D. Nugent I replied:

Okay, well, try this on for size:

YOU are “a homosexual, pedophile, con man and mentally ill.” Well, this is what THEY Call ME. And you blame me for objecting.

Suppose I started such rumors about YOU? How would your children or family treat you then? Would you be able to become a leader of a country, or a company, even a Boy Scout troop, by ignoring such toxic character attacks?

How about instead objecting to those who defame me? How about having the emotional intelligence to ask why so many people in this infiltrated movement focus their attacks on one man?



…..donate to the most-attacked man in our Cause

Others have been making big sacrifices. See my donations log:

I just received 50 Euros from Germany – danke sch�n! –– and $50 from FRANCE. Merci beaucoup, camarade!



How about you?

John de Nugent

306 S. Steel St.

Ontonagon MI 49953

(906) 884-6689

This is how you can help financially:


–If in the US, just buy a MoneyPak at any Walmart, Kmart, Rite Aid, CVS or other drugstore, put money on it and send me the amount and PIN number on the back (scratch it of like a scratch ticket) by email or phone call!



–postal money orders and other money orders that are left blank in the recipient area, or made out to �John de Nugent�




–sending valuable jewelry or gold coins

–cash in an envelope, even with a fake return address (no risk there!)




–PAYPAL (write me at for more details how you can do this, since PP banned me�.)

–checks made out to “John de Nugent” now that I again have a bank account, in fact, via STEALTH, I have now two. ;-)


Just buy a MoneyPak at any Walmart, Kmart, Rite Aid, CVS or other drugstore, put money on it and send me the amount and PIN number on the back (scratch it of like a scratch ticket) by email or phone call!


Whites ARE waking up but they are cowards. The gun sales and prepper movement show they do “get” it. But they are not organizing to do anything in a concerted effort. I have to get my movement off the ground as the IMO only man with presidential caliber. I have to be a counter-president.

Otherwise, this bolshevik bisexual will continue squatting in our White House, signing executive orders. The most ominous thing by far is his purge of admiral, generals, colonels and Navy captains. These are the men who take their oath seriously that he is sh–c—–g under specious excuses.

The day WILL come when it is too late.

It is like this:

1) The country is now (yes, now) majority non-white though Whites are still 60% of voters

2) Non-Whites vote Democrat

3) Dem politicians vote gun control and hate-speech laws

The day will come when non-white Dems permanently get a lock on the White House, Congress, Supreme Court and the governorships and state legislatures, then they will disarm the Whites and kill the men, boys, and older women, keeping the pretty younger women alive for rape.

Non-Whites smell weakness. Many are merely intelligent animals.

As Chesty Puller ( famously said in Korea (where my father also served):


“Our country won’t go on forever, if we stay soft as we are now. There won’t be any America – because some foreign soldiery will invade us and take our women and breed a hardier race.”[19]

(From: Davis, Burke (1991) [1962]. Marine! The Life of Chesty Puller. Bantam Books. ISBN 0-553-27182-2, page 237)

It will take a United States Marine to do this, who is mentally tough and ready to wade through blood.


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I am adding this info also to my static webpage “Accusations against JdN”� because of Henrik Holappa’s confession to me that he was forced to attack me to avoid further prison time after the 87 days he did in solitary at the Buffalo, NY Federal Detention Facility ICU unit, where God only knows what happened.

From my blog

…..”Stone Cold Justice” (How Israel tortures Palestinian children, and “turns” them via threats into spies against their own people)



A controversial film which has been produced by a group of Australian journalists has sparked an international outcry against Israel after it explicitly detailed Tel Aviv’s use of torture against Palestinian children.

The film, titled “Stone Cold Justice,” documents how Palestinian children, who have been arrested and detained by Israeli forces, are subjected to physical abuse, torture and forced into false confessions and pushed into gathering intelligence on Palestinian activists. Australia’s foreign minister Julie Bishop has spoken out against Israeli’s use of torture stating that “I am deeply concerned by allegations of the mistreatment of Palestinian children,” Israel’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor has described the human rights abuses documented in the film as “intolerable.”

But rights groups have slammed this statement, saying that the Israelis are doing nothing to change Tel Aviv’s policy to torture Palestinian children. Last year a report by the United Nations International Emergency Children’s Fund or UNICEF concluded that Palestinian children are often targeted in night arrests and raids of their homes, threatened with death and subjected to physical violence, solitary confinement and sexual assault.

The film “Stone Cold Justice” has sparked an international outcry about Israel’s treatment of children in Israeli jails. However, rights groups have criticized Tel Aviv for not doing anything to create a policy that protects Palestinian children against arbitrary arrest and torture.

A documentary movie by a group of Australian journalists about Israel’s torturing of Palestinian children has sparked outcry against Tel Aviv. The film shows the way Israeli soldiers subject the kids to constant torture and force them into false confessions. Rights groups now say the documentary is solid proof of Israel’s mistreatment of Palestinian minors.



  1. I don’t know who you are, but wonder why you are calling Mike Spence a pedophile. Unless you have proof, this is like people calling you gay. I don’t understand your problem and couldn’t make any sense out of what you wrote, but that’s OK. It makes me think you are a Democrat, like Hillary doing harm to people. I guess next you will say Trump is a pedophile. If you don’t like the things people say about you, why do you say things about other people?

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