EMERGENCY I desperately need funds right now. Can you help today? I am $330 in the hole. This is really bad. If I am TEACHING you, and things you learn NOWHERE ELSE, can you please reciprocate, and T-O-D-A-Y? It’s your karma.

June 26, 2017 John de Nugent 3

John de Nugent https://johndenugent.com/images/paypal.jpg to mhuffstickler@outlook.com Stripe is just as good: https://johndenugent.com/images/stripe-jdn-1024×512.jpg One area where I have been way out ahead of the rest has been on the […]

FRENCH Des robots civiques

June 19, 2017 John de Nugent 0

Cologne avant et après Esclaves repus ? Pourquoi mes chers Allemands, admirables coterriens, donnent-ils l’impression d’être réduits dans leur grande majorité au rang de de robots […]

MY HUGE DISCOVERY “Racist” Koran 20:302 — “Gather for punishment the BLUE-EYED SINNERS”!; Muhammad preaches “do jihad to take blonde women”; in memoriam Sara Zelenak; a white feminist is “trapped in Turkey”

June 8, 2017 John de Nugent 1

The Koran actually says  “gather the blue-eyed (zur’qan) sinners for punishment.” “Gather the sinful blue-eyed…”is the literal Arabic. http://corpus.quran.com/wordbyword.jsp?chapter=20&verse=102 The Quranic Arabic Corpus – Word […]